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  1. Silver3CSRT8

    TRT advice needed

    FYI, during my test on 1/29/13, my Test serum was 388, free test was only 6.1 when average was 8.7-25.1 and my prolactin levels were at 16.2 when the range is 4-15.2. Not sure if any of that helps. I am going to do a labcorp test next week since it will be 4 weeks from my last shot. Wonder how...
  2. Silver3CSRT8

    TRT advice needed

    In May 2012 a while after my last cycle test was at 623, LH at 4.7 and FSH was at 2.6 with Estradiol at 21.9. I have not taken anything since that time.
  3. Silver3CSRT8

    TRT advice needed

    Actually maybe I just need a new Doctor ... Background info: 39 years old with several pro-hormone cycles under my belt and a couple of 12 week test cycles 1-2 years ago. Was a complete fatass until about 4+ years ago and got down to 12% with diet and lots of exercise (plus a few of the...
  4. Silver3CSRT8

    Trenbolone Acetate and Testosterone Enanthate

    Most people will recommend Tren Ace at 300/400mg/week. I would say stick to 300mg and up the dose as needed.
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    The bullsh*t stops here. GMG760's first inject cycle.

    Man, GMG brought me back from the dead. Glad to hear that things are going well and your girlfriend is on board. My wife is still set against it which sucks. She is not hearing the positive and only focuses on the negatives about it. I am finally getting back into the swing of things. I hurt...
  6. Silver3CSRT8

    NutraPro Protein

    Choco Graham cracker is greatness.
  7. Silver3CSRT8

    How many of you buy from CraigsList

    I just bought a boat. I will be bringing it home on Sunday. It was a much better deal than any of the other classified sites that I have looked at.
  8. Silver3CSRT8

    last 8 weeks of cycle!

    In and will miss the madness that was the other log. I hate random thread deletes on an open forum. Maybe it was impacting sales because your progress with AAS might send people away from supplements. LOL
  9. Silver3CSRT8

    The Return of the Dragon: 11-Spray/7-Spray Log (Sponsored)

    Looking ripped bro. It treated you very well!
  10. Silver3CSRT8

    25% off sale at NTBM!!

    I was about to place an order today for some Whey to Build Muscle Protein and then realized that the page to put my credit card info is not secure. I really don't want to put my CC info across the internet in clear text. Are there any other methods of ordering?
  11. Silver3CSRT8

    Ostarine - MK 2866 questions

    I ran it during PCT and was happy with keeping the strength gains I made longer. Since stopping the strength has dipped some.
  12. Silver3CSRT8

    Morry's Test P/Test E cycle + PCT, thinkin I'll hit 375 bench????

    Amazing progress Morry. Been lurking for a while and the changes you have made are impressive as hell! Thunder...As always, you are da mutha fukkin man!
  13. Silver3CSRT8

    Anavar only (please read before flame)

    Go to User CP on the top menu bar. Then go to Edit Avatar. Upload a pic for your avatar. You will have to resize it first.
  14. Silver3CSRT8

    Vibram 5 Fingers, anyone?

    :gay: Those shoes look silly.
  15. Silver3CSRT8

    The Return of the Dragon: 11-Spray/7-Spray Log (Sponsored)

    Are you doing a PCT for the 11 spray?
  16. Silver3CSRT8

    The Return of the Dragon: 11-Spray/7-Spray Log (Sponsored)

    Down for a Dragon log. I miss your past logs with all the details!
  17. Silver3CSRT8

    Var Cutting Progress Pics

    Not on the sale I found. It was less than .50/pill. I agree with you on TVs in all rooms. Hell I have a 32" LCD in the bedroom (only cause the wife said no to the 42". LOL
  18. Silver3CSRT8

    Var Cutting Progress Pics

    Huge arms bro. Good luck with the cut. I have 250 - 20mg Var tabs waiting on me for a Summer cut.
  19. Silver3CSRT8

    My brother "ward5742" has gyno from S-Drol.

    You can run letro on cycle and due to the fact it kills the estrogen it can still reduce some of the lump, but I would still advise to just treat the gyno. The good thing about him running tren now with a pre-established lump is he will soon be able to produce his own milk for his protein shakes.
  20. Silver3CSRT8

    Never pinning in my quad again!

    That is why I ended up just rotating deltas. I could handle the pain there.