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  1. 3clipseGT

    Black Lion Research Sale!

    The sale Brundel has been talking about has dropped! 25% off of all products. Purchase 2 or more products and get a Han Swolo automatically added in. If you’re looking for a non stim pump, this is definitely money!
  2. 3clipseGT

    USA Iconic Formulations Neuro AET & PN UR Spray

    1.5 bottles of Iconic Formulations Neuro AET $50 shipped SOLD - 1 Prototype Nutrition UR spray $40 shipped Also a couple other items for sale
  3. 3clipseGT

    USA Iconic Formations Alpha 4

    1 bottle sealed and another bottle 3/4ths full Looking for 110 shipped for both. SOLD
  4. 3clipseGT

    USA Multiple supps for sale with

    Have some things for sale so send a PM for full list. Ethitech nutrition Agmatine 30gm tubs, expired 9/2019 but are sealed and have been in a dark cool cabinet $25 shipped for all 4. All prices are OBO and willing to make a deal if multiples are bought. Have other things as well.
  5. 3clipseGT

    USA Couple supps for sale

    BPS Laxo transdermal - missing 3 doses $20 shipped Icon supps Dermacrine - missing 4 doses $25 shipped MA Supps Veda-Gest - Id have to count the caps - $20 shipped Id much prefer to trade supps. Looking for GDAs or Natty Anabolics or other anabolics and fat burners. If you have something good...
  6. 3clipseGT

    3clipse’s run with Eclipse (sponsored)

    Hey everyone! First of all id like to give a huge thanks to Nos and Apex Alchemy for the chance to run Eclipse which is their transdermal anti-estrogen product. A little about me: My name is Josh and I am 30, turning 31 next month. I have been working out since I was about 12, serious for a...
  7. 3clipseGT

    USA Multiple supplements for sale

    1 x BPS transdermal laxogenin 28/30 servings - $30 1 x Morphogen Nutrition Morphobolic sealed - $40 shipped Plus more PM me for full list as I have others for sale too. As always the more you buy the bigger the discount and I have some products ill throw in for free. Shipped inside the USA only.
  8. 3clipseGT

    USA Olympus Labs and other things FS

    Hey everyone I have some things for sale. All prices are shipped with USPS. 2 x OL Dermatrest $75 each SOLD 1 x Iron Flex TrestBolic $75 SOLD 2 x MPA Pie Fuel $40 each SOLD All products sealed/never opened.
  9. 3clipseGT

    My FitMax log (sponsored)

    First off id like to give a huge thanks to Performax, AntM1564 and R1balla for allowing me to give FitMax a go. A little bit about me: I am 30 years old and I have been training since I was about 12. I have always been very active in sports and this continued on with me joining the Marines...
  10. 3clipseGT

    USA Supplements for sale

    Hey everyone Ive got some things for sale. Evomuse DCP: One open one sealed - both for $60 shipped. SOLD MPA Pharmgrade: one open two sealed - $30 for sealed $25 for the opened one. Scivation xtend with peak02: one opened one sealed both for $50 shipped.
  11. 3clipseGT

    Supplements for sale

    Really just looking to trade but will sell also. Komodo Visceral Response - missing roughly 6 caps I think but will double check, wrecks my blood pressure. 25 shipped if sold Will check to see what else I have but wanted to get this up.
  12. 3clipseGT

    Sponsored ANS Diablo log

    First off big thanks to JD and ANS for allowing me to log Diablo. My scale took a crap so i need to replace it which i will do tomorrow so no initial weight. I did down a scoop this morning about an hour before breakfast. Mixes great and tastes good as well. Energy was enhanced and i...
  13. 3clipseGT

    PES Select

    Ok so i looked for select protein in the supp review section but wasnt able to find it. Maybe i cant read, im not sure so im going to review all three flavors below. Cookies and cream: I received the cookies n cream flavor first and immediately popped it open and downed a couple scoops. The...
  14. 3clipseGT

    ShredXT log and review

    Big thanks to everyone at Omega for allowing me to give this a go. Im currently cutting for a photoshoot at the beginning of the year and still have a lot of work to do. Current stats are below: 5'7.5 186 12-14% bf Almost 11 years under the Iron Training schedule is 5 days a week, typical...
  15. 3clipseGT

    Lean-Cut sponsored log

    Ok first things first. Id like to give a big thanks to AF and fl3x for allowing me this opportunity. Stats: 5'7.5" 195 15-17%(complete guess) 10+ years training As far as training goes, i train based upon feel and availability. At least 3 days a week and sometimes 6-7. Typical back and tris...
  16. 3clipseGT

    Check out our newest promo! Sign up and submit your application, theres still plenty of time to get shredded for summer and Finaflex would love to help make it happen!
  17. 3clipseGT

    Finaflex Fat Attack Stack!! We need 3 loggers, get in here!!

    I need three motivated, result driven individuals for a sixty day log for three of our products from Finaflex! ALC+CLA, PX Black, and Crea-trona are the products to be logged, two bottles of each in fact! This is what we expect and what we are requesting to get the applications started. We...
  18. 3clipseGT

    MAX Pump at the Planet!

    Nutra and Finaflex have an awesome stack deal and an awesome intro price for Max Pump. Get it while its hot!!  Exclusive to Nutra planet.... ...
  19. 3clipseGT

    MAX Pump at the Planet!!

    Nutra and Finaflex have an awesome stack deal and an awesome intro price for Max Pump. Get it while its hot!!  Exclusive to Nutra planet.... ...
  20. 3clipseGT

    Get PUMPED To the MAX!

    Finaflex NEW Max Pump: Maximum Output Vasodilation Exaggerater! Key Highlights: Increase Blood Flow to Muscles! Powered by Betaine Nitrate! Maximum Vasodilation! Reduce Muscle Fatigue! Enhance Performance! FINAFLEX® introduces MAX PUMP™ the ultimate Sport Performance product that...