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  1. Rodja

    Masteron v AI

    I hate AIs. All of them. Aromasin is the least hated, but still don't like to use them. I've been using mast during my last cruise, which is a phase I usually don't use an AI, and noticed every classic low E2 symptom. Libido was shot, joints, were a little cranky, and I was DRY. This was while...
  2. Rodja

    EvoMuse dual phase log

    This is going to be a two-phase log. The first phase is going to have Nerve Restore, MyoSynergy, and Gut Health. The second phase will include DCP and I believe both the new MyoElite and BMP. For phase one, this is going to be all out strength. I have a powerlifting meet coming up on August...
  3. Rodja

    Who would like to log some AlphaMax?

    We've got two (2) opportunities to log AlphaMax right now. Fairly short and to the point here; fill out the questionnaire and the winners will be selected on 1/17. Age? Weight? Training Experience/Style? Previous Test Boosters Used? Goals? Why Should You Be Picked? Again, winners will...
  4. Rodja

    It's Performax giveaway time

    To kick off Thanksgiving weekend and as my first full week as a Performax rep, we're doing a HyperMax and CreMax giveaway. First, a little story time (it relates to the promo, so pay attention) about me. I've always enjoyed pro wrestling even now as an adult. Part of it is the athletic...
  5. Rodja

    The PR Thread

    I figured we should have one of these to build some camaraderie and encourage each other. No PR is too small here and any BS or **** talking (outside of light-hearted banter) will be reported. I'll start: I've struggled to consistently hit 6 wheels on deads...
  6. Rodja

    MyoSynergy Log

    Figured I'd start a log of this solo. My training over the past couple of months has really turned the corner for my lower body lifts. I'm up to handling 7 plates on squat and ~615 on deadlifts now. My right shoulder is still in the process of healing, but I'm able to bench light again. The...
  7. Rodja

    Here's the getting my Nerve Restore(d)

    First, I need to send a huge thank you to Dsade for allowing me to try this out. A little background on why I wanted to try this out. In undergrad, I was heavily into MMA for 5 years. After undergrad ended and grad school began, I slowly began to stop training. The fire was still inside of...
  8. Rodja

    Journey to Elite

    I pulled a Puccah and deleted my last log since I've decided to not compete in December. The reason is two-fold: work first and the health second. It's getting to the very busy time of year at work and I can't afford to take it off right now. Health wise, my knees and right hip are not happy...
  9. Rodja

    16 Weeks to APF TX Challenge

    After the meet last weekend, I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. I've had a big change in my schedule and will have to adapt to that, but I'm already planning for everything to get prepped for my next meet. This initial stretch will be an extended accumulation phase block style...
  10. Rodja

    The Cortisol Paradox

    Halcyon Strength and Conditioning: The Cortisol Paradox And The Death of a Boogeyman
  11. Rodja

    10 weeks to APF TX State

    My wait is over and it's time to gear up (pun intended) for April 13th. After some initial debate and thought, I will be competing in the 220lbs weight class instead of 198lbs. I'm currently sitting at almost 230, which is really heavy for me, and I will be closer to 222-224 by the week of the...
  12. Rodja

    My session today was Enhanced

    This was the result: bMs4PUdOT9s I was struggling to get this for a single in July and easily tripled it today and probably had another 1-2 in the tank.
  13. Rodja

    Head Games

    Watched this documentary today and concussions/CTE could very well cripple any sport with high levels of contact and professional wrestling. The section with Keith Primeau (his retirement was really sad to me) and hockey really hits me as it is my favorite team sport. While I have mixed...
  14. Rodja

    Other Applications of Training

    There is more to lift to lifting, but the time spent under the bar translates. Halcyon Strength and Conditioning: Life Lessons From Training
  15. Rodja

    Limited time Alphamine and Forskolin 95 promo

    Not sure how many of you guys have seen this, but this is, IMO, the best recomp combo that is currently available and NP has an amazing promotion right now. Not only is Alphamine on sale, but it comes with a free Forskolin 95 to enhance the fat loss effects (while adding in some test boosting...
  16. Rodja

    Those "other" PRs

    ...and why you should also care and track them. Halcyon Strength and Conditioning: The Other PRs
  17. Rodja

    Some stuff I need to unload

    Needing some funds for my meet coming up in December (travel and entry fees) and have the following items for sale: 2 Test Powder: $30 each 2 Prime: $30 each 2 Compound 20: $35 each 1 Jack3d Micro: $20 3 Erase: $20 each 3 Anabeta: $30 each Shipping is $5 per transaction via Priority; payment...
  18. Rodja

    Why Crossfit sucks for MMA Part II

    Finally got off of my ass and finished this section today. Forgot about it for a few months, but better late than never. Halcyon Strength and Conditioning: Why CrossFit sucks for MMA Part II
  19. Rodja

    Need a favor from my AM brethren

    I have a friend that is trying to get his show picked up. It's a paranormal/ghost type show, but not retarded like Ghost Hunters. If you could please check out this video to get his views up, I would greatly appreciate it: 6a_lHZVlqHc Synopsis of the show: Cradle to the Grave Synopsis Female...
  20. Rodja


    2 bottles for $225 shipped.