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  1. TommyTuffGuy

    Preworkout Thread 2022

    Who's got some good pre recommendations without Alpha-Y in it? (I can't believe this is being smacked into everything, holy panic attack nonsense) I can do HCL just fine, also. Thanks brehs.
  2. TommyTuffGuy

    August fat loss stack - overkill?

    Should of just jumped on some BMP and you'll see results in 2 weeks.
  3. TommyTuffGuy

    Recomp20 - Official Release Thread

    Slightly ahead of you here, grabbed a two pack from DPS Friday and should be here today or tomorrow. And some Optimize-T.
  4. TommyTuffGuy

    BMP + Anabolic effect

    I have a few times. BMP works so good on a recomp it was always hard for me to tell if the AE was even working. So I separate them now when I run them.
  5. TommyTuffGuy

    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    I've been on BMP 2.0 (3.0?) for....almost 2 weeks now. Face has slimmed down. Midsection is less "bloaty". I'm very keen on my recomps ESPECAILLY how my face looks in the mirror/photos. Hunger is UP. Only real side I can tell.
  6. TommyTuffGuy

    In the Mail ....

  7. TommyTuffGuy

    Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2022 Edition)

    Very interested in this Recomp20. Can this be stacked with BMP? And also, is this an energy supplement? Noticed the Cocobuteral ...
  8. TommyTuffGuy

    TTA-500 - Now Available - Get it While Supplies Last!

    Man, I remember Controlled Labs RED ACID... didn't have any electrolyte blends in it...used to be at work and my legs would sieze up to where I couldn't even walk lol. This was what, 2005/2006... That being said, TTA def WORKED for slimming down.
  9. TommyTuffGuy

    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Got 5 bottles of the new BMP and fiending for more. Just got back on it today from months and months off. Feels good man.
  10. TommyTuffGuy

    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Legit. There are good recomp supplements out there, but it's like, after a month and a half on it, 2+ bottles, you notice a slight change, etc. BMP hits it into the 2nd week, almost drastically. It's wild.
  11. TommyTuffGuy

    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Nice, ordered two now just in case of stock issues with DPS.
  12. TommyTuffGuy

    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Just here for updates. I assume a run like this would only go on your site @dsade ?
  13. TommyTuffGuy

    Is there anywhere in the world one can find a pre-workout that has the original NO Explode ingredients?

    Damn, that version made you SPRINT to the toilet back in the day.
  14. TommyTuffGuy

    First time ph recommendations

    Is Ultra Eleven "11-OXO" ?
  15. TommyTuffGuy

    Thoughts on MAN VasoJet?

    MAN back in the day. Scorch was the go-to fat burner. Then they rode that same formula for EONS while everyone upped the game.
  16. TommyTuffGuy

    True Shred & BMP

    Impossible to get BMP, which is sad. The only thing I'd be weary of with this stack'll see almost ASAP results from BMP and you'll think it's the 'combo'. I've ran True Shred many of times...which in itself is decent for a recomp/cutting but BMP is GAWD TIER stuff.
  17. TommyTuffGuy

    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Yeah that’s what I thought.
  18. TommyTuffGuy

    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    Didn't some stock come in? :)
  19. TommyTuffGuy

    The New Product Release Thread

    Well they all ripped off Super Mario 64, you see.
  20. TommyTuffGuy

    EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    I went to try to buy some stock the other day there and you can't add more that 3 BMP to the cart...