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    India under terrorist attack!

    Live feed from Indian news Videos on News, Movies, Music, Sports and Current Affairs - Mumbai is under seize by a series of bomb blasts and shootouts in at least twelve prominent locations in the upmarket and densely populated South Mumbai, including hotels (Oberai Trident, Taj Mahal...
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    P-Slin capsule question

    Hey guys, Been using P-slin ever since it came out and during the last big sale, stocked up on it (when it was 're-released' in the little boxes + blister packs instead of the bottles) I finished my last bottle and went on to the boxes 2 weeks ago and I found that the contents of the capsules...
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    Just wondering if folks had any particular hobbies like collecting stuff or whatnot. Mine is collecting Transformers... yes that's the cartoon from the 80s that's going to have a big screen movie on July 4th this year. I've almost finished collecting all the toys from the new film 3 months...
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    Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

    Anyone into bodyweight exercises? After a loooong time searching, I finally acquired the Dinosaur Bodyweight Training book by Brooks Kubik. 207 pages, about 63 pages into it so far. Good information as well as exercise descriptions with pictures showing examples of the exercises. Here's the...
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    Crank: The film that refuses to slow down

    Saw it on Saturday with the gf - worth every penny spent. Heck even she enjoyed it, and she ain't a huge action movie fan. Only goes on 1 speed: light speed. The very last shot was a bit silly, but made the audience smile/giggle. In closing, had the urge to highspeed wrecklessly on the...
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    Chuck Norris on Bodybuilding

    New ones.. Chuck Norris can lose body fat by simply staring at it until it leaves his body in fear. Chuck Norris can build muscle without eating protein. The food he does eat turns to muscle out of sheer respect for him. When Chuck Norris does a push up he does not push himself up. He...
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    2005 has been a biotch for me so far..

    I got kinda owned by the 315lbs on my back during the last rep of my last set of squats last night. It was going great too, considering it was the first night I was going ass to heels with 3 plates/side since I'll usually just go slightly below parallel... Kind of lost balance due to fatigue...
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    HAPPY 138th CANADA!

    Didn't see a post on Canada day so I thought I'd start it.. Happy Canada Day everyone!
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    BATMAN BEGINS - Best Batman flick EVER!

    Watched it last night at 12:01am, 80% of the theatre was packed - woulda definately been 100% full but that got-dang theatre has the crappiest marketing heads..I mean, instead of Hulk, they chose to play "From Justin to Kelly" a couple years back.. :rant: Anyhoo.. after Joel Schumacher killed...
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    Lohan: From potential hottie to crack-ho skank

    Quick! Someone get her a gallon of Muscle Milk & Russian Bear 5000 stat!
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    Nicholas Cage is Ghost Rider...

    Spirit of Vengeance coming to the big screen Summer 2006! Couple stills: Hellcycle:
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    Superman Returns 2006 - Suit: yay or nay?

    Superman Returns 2006 - Official Trailer on PAGE 6 (POST 101)!!! Don't know if this was posted before, apologies if so... Superman Returns, the next big screen supes movies is coming out in June 2006 with Brandon Routh as Clark/Supes & Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. For me, like many others...
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    Killed top joint of left hand's middle finger during football yesterday

    Had xrays done this morning..joint slightly chipped.. in a splint now, doc says for at least 2-3 weeks :sick: :( :frustrate I guess I can continue cardio on the recumbant..but sucks that I can't lift or do skipping for cardio :( Oh well, thought I'd share to feel a bit better...
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    Get your pre-cycle blood-tests done as a must, bros!

    I went for my yearly physical last weekend and had bloodwork done as well. Got my results in yesterday - everything was fine except my cholesterol seemed out of whack. My levels (off the top of my head) were like: HDL - 1.01 LDL - 3.20 Total - 4.86 THe wierd thing was that I've NEVER used...
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    2005 Supplement Lineup

    I have a lot of stuff lying around that I'll be organizing into cycles for next year.. Here's the list: CEE (1kg) Ipriflavones (200gms) Leptigen Rebirth Sytenhance (2 bottles) Superdrol (as soon as I grab 4-5 bottles at the sale) Mdien Xtreme (4 bottles) M4ohn DS (3 bottles) Thermorexin (1...