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  1. LAH813

    USA Looking for Andros

    And other stuff HMU with your lists
  2. LAH813

    Olympus Tr3st

    Whats up dudes. Been awhile since I've been active here A little background before we get into the meat of the post 32 years old. On TRT. Before being on TRT ran multiple cycles of different compounds for the better part of a decade. Now, I've got some DMZ id like to run (leftover from Premier...
  3. LAH813

    Well it happened boys

    Sup guys, Recently finished a 6 week cycle of MDrol and Tr3st. Currently on my 3rd week of pctwith Tamox And my damn Appendix decided it was going to explode. Spent the greater half of the last two days in the hospital. Hoping I don't lose all my gains. If this has never happened to you, it...
  4. LAH813

    Follow up on M-Drol / Tr3st cycle

    Sup guys, Just a quick post about the cycle I just wrapped up a cycle of CEL M-Drol and OL Tr3st Starting stats were Height- 5'9 Weight- 176 BF- 13.3% Bench- 315 Squat- 355 Dead- 365 Support sups used were NOW NAC- 1000mg a day Fish oil Multivitamin Inhibit-E by SNS Aromasin on deck just...
  5. LAH813

    USA Wtb natty anabolics

    XGels, etc etc whatevs. Lemme know what you got Rah
  6. LAH813

    Help my skinny arms!

    Sup bros so a little background Been on this site awhile, mostly only post on another section but I was curious to see if anyone may be able to give some advice or share a similar story. Been lifting for multiple years, I'm 27 years old and active duty military where my job pulls me in many...
  7. LAH813

    Week 4 of MSten, review/results

    Hey guys, been a lurker here and participant in the supplement auctions for a bit but never really posted much. My back ground is I'm 27 years old, 5'11, 190lbs Recently(for the last 3weeks) have been running MSten(don't kill me I forgot the brand) it's my first run of msten. I've ran other...
  8. LAH813

    USA WTB OL or Primeval Osta and OL Super Epi

    Good on Everything. Thanks guys. Looking for specific bulking sups and PCT sups.
  9. LAH813

    Looking to add to my LGD cycle

    Sup guys. I'm brand new here. Total noob to this forum. Little background, Been lifting for a little while, im 26. I'm 5'10 and weigh anywhere from 190 to 170. I've decided I want to push myself over the 200 lb barrier. I'm going to be running a round of LGD and was wondering what supplement to...