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  1. Maybe the final nail in Ivermectin's coffin

    That is absolutely false. If this were true, every virus would be harmless by now. If they were constantly getting weaker, how would the flu stick around? Where do you think every plague in history came from? Unless god is sneezing new viruses at us every once in a while, they’re all evolving...
  2. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and nicotinamide riboside (NR)

    Nootropics Depot has NMN enteric coated for better stability and absorption if you’re looking for something to try. I heard they’re gonna release a powder as well, not sure if it’s out. That’s a place you could look to try it out.
  3. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and nicotinamide riboside (NR)

    I thought there’s been newer research on the riboside form not panning out. I don’t remember now. NMN is supposed to be superior, but I don’t remember why now. I think PricePlow did an in depth article. I think they’re sponsored by the people making NMN, I don’t remember the company now, but...
  4. Maybe the final nail in Ivermectin's coffin

    To me, I kinda thought this was old news, but oh well. Also, it’s kinda funny to say that this will make it hard for people to recommend. The kind of people that have been recommending it aren’t the kind of people that will keep up with the literature. I say “kind of funny” but really it’s...
  5. USA For sale or trade : USP Labs Anabolic Pump and PowerFULL

    Manufactured in 2006?? I’m impressed!
  6. So i think i fucked up...

    Other than overdoing it, am I missing something? What’s so fucked up?
  7. M14add vs dbol

    For fucking arginine??? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, that’s all force factor was and they sold for $60 or so.
  8. M14add vs dbol

    I’m sold!
  9. Anavar weight loss

    Yeah definitely recommend checking in the women’s section here, seems to be a few great ladies floating around. But not just for you, for everyone I recommend being able to put on muscle and lose fat without drugs to be able to do this long term. If you’re at a point where you “need” Anavar to...
  10. PCT for Test E/Anavar

    To me, hCG would be best used on cycle to maintain testicular function. Once your hormones clear, the SERMs will signal LH which makes hCG a little redundant. You can use both SERMs, but most people only do one at a time. You’ll just have to try and see how you do I guess.
  11. Dedicated to natural bodybuilders

    If only I were so clever…
  12. Unexpected Cissus side- crushed appetite

    I’ve been wondering about that. This guy hasn’t made a single coherent response that I’ve seen.
  13. Dedicated to natural bodybuilders

    Oh very few do. But he literally posted a picture with needles added to it. When I quoted it, the image was showing as something about Ulysses being a fraud or something. Like, he most likely took a picture from an article about a claimed natty being busted and posted it to his shrine of...
  14. Dedicated to natural bodybuilders

    Did…. Did you really just post this? Do you even understand…? This literally just ruined your thread.
  15. Enlarging the balls... again

    Fadogia is the only I can think of which showed increases in testicular weight. Not sure if it’ll give any long term “gains” but may be able to give a temporary fuller appearance.

    Some may help with bone density and strength, but they won’t restructure your bones, if that’s what you want. But the muscle building effect can absolutely increase the size of jaw muscles, so that can give you a more pronounced jawline if that’s something you’re looking for.
  17. Advice for BMP vs Myosynergy for torn meniscus

    Not to my knowledge. Both are meant to help muscle growth, but the targeted pathways are completely different. MyoSynergy should provide more “direct” muscle building signal through IGF1 and such, but my understanding of BMP is that the bone morphogenic proteins it targets are more “upstream”...
  18. Co q10

    It brought down your blood pressure? Good to know. Mine runs low, but my girlfriend’s has been borderline high.
  19. Which Product Do You Think Is Best For Liver Support?

    This is a really good point. I wouldn’t recommend abusing ones liver, but it has a pretty good ability to repair itself. Heart and kidney damage aren’t so easy.
  20. Osteoarthritis Wrist Distal Radius

    Something like BPC-157 might be your best bet. EvoMuse BMP should help with bone and nerve repair I believe. Cissus I think can help repair tendons and ligaments.