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  1. Skye

    Halotestin experiences

    Love the liver. you only have one. really don't do this. This isn't going to do anything special that you can't do wither other items (or reasonably close)
  2. Skye

    Bold Base

    no and I can't see the point ether. likely going to hurt. have converted it to a shorter ester and guess what it hurt. and I would really question the source here. I don't know of any real use for it. (to be fair I have been gone a while)
  3. Skye

    Big deal about Test Base???

    test base has a half life like any other injectable. its short but still there. (if recollection serves is around 18 hours but don't hold me to that) so no you really shouldn't feel a rush other delivery methods are actually faster
  4. Skye

    Anyone ever got bad batches?

    once, I used it for cooking. there are always going to be some out of spec batches. if its really bad I would send it back. but usually you can just mix it with something else (I think they forgot the sucralose in mine that time. a little peanut flower and sucralose and its was fine)
  5. Skye

    winstrol at end of cycle

    where are you getting that from? Yes estrogen causes you to hold water but its still related to what your eating. and at 550mg of test he should not really need an AI.
  6. Skye

    winstrol at end of cycle

    why do you need to would be my question. If your not going to a show or whatever the water will in no way negatively impact your gains. And the single best way to reduce water is tune your diet.
  7. Skye

    Methyl = liver dammage?

    most are hard on the liver but it varies considerably. They can range from almost nothing to deadly. methyltrienolone for instance is a deadly form of trenbolone. so it will depend a LOT on the substance in question.
  8. Skye

    Im Back With Some Bad News :(

    get well, comebacks are always possible. trust me it can take years but you can do it.
  9. Skye

    fiber vs carbs question

    my sugar free equate fiber therapy reads: total carbs 5 dietary fiber 3 soluble fiber 2 sugars 0 it does list maltodextirn but its list after the yellow 6 so I am assuming that its incedental. I "believe" that soluble fiber gets counted the same as dietary as far as carbs. Just because it...
  10. Skye

    Epistane cycles and ketosis based diets.

    currently in ketosis. The AD was actually a modified version. (I used insulin with it) I think it will work I was just wondering if anyone had tried it and what people think the results would be like.
  11. Skye

    Epistane cycles and ketosis based diets.

    Does anyone have any experience doing this? As a diabetic I have always had to run less then optimal diets to keep my A1C were I want it. (I get uptight if it goes past 5.5) In the past I have used insulin to compensate for increase calorie. I no longer want to do this if possible. I have used...
  12. Skye

    Milk thistle on cycle

    Do you really care if it does? I would take some reduction in gains any day of the week for some liver protections. At any rate it is still argued and there is not a clear answer.
  13. Skye

    fiber vs carbs question

    I think, and repeat think that soluble fiber is just fiber and does not impact blood sugars. but I don't understand your label, 3 + 3 = 6 total carbs. unless it it refers to 3 grams of fiber, 3 of is soluble fiber. in that case you are add a carb.
  14. Skye

    Not too taken in by the Customer service at ATW

    ATW is not the fastest shipper but over all they have improved. They do however offer one of the best price/quality ratios in the industry. really we are spoiled by people like nurtraplanet. most companies do not have a 1 day turn around. really I would not be worried just yet. I do understand...
  15. Skye

    Anthony Roberts Products have arrived

    hey we know. and some of things he has done are pretty good. he has wrote some good papers as well. Just as long as you guys are the ones making the product it should be OK. but as a supporter this is not the best marketing idea.
  16. Skye

    Is 20/20/20/20 Nolvadex enough ?

    The correct answer here is that you need to be keeping an extra bottle on hand anyways. If you do ever have a problem it is too late to be ordering it then. I would keep a 6 week supply on hand myself. (if gyno shows up your going to need to treat it.)
  17. Skye

    Is 20/20/20/20 Nolvadex enough ?

    I actually like the 20 mg a day PCT but I would run it for 6 weeks. The 40/40/20/20 or the like is pretty well necessary for a four week PCT. Remember that Nolvadex has a “half life” of around 5 to 6 days. The first week you’re really building up a constant level. (such as it is, the decay...
  18. Skye

    HCG usage- on cycle, on pct or...never?

    swales' protocol is well proven (results) from what I have seen and heard. and like mentioned above HCG not ideal for PCT. Swales’ is the single best protocol (simple one, that is) that I have seen. They have lots of others but for me this would be the most effective / basic one
  19. Skye

    Epistane toxicity

    Option 4 would be to research the question yourself and apply common sense to the statement. It is obviously not true. The list of methylated substance that are not toxic or are low in toxicity is a long one. This includes several hormones. And given the half life of these and some for most...
  20. Skye

    Epistane toxicity

    Just as a note, and I have not myself tried Epistane or know much about it, adding a methyl group to a steroid or other items does not automatically make it highly liver toxic. Bill Llewellyn makes a lot of assumptions in his statement there and it is easy enough to see that it is not true...