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    I used the origanal product. It was suprisingly efffective, especially at the price.
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    XERO LIMITS products

    eponox makes you noticably bigger.
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    Marijuana and Bodybuilding

    can't beat a roor. had one in*t was a problem.
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    Marijuana and Bodybuilding

    I;m a little late to chime here (puff). My gains increased ten fold when i started smoking. Always used to have trouble sleeping, also the increase in appetite wont hurt.
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    Reconstituted - IGF won't dissolve!

    Im having the same problem with my igf-1. I've reconned it 3,4 times without a problem. This time it is not mixing, it is cloudy and clumpy when shaken. When left alone it becomes a solid again. i dont kno what the hell is going on.
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    Become A Product Reviewer @ Nutraplanet Today - This is your chance!!!

    haha..i think i cleaned them out.
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    Become A Product Reviewer @ Nutraplanet Today - This is your chance!!!

    Good look guys. I'm not done yet, i think i might have tried everything you guys have..... not quite lol. Also i don't have to mention the value, everyone kows NP can't be beat.
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    Become A Product Reviewer @ Nutraplanet Today - This is your chance!!!
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    The new Westside for Skinny Bastards Program

    its good stuff
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    props to IBE

    hmm hopfully the same can happen for me
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    OMG Stack - AP and P-Slin! its on now baby

    your a monster bro. good luck with the stack and the contest.
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    Cycles and libido summary.

    every cycle ive done my libido has gone up during. after my first couple there was little change in pct. my more recent cycles have resulted in some libido loss in pct.
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    Incorporating Epistane into PCT?

    Dr D has discussed this issue with me in the ibe company forum if you would like to check it out. Roughly, he suggest a light pulse 3x per week after post cycle therepy has gone underway.
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    Incorporating Epistane into PCT?

    What if your cycle is finishing on Epi? I was trying to incorporate this as well. I've seen Dr D's post. I dont remember where they were. Put i think you would def need to take in the AM.
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    Calories during PCT???

    I would go higher then on cycle. Atleast at the begining. This also depends on the compounds used and type of cycle.
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    Running Serm inverse to ADT??

    sorry for my ignorance. Tb's are what? Hd and ACT? what is DVTHF? which products would you recomend using? what do i need? thank you
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    Running Serm inverse to ADT??

    Dr D If hyperdrol and mass FX were to be used, would it be inefective to run activate as well? I have 1 bottle of each. could i do maybe weeks 1-2 act half dose weeks 3-6 fx and hd full dose weeks 7-8 act half dose? or would it be just better to save one until next time? origanally i was...
  18. ABiLiTY this overkill?

    looks pretty good to me. rebound reloaded is not going to kill your libido, rebound xt would tho. I don't know to much about restore. looks good to go.
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    Been a while, need help with PCT for Tren Ace and Prop Cycle

    check the running atd inverse to serm thread in here. It has many excellent post cycle therapy protocols from Dr D. If your prone to gyno you might not want to mess with hcg.
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    Running Serm inverse to ADT??

    thanx dr D. I took 1 sdrol yesterday, and none so far today. I'm already feeling better. I'll make my decision on what im doing tomarow. Do you suspect the test is causing the fatigue and things like that? or the gyno?