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  1. megadeth

    USA Evomuse Myosynergy, Research products and old pros

    Paypal, Zelle, no trades, need the cash. $7 shipping Evomuse (8) Myosynergy $45 (3) v.3Epitome $32 (1) v.2Epitome $30 (3) Brite $33 (3) BMP Powder $30 (3) Cardiotryx $45 PENDING (2) OL Sup3r PCT $35 SOLD (1) OL Kings Blood $40 Research Products (3) OL Ostatr1ne $50 (2) Primeval Labs Super...
  2. megadeth

    USA Few things for sale

    Sorry, not looking for trades, need the cash. (2)Evomuse Testruction $30 ea SOLD (2) Iconic Formulations All Out(Cherry Limeade) $35ea SOLD (4) SNS Syn-30 Synephrine HCL $7 SOLD BPS Combustion $15 SOLD Olympus Labs Ep1logue $40 SOLD (2) Olympus Labs Ep1c $25 SOLD BPS Epidrone $30 (2) Hydra...
  3. megadeth

    USA WTB Neobium Shock Therapy

    Will buy or trade for it. PM me.
  4. megadeth

    Any guys here from South Africa?

    I need some supplement help & willing to pay for it. Pm me.
  5. megadeth

    Topical AndroLotion

    My wife has been using a combination of Topical Androlotion & Top Muscle to accelerate growth in her legs and butt. She is a tiny Filipina and has never been able to make much progress in her glutes. In the past 3 months, she has made more progress than she has in the previous year. She has gone...
  6. megadeth

    USA Expr'd but fresh 200 Count MN X-Factor

    I have a multiple bottles of X-FACTOR 200 count. They have an exp date of 6/15 but have been keep cool and dry and are guaranteed fresh. If you purchase, cut open a cap and test. If it's rancid, I will buy it back. $35 Shipped. Also willing to make trades.
  7. megadeth


    What would be the most effective topical to combat this?
  8. megadeth

    Fatloss stack for wife

    My wife recently a modelling got assignment in Italy. She hasn't modelled for a while and needs to cut about 6-8lbs of fat in 3-4 wks. I'm trying to choose the most effective stack to use during a keto diet. So far I've settled on Dcp.2.0, Alphaburn, and need to decide between Alphamine, and...
  9. megadeth

    WTB UR Spray

    If you got some extra bottles you don't want, I'm interested.
  10. megadeth

    FS: X-factor Advanced, Ph's & Creatine Nitrate Powder

    About to leave on a long vacation and need some case, so I am getting rid of some things. Prices are "Each Prices" and include shipping. Paypal as a gift or pay the fee. (6) x-factor Advanced $41 shipped ea. (2) HC Formulations H-Roid $33 (2) HD-2 (Halo) Performance Design(Newtraplanet...
  11. megadeth

    I think I am a Craze non responder!!! :(

    Just purchased my first bottle of Craze from Nutrlanet. I was so excited to feel what most are feeling. Took a scoop the first day at work, to see how I responded to it. Didn't really feel anything. Today, I took 2 scoops mixed mixed in my bottled water.......still nothing. No zone, no extreme...
  12. megadeth

    x-factor advance/Ursobolic stack

    I am interested in stacking these two, but I'm concerned that the anti-inflammatory properties of Ursolic acid might hinder the action of the XFA. Any idea of how these might react together?
  13. megadeth

    What does the newest version of Mesomorph have on the label?

    Anyone know which version has Creatine Nitrate and Agmatine? Does the label say"synthenox synergy system" or the "New Super Concentrate" Looking to buy and want to make sure I get the latest version. Thanks
  14. megadeth

    Performance Design

    Will we see EFX, SD-1 or HD-2 back in stock? I know you guys said that you will not be carrying anymore PM's, but we have seen other products added, so i was curious. I love low price and quality of the PD line and would like to get some more bottles of each b4 the ban goes into affect. Im sure...
  15. megadeth

    Somnidren-GH and Sleep Apnea

    Why do the Faq mention that u shouldnt take Somnidren if u have sleep apnea?? I would guess that u think the user might go into too deep a sleep and not wake from an apnea? Is this your reasoning? This really sux, because I am really anxious to use S-GH.
  16. megadeth

    De la Hoya get's KTFO

    Nard Ko'd his ass with a body shot, round nine!
  17. megadeth

    Sledge, have you thought of a P-gh like product?

    Or something (inj) that would raise GH levels. I would love to try P-GH, but I can't seem to get myself to pay 80 bucks for a mix of a few cheap aminos. Seems like if you could come out with something at half the price, you'd still make a killing. Just at thought!