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  1. Epi andro gels dosing question

    ok, thanks, so 4-5 pumps of either one would be a good starting dose.
  2. Epi andro gels dosing question

    How much mg would I get from 1 pump IF Epiandro and Apex Stanogen?
  3. 10 Confirmable Mitradopa Reviews!

    Would love to try it. Is there a EU shipping option in the planning?
  4. Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2022 Edition)

    A capsule version of Focus XT caffeine free would be great. Then I could stack it with Vaso Force Rush, my absolute favorite capsule booster. I usually prefer capsules to powder and don't mind gulping down 10 or more at a time.
  5. Stanogen?

    This came fittingly :D Got me some Stanogen and Arimahex.
  6. Stanogen?

    ok, thanks for the all-clear. Now a Stanogen BOGO would be nice :D I skipped it on the last one, because I hadn't done enough research and saved it as "not-natty".
  7. Stanogen?

    Do I have to worry about suppression, if used occasionally, like 1-2 times per week? I'm usually using Hyperion at 1ml/day.
  8. Ultimate Sexual Weekend Stack?!?!?

    I found swedish flower pollen to be definitely working in that regard. I used the one from Source Naturals and took 4-5 tabs each day.
  9. Hyperion & AET-50 ?

    I'm currently using Hyperion at 1ml in the morning and now want to add AET to it. I was thinking about starting with 3 pumps in the morning and 3 in the evening. Or would it be better to start with one larger dose?
  10. Glutamine Peptides / Taste and water solubility

    The toss and wash works well, but I have to do it 2-3 times to get the 10g in. I now put the powder in a glass with only a little water and toss that down. The effect is similar. I already feel the effects of the glutamine, digestion is much improved.
  11. 4th of July Sale: MA Labs & MA Research!!!

    Do you ship internationally? I can't seem to change the country.
  12. Head count

    3x Ursa 3x Epichaos 2x AET-50 Thanks for the Sale!
  13. Glutamine Peptides / Taste and water solubility

    I just bought some bags of glutamine peptides, because it's supposed to be better for gut health and I could get them relatively cheap. So I thought I give them a try, but damn, they are really that horrible! Has anyone a trick to get them better dissolved in water? That's my main issue, I can...
  14. Arimahex

    I'm running Hyperion for 10 Weeks now, and plan to run it at least as long as the current bottle lasts me, maybe 2-3 weeks more. I'm unsure what to do after. I stocked up on Hyperion on the last sale, so I possibly could go longer. So far I'm liking it. I mostly take it for libido and...
  15. Head count

    Really satisfied with Hyperion and stocked up on this on the last sale. For the next I'd like to try Ursa Major and Epichaos!
  16. Transdermal supplements - application sites and absorption rate

    yeah, it's getting warm, but it's tolerable.
  17. Transdermal supplements - application sites and absorption rate

    That study is encouraging. Hyperion on scrotum it is :love:
  18. Combining APEX products

    ok, thanks for the info!
  19. Horny Goat Weed - Bulk Powder - Standardized for Icariin (Not Icariins)

    Nootropics Depot now have a HGW with either 10% or 50% Icariin. Has someone tried that yet? I'm a big fan of their Tongkat Ali and I think they are someone you can trust, with putting out legit stuff.
  20. Combining APEX products

    I'm on Hyperion at the moment, at 1 ml in the morning after shower. So far I really like the results. Now I want to experiment with applying twice a day. For the time when I didn't took a shower first, do I need to clean the area first? Also, what about rotating the application area? I read...