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  1. Godstrength

    Straight Up Gold and Red OF Kratom log

    Received these 2 beautiful Old Forrest strains last Friday. The Old Forrest products in my experience have been a little stronger than most regular strains. I have used OF white Hulu (my favorite of the ones I tried), red, green and yellow. So these strains are red Bali and Gold Hulu kratom...
  2. Godstrength

    Aterall MA LABS

    Got my package of 20 caps over the holidays... I'm prob not gonna report back until after the holidays but here's my log. I'll be running the caps in different dosages but initially will be dosing 3 caps with an empty stomach and I'll also try it with some fats. This is to test efficacy of both...
  3. Godstrength

    Hurricanes suck

    While its kind of fun and exciting... They ultimately suck balls... Especially that dorian. Hes def a ball sucker. Seriously tho, in s Fla and ive been through a lot of hurricanes. So its just a waiting game. Boarded up and waiting to see if this storm hits or misses us. Just wanted to post up...
  4. Godstrength

    USA FS Vicaine pm

    Got one bottle of vicaine pm up for sale. You may or may not know but basically you can't get these anymore they've been discontinued and Mike isn't making any more. $75 shipped would also consider trades for the right deal.
  5. Godstrength

    Prolactrone where to buy

    Any reps have any discount codes for buying prolactrone by black lion research
  6. Godstrength

    Iron Legion-Virtus (AI for estro control)

    Hey all got my Iron Legion Virtus thank you delsolrob for getting this in my hands as well as cheftepesh1 and thebigt for the hookup. Virtus is a topical aromatase inhibitor and from what ive heard a Damn good one for over the counter. I'm currently on self administered TRT so I'm going to...
  7. Godstrength

    Cutting out stims

    Ive been on stims for years... Pre workouts, energy drinks, pick me ups etc. I would say my use is moderate but I have used almost daily throughout. I think my body needs a break. For you guys that have come off how did you come off? Also what did you feel like coming off both immediate and...
  8. Godstrength

    White screen

    My whole AM screen went white on AM. Not the regular blue Admin Like my app looks like a negative
  9. Godstrength

    Tianeptine sodium

  10. Godstrength


    Here is a short writeup on yk11. Its an underrated sarm primarily due most likely to under exposure. Actually one of the better sarms for bodybuilding purposes. The chemical structure of yk-11 is quite similar to that of steroids. It is derived from testosterone as a synthetic steroid. This...
  11. Godstrength

    Get SARMS before the ban (MA)

    With the proposed bill coming up a majority of our beloved sarms will most likely fall under the bill essentially banning them for sale of any type. Get them while you can We expect to be restocked on our gw, mk and rad hopefully by next week. Code GS15 gets you...
  12. Godstrength

    GS logs CL "White Flash"

    Thank you Sean1332 and Hyde for the excellent opportunity to log the new pwo White Flash. For some annoying reason the app isn't allowing me to post pics or I would throw some initial pics of the tub up. The profile looks great. Simple and effective doses with a completely transparent label...
  13. Godstrength

    MA research customer service

    We are committed to you the customer for all your research needs MA Research ensures superb quality and fast customer service. Code GS15 gets you 15% off entire order and already low prices. We accept cc and ship right away. Packages will arrive discreetly in 1-3 days in most cases (no...
  14. Godstrength

    MA Research Best Prices

    MA Research is committed to superb quality and fast customer service. Code GS15 gets you 15% off already low prices. We accept cc and ship right away. Packages will arrive discreetly in 1-3 days in most cases (no shipping sat or sun) Any questions feel free to...
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    Here is a short writeup on the potential benefits of s23. Many people compare this sarm to an improved version of S4. Some things to be noted with this compound and possible benefits could be. Great lean mass builder Notable increases in strength and endurance Enhanced levels of fat...
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    MA Research

    Lowest prices for your research chemicals, SARMS and peptides. Code GS15 gets you an additional 15% off your entire order.
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    Tianeptine sodium available at MA Research

    The thread says it all. Mike Arnold is planning on releasing 2-3 new products each month. We are currently releasing S23 and also Tianeptine Sodium for research purposes only. The eta for the tianeptine is 3/30 and the s23 is available now. We are pleased to announce we are opening a...
  18. Godstrength

    Nootropics vs add meds vs smart drugs

    Title says it all... At a point in my life where I need to be more productive. What are your experiences w nootropic s like nootropimax vs something like the finils vs a potent rx like adderall... I have limited experience w regular usage of these and looking for feedback.
  19. Godstrength

    TB 500 and healing

    TB500 is for research purposes only/not for human consumption. Evidence shows this peptide may be the most effective peptide for healing injuries (tendons, ligaments etc). Here's a nice little writeup. TB-500 is a synthetic fraction of the protein thymosin beta-4, which is present in virtually...
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    Can't edit profile

    Admin I'm not able to edit my profile from my Android?