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  1. Bartmac36

    Another cycle down

    What did you strength increases look like on this cycle?
  2. Bartmac36

    How long does it take for effects of 4-andro to kick in?

    Im actually referring to the side effects such as increased energy, sex drive, mood, etc.. not the actual muscle or strength building effects
  3. Bartmac36

    Should I take anabolics?

    The general consensus is usually to wait til youre at least 21-22 to really mess with hormonal anabolics. You got lucky if your body bounced back but i wouldnt keep pushing the luck, just to be safe
  4. Bartmac36

    AAS not an option - What LEGAL options first? SARMS? Peptides?

    Yeah id say either get yourself a superdrol clone or something like halodrol/epistane from the Uk or maybe LGD from a reputable source
  5. Bartmac36

    Why do people use Prohormones instead of real steroids or Testosterone injections?

    They are soooo much more convenient lol its a pretty obvious reason Similar results with a lot less headache of getting your hands on them and wondering if they are legit or not
  6. Bartmac36

    Best OTC Ai?

    The answer is either letrone or inhibit e, both have proven to be very effective and you will find a lot of positive posts relating to both of them if you search around this forum IMO if you're running a light PH cycle or a compound that doesnt aromatize, then either of those options should be...
  7. Bartmac36

    Anafuse by vital labs

    Are you relatively new to lifting?
  8. Bartmac36

    At what age should one consider SARMs?

    I would say 21-22 with several years of lifting experience and knowledge is the earliest safe time to run anything hormonal. Even tho SARMs are considered safer they are still pretty surpressive by most accounts
  9. Bartmac36

    Help me understand the current grey/black market supplements

    SARMS are minimal side effects but they do indeed impact your HPTA and are not toally legal, just sorta kinda maybe legal lol but they are the closest thing to what you are looking for. Everything else that is effective is either illegal or can have more serious side effects, or both
  10. Bartmac36

    How Much Caffeine Do You Take Daily?

    It averages out to about 57mg a day for me but i really only use 200mg at most two days out of the week. I try to keep my intake to as little as possible so that when i actually use it its more effective
  11. Bartmac36

    Medals research

    Bump Ive also been wondering about medals research. Would love to see some feedback on this company
  12. Bartmac36

    Liquid SERM travel carry on US Domestic flight

    Gridles yeah if you don't mind could you PM me about where it's from? I know you aren't allowed to post sources on the boards
  13. Bartmac36

    Ask Me Anything AAS/PH/PCT Related

    Awesome, thats what i had assumed but i wasnt sure how effective it was so seeing other people doing the same thing with good results makes me confident it will improve the cycle. One other random question that is purely out of curiousity, does anyone think TRT could be done with 4-andro...
  14. Bartmac36

    Ask Me Anything AAS/PH/PCT Related

    Random noob type of question: would a 2 week kickstart of ostarine speed up the amount of time it takes for msten or halodrol to kick in? I was thinking of running low dose ostarine for a couple weeks before my next cycle to prime the receptors and get the actual compounds working at full...
  15. Bartmac36

    Protein and Water

    All the time. You dont get as much protein, as the milk usually adds another 8-10 grams, but you also keep the calories down with water which is why i do it. That and i dont like the taste of most protein powders so i use lukewarm water in my shakes to help dillute the taste. Thats just my...
  16. Bartmac36

    Ideal anabolic for strength

    If youre willing to go the PH/DS route, msten is known for producing rapid strength gains in a short amount of time. Its the only thing ive really run but i had great success in both of my cycles
  17. Bartmac36

    Heath evans whatcha think

    Love heath as a pats fan. Id also love to know what he's on and why he's still on it after having not played in over half a decade lol
  18. Bartmac36

    New Product Logging Opportunity - Gaspari Nutrition's Novedex XT

    Would this be considered closer to an OTC serm or an OTC ai?
  19. Bartmac36

    2016 NFL Thread

    Well this pic is a little old but it helps. Lost that broncos game in the pic by 2 points and beat the texans this year in the playoffs when they had the top defense, so he's now 4-1 all time vs top defenses in the playoffs. I'm looking for another source as we speak. I did find that overall...
  20. Bartmac36

    2016 NFL Thread

    Tom brady has like an 10-1 career record all time playing against the number 1 ranked defense or something crazy like that, so unlike Manning he doesnt need excuses when playing good defenses because he almost always rises to the occassion and wins regardless. And it doesnt change the fact...