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  1. protomike

    Saluu The Monkey Boy's Greatest Hits!

    you know i sorta miss saluu.
  2. protomike

    20% Turkesterone in Stock

    if i remember it was 1.5 spread through out the day... at the time i was 189lbs.
  3. protomike

    20% Turkesterone in Stock

    yeah, i was counting kcals. it was a 40/40/20 split, i have and had a pretty decent diet. at that time i was logging all my food each day, and pretty much eating the same things day in and day out. no cheats, no liquor, no cigarettes at that time. i had plenty of sleep atleast eight solid hours...
  4. protomike

    If you want Sam to speed the sale of Drive along, post here >>>

    im waiting on drive to place my next order...
  5. protomike

    20% Turkesterone in Stock

    the new an beta sounds good from all the reviews, and i was reading yours too bio. i just ordered my first bottle of rpm, so i can't wait to see how it effects me. specially since im going hiking in the poconos the week before my semester starts up. i was thinking of running turk again with a...
  6. protomike

    Any Updates...

    eh, well i guess i'll have to order rpm if i want to try out icariin. that just means i don't need to order any chocamine this month.
  7. protomike

    20% Turkesterone in Stock

    only used a months worth, didn't notice much difference than the 2% other than having to use less for an effective dose. i really wish i could say that i noticed strenght gains, but what i did get was: great pumps, leaning out, seemed like wasn't as sore after a heavy lifting day, and cardio...
  8. protomike

    ZMT soon?

    so... when will they be instock dsade? i've been waiting to place a monthly order for this to get instock. i really need some help getting good sleep.
  9. protomike


    this is from when they first had the commercials at the end it claimed you needed to have a 2 year contract with that price... but apple seems to have left that off all the recent commercials. im kinda wondering how much did they trim osx down and how much actual space are we going...
  10. protomike


    actually i think its till 09 that they are going to do biz together... i really want one. knowing apple and rev 1 products i think im going to hold out and wait and see what everyone thinks of it first. hell thats the reason that i held out on buying a macbook pro right away. i gotta say, i hate...
  11. protomike

    Appetite suppresent--Beta Testing in 3 weeks

    if you need someone, im game. i could def use it since i work 12hr shifts at my bar on fridays and saturdays, and i have summer classes at my college all week long.
  12. protomike

    Java Lather: Exfoliating Stretch Mark & Scar Treatment Soap

    only four dollars a pop, i'll pick one up with my next order.
  13. protomike

    1-Carboxy-2-Amino-3-Probenzol (3,4-didol)

    i was on the beta yg from oct until jan, then i took a month and a half off to use six bottles of cialabol. after i finished those up i went straight back to ap, and now im happy that bulk yg is back... on four doses a day right now.
  14. protomike

    YG YouTube contest-Inspired by JayHawk

    well here's the link to YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. on youtube... and here's a link toYouTube - Broadcast Yourself..
  15. protomike

    YG YouTube contest-Inspired by JayHawk

    yup. in december i drank the kool aid and bought a macbook pro. love it to death, so much easier for working on music. now if only more people developed for the platform it would be amazing.
  16. protomike

    20% Turkesterone in Stock

    i just ordered some, figured i would try it at around 1~1.5gms a day. i had used the 2% probably seven months ago and had noticed some nice harding and vascularity from it.
  17. protomike

    protomike goes on a summer cut with dcp, ap, and sesamin

    since my classes are just about over, have two more finals left, i figured i would start posting a little feed back about my cut so far. basically i started on my cut towards the end of march with a bottle of omega burn3d and ap. about the beginning of april i ordered a bottle of bulk sesamin...
  18. protomike

    Ready to hit a Gold Mine? Well, then are you ready for more Yellow Gold?!

    its not so bad if you have something warm to take it with, i didn't mind it with some green tea or black coffee.
  19. protomike

    Cialabol replacement???

    wait, that sounds like what im on right now... its the sex. yo.
  20. protomike

    Who needs an appetite suppressant??

    would be interested to see what you have in mind. i do have a cut coming up soon.