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  1. TommyTuffGuy

    Unanswered Stanoplex or BMP?

    I am finishing up a 2 bottle run of Anabolic Effect/M-Test... not seeing the recomp effects I'd like. I have run Vector in the past at 2 bottles and felt it didn't really do anything for me either. I am seeing more benefits from AE than Vector tho. BUT, I will say, I added Lean Edge and am...
  2. TommyTuffGuy

    Muscle Soreness Supplements?

    Probably a REALLY easy post to respond to, but what do you guys use for muscle soreness after workouts? Any good recommendations? I didn't used to get this sore but I'm getting up there in age, any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks again.
  3. TommyTuffGuy

    Can't access pages...

    Anyone else having this problem? Last night and this morning..I can login to Strong but I can't access any pages..I just get code when searching Androvar or the like and clicking on the actual page for it. Tried it with other supplements as well, same thing. Used different browsers as well.
  4. TommyTuffGuy

    CEL M-Test...

    Smaller capsules. Who's got the scoop. Should I be worried. On bottle 5 or 6 now. Favorite product. Better not be gettin' shafted. Soon as I poured them into my hand I could feel these micro-machine wannabes. 3 to the left is the new bottle. 3 to the right is my old one. 4
  5. TommyTuffGuy

    Post Your Supplement Stash! 2017...

    So are we still doing this or what!?
  6. TommyTuffGuy

    K1ngs Blood is LEGIT.

    I've been asked a bunch of times in different threads about K1ngs Blood so I figured I'd post it here where it's more visible. I was on a 2 bottle run of 11-K Test and wanted to PCT with K1ngs Blood, I have been on KB for about 2 weeks. My overall mood, strength, libido, and general health has...
  7. TommyTuffGuy

    Thoughts on a Recomp Stack for the New Year...

    Fairly simple...if you have any additions, subtractions would be greatly appreciated. I cannot stomach, literally, forskollin so I'm trying to stay away with anything that carries that. CEL M-Test (or K1ngs Blood which I'm on now) Follidrone 2.0 X-Gels Bloodshr3d PES Select Maybe add in...
  8. TommyTuffGuy

    11K-Test Caps quick question...

    Simply put, how long can you run 11k-Test caps for? I ran it for 2 months a couple months back and had awesome results. Just curious about things such as a PCT with it. Thanks!
  9. TommyTuffGuy

    Is Nutraceutical affiliated with Nutraplanet?

    I am not sure of this but I ordered product from Nutraceutical from Nutraplanet and am having an issue with my order. If this is the wrong forum mods can delete this. Thank you.
  10. TommyTuffGuy

    Non-Stim Fatburners without forskolin...

    Just as the topic says, looking for awesome suggestions on non-stims without Forskolin, which tears me up inside (even at high percentage)... Thanks guys!
  11. TommyTuffGuy

    YOUR Ultimate Spring Cutting Stack! Looking for info!

    And please don't reference things that are unavailable like TTA...I want to put together something plausible for this spring.. I may add that I cannot tolerate forskoliin, so Decimate is out. :( I do have tons of Ephedrine HCL, so that's not a problem to combine with things... Curious to hear...
  12. TommyTuffGuy


    We want that damn der Protomax back and we want it now!! That is all.
  13. TommyTuffGuy

    Black Friday Shipping?

    Hey guys, I just noticed my order from Friday is still processing, but my card was charged that there a delay on shipping these items? I figured I would of received a tracking number by now...Thanks.Order #356704
  14. TommyTuffGuy

    Libido/Erection quality due to Alphamine or..

    I am curious if anyone else is experiencing amazing libido/erection quality on Alphamine, or if something else I recently added would be the benefactor. Is the Yohimbe in Alphamine a different extract than the regular versions floating around? The only thing I could think of I added that...
  15. TommyTuffGuy

    Nutra: Few Company Requests!

    I have used Nutra in the past for a lot of bulk supplies, hard to get supplements that the 'other' bigger site doesn't sell..and as I'm sure you've heard their prices has risen considerably, switched shipping from FedEx to UPS that now takes longer, ended coupons and the like and all around...
  16. TommyTuffGuy

    Erase and Alpha T2: How Long?

    I'm currently using Erase and Alpha T2, and I'm curious how long these can be run? Should there be a break period for these supplements, and what do you recommend? Thanks!
  17. TommyTuffGuy

    Vat Attack reviews!?

    Looking to purchase something effective and affordable for a cut, how are the reviews coming in on Vat Attack? Very curious! Thanks guys.
  18. TommyTuffGuy

    Leviathan Reloaded/Palo Alto Labs..

    What's the deal with this product and company? It's never in stock anywhere and hasn't been for months...are they going under or something? I love this for cutting and I can't seem to get it anywhere! It's at a great price on nutra but it's always out of stock..what's going on??
  19. TommyTuffGuy

    Absolute BEST PH for CUTTING?

    I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on this subject matter. I've been hearing H-Drol is excellent for this and I was swayed to believe Dymethazine was a better choice (which it was not for me, gained tons of fat on it, super bloat, hardly any strength gains if at all, etc) or perhaps...
  20. TommyTuffGuy

    Chuck: COQ Diesel...

    I've been having some libido issues lately on cycle (and when I'm off I love my sex drive to be super high) and your blend in Coq Diesel has the two main ingredients I've always notice work VERY well with me, Goat Weed and Yohimbine...can you tell me about this product and what kind of feedback...