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    BOSSMAN PUTS IT TO THE TEST GlycoPhase Promotes Fat Loss*Dramatic, Mind Blowing Pumps*Promotes Lean Muscle Gains*Promotes Management of Blood Sugar*Helps Manipulate Carbs to Work for You, Not Against You*

    BOSSMAN tests out GREEN MIGHT by Controlled Labs

    I will be starting a log today for the new CONTROLLED LABS GREEN MIGHT. Thanks to Hyde for the opportunity. I am currently coming off a stim break of 4 weeks. Started back on my ALPHA LEAN today. I will be running the GREEN MIGHT 40 days straight as it contains 40 servings. Week 1 I will have...

    BOSSMAN'S First supplement log on AM

    BOSSMAN'S First supplement log on AM, True shred/Alpha Lean This will be my first supplement log on AM, I had a log in weight loss section. In this log my goal is to lose weight.* First about me, 37 years old, 15 years of lifting experience and just started learning the art of nutrition about 4...

    Bottles almost empty....New bottles on deck...

    I am 7 days away from finishing a pes shift/erase pro/ and norcodrene stack. My question is this, I have a new bottle of fit throid. I should get similar results from that as the shift? I have a new bottle of estrogenix depot and a new bottle of diesel e2, I should get similar results from...

    Suggestions, criticism, opinions all welcome. weight loss

    My Story, opinions help criticism all welcome. Age 37, height 5 9, current weight 228 Lifestyle active between working out and full time labor Current diet, I have currently been in a 500+ calorie deficit for the last three weeks. Allowing myself 2300 a day but coming in at around 1800. I...