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  1. Do Not Assume That Excellent Performance Will Be Rewarded or That Loyalty Exists in the Workplace

    Good luck to you brother. It sounds similar to my situation with the exception of not being forced out and our age difference. Not the same innovative and industry-leading company I joined after the acquiring company implemented their "culture". Management became toxic, business decisions were...
  2. What should I do I'm in a really bad situation.

    In the absence of reviewing your lab results and based on your description of symptoms/feelings, I would also be interested in a full thyroid profile. You got good feedback here from the AM board members., but I would also verify free T4. Your normal TSH level would not trigger a reflex test...
  3. Do Not Assume That Excellent Performance Will Be Rewarded or That Loyalty Exists in the Workplace

    My opinion of the facts you state differ from yours. I think the purpose of the CFO presentation, then CEO meeting, is because they are undecided about your position going to an attorney and/or losing you. They may have seen your work product and do not agree with your supervisor. I would...
  4. New Protein Blend to try??

    I got an inexpensive casein from DPS about a year ago. I think it was Ultimate Nutrition Prostar. For me, it was the best flavor and texture in terms of being similar to "eating" a frosty from Wendy's. I assume, because it was so cheap at the time, it could be due to fillers or binders that...
  5. Best SARMs? In your opinion

    The Nocebo effect.
  6. Mulungu Bark Extract: Nature's most powerful GABAergic!!!

    Groovy! Does it produce dreams as vivid high dose GABA?
  7. Need feedback on ghrh, ghrp and IGF-1 LR3 stack

    What do you plan to do for diet and what times will you feed? I ask because diet is important and if using the peptides you mention, how do you plan to work your diet around up to 6 shots per day?
  8. BPC-157 - Healing time?

    Both a long-term shoulder issue and a recent knee issue. Tried the BPC/TB500 protocol and the knee healed, not the shoulder. A month after last BPC/TB500 admin, ran CJC DAC by itself for 2 weeks, followed by CJC DAC + GHRP6 for 2 weeks. That did the trick. Shoulder pain is gone. That issue...
  9. Best SARMs? In your opinion

    Rad140 + SR9009 TD is a great combo. Increased workout intensity, energy, and slight recomp. I got the idea from another board member. When I hit another slimming phase, I'll do the same mix plus add Cardarine. Only 1 of the aforementioned 3 is a SARM, but they were in your thread so I added...
  10. MitraDopa test run

    Great to hear. Looking forward to try it out.
  11. Do SR9009/SR9011 counteract DHEA?

    I realize this is an old thread but I have found nothing in the literature to suggest DHEA is a rev-erb antagonist. Closest I found was a study on gastric cancer cells.
  12. CJC1295 + Ipamorelin Dry Mouth

    That "side effect" (or side spray:p) was less after the second shot, non-existent by shot 4 (week 2). I didn't mind, it allowed me to lose a little water weight rapidly :D
  13. CJC1295 + Ipamorelin Dry Mouth

    Starting Ipa tomorrow after running GHRP-6. I'll let you know. I did get explosive diarrhea from the CJC-DAC @ 1mg first time I used it :) Too much of that could cause dry mouth via dehydration...:D
  14. Effect of cardarine while in a calorie deficit

    I wasn't aware of the cardarine before bed option. When conducting research, it was used as an "able to put in more cardio" supplement. One that required effort, gave the ability to do more, and because of that, it kicked ass. In combination with SR I never seemed to hit a wall. Used it on a...
  15. Anyone used transdermal DHB

    I wonder how much 1-Test I can get to go into Salvo...
  16. Got Stano?? Get Stanogen on BOGO ! ! !

    What's the concentration? I did not see it on the website. I thought I read in another post100mg/ml? Thanks.
  17. Taking a peptide and a aromatase inhibitor for linear height growth at 18?

    My opinion is that it may be too late given your growth has been stagnant for 3 years. Opinion only, not based on science or studies I have referenced. I assume your diet and sleep are on point at a minimum. I give the OP credit for doing his own independent research then checking with folks...
  18. Stanogen

    I am liking the new gel carrier for the other Apex products I have tried. I am looking forward to trying this new offering.
  19. Supreme Labs SR9011 mini review

    I get mine from Supreme as well. Never had a problem. Good company. Definitely like this via the dropper/liquid route, and 9009 via TD. Both of these, IMO, are PWOs. They require work to get the max benefit. I can't attest for it working/not working in the absence of partaking in exercise...
  20. NEW Brand coming to AM. Time for some new blood.

    I'd suck on my ol' lady's crooked hairy green toe if it accelerated fat loss. It doesn't, so I'm interested in learning more about what you got. :)