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  1. Sean1332

    Apex Alchemy Ursa Major Review

    I was given the opportunity to run a sponsored log of 4 bottles of Apex Alchemy's Ursa Major via @nostrum420 @xR1pp3Rx and @Renew1. Below is a link to my log and some general information on Ursa Major and it's key ingredient, ursolic acid. I'll review a summary of my experience with it here. My...
  2. Sean1332

    Apex Alchemy's Ursa Major Log

    Big thanks to @nostrum420 for giving me the chance to provide the forum with some feedback on Ursa Major, a transdermal Ursolic Acid supplement. As I previously mentioned, I was preparing for a powerlifting meet but dropped...
  3. Sean1332

    Iron Legion Invictus-Sponsored Log

    Hey everyone. Thanks to the people at Iron Legion for allowing me to try out their cortisol supplement, Invictus. I'm 2 months out from a powerlifting competition and am shaving off a few pounds to be at competition weight throughout the prep cycle. I've always done a water-cut to drop weight...
  4. Sean1332

    Sean's Taking Aterall ER

    Hey all. I was fortunate enough to be able to review a 20 capsule trial size Aterall ER from @Mike Arnold at MA Labs. I have taken these ingredients standalone or within other formulas for all but Sulbutiamine. I have taken two doses. The first I took 3 capsules at 730am on the 24th and 3 this...
  5. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs Green Might

    Green Might[emoji769]:*Creatine Matrix Volumizer Key Attributes: – Fast absorbing and fast acting – Promotes tissue volumization – Muscle weakness reduction – Enhanced nutrient shuttling Time tested and research proven, creatine supplementation has been reported to improve maximal...
  6. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs Red Light

    Red Light by Controlled Labs: Weight, Test, and Digestion Aid Controlled Labs Red Light[emoji769] is the most innovative, fat metabolizer on the market today. By using select research validated ingredients, Red Light[emoji769] helps target multiple aspects of weight loss including fat...
  7. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs RED LIGHT Logger Search Thread

    Controlled Labs RED LIGHT Loggers Search Thread With the release of our newest fat burner, RED LIGHT, which not only help with weight loss but also aids in increasing test while also has the added bonus of digestive support we have decided to gift a free bottle to (how many people are we...
  8. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs Green Might: Prove Your Might

    In honor of our newest creatine matrix, Green MIGHT, Controlled Labs is giving you all a chance to win some for yourselves. PROVE YOUR MIGHT! In order to win a tub of Green MIGHT, you must prove your might! There will be 3 different ways in which you can prove your might. Each show of might...
  9. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs Blue SUGAR

    Testers needed: Controlled Labs Blue SUGAR Testers Needed - Controlled Labs Blue SUGAR Testers Needed Promotional: Controlled Labs Blue SUGAR Carb Up Promo
  10. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs Blue SUGAR Testers Needed

    Controlled Labs needs some testers for our newest product, Blue Sugar- Our nutrient partitioner. Assess it for a bottle, let us know how you feel, improved body composition, gym performance ect. I want a few testers so post up why you'd be a good tester and I can send you a bottle...
  11. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs Blue SUGAR Carb Up Promo

    Controlled Labs Carb Up Promo In honor of the brand new Blue Sugar Nutrient Partitioning GDA, we want you to show us your favorite foods and treats you plan to use Blue Sugar with! Bake/cook/buy your favorite dessert or carb heavy meal and post the most appetizing picture you can...
  12. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs White Flash Logger Search

    White Flash, Controlled Labs's new preworkout, will soon be released. We are looking for some dedicated people to log and review White Flash. If you meet our requirements listed below, just post in this thread and tell us why you are interested in trying this product and why we should choose...
  13. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs: WHITE FLASH Push Up Contest!

    In anticipation for the release of our new preworkout, White Flash, we here at Controlled Labs are throwing a contest and with this contest we’re going to be testing your STRENGTH, ENDURANCE and most importantly your SPEED! So without further adieu we introduce to you: Controlled Labs: WHITE...
  14. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs White Flash

    Our newest pre! 1 week away. I'll post up further info in here.
  15. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs Brain Wash Brain Teaser Promo

    Controlled Labs Orange Brainwash Teaser Contest ***CURRENT CATEGORY IS "DIFFICULT"*** To commemorate the launch of our latest product, Orange Brainwash, we would like to see your favorite brain teasers/riddles. Winners will recieve a tub of Brain Wash! There will be a series of...
  16. Sean1332

    Brain Wash-Coming soon!

    Orange BrainWash
  17. Sean1332

    Controlled Labs products on sale at Nutraplanet

    Hey! Don't miss out on some of these awesome deals...
  18. Sean1332

    White Flood Classic: Nostalgia Contest

    White Flood Classic: Nostalgia Contest! With the re-release of the original White Flood which will now be called White Flood Classic we have decide to throw a fun contest so that some lucky few (TEN) of you can get a chance to win a free tub. HOW TO SCORE A BOTTLE? We'll be running 5...
  19. Sean1332

    Don't Call It A Comeback! White Flood Classic Loggers Search Thread!

    You all asked for it and now the preworkout that started our entire line up and got us a dedicated cult following is now back! We're excited to reintroduce the original White Flood which will now be called White Flood Classic! (The OG triple OG formula :D) HOW TO SCORE A BOTTLE? In honor...
  20. Sean1332

    White Pipes for $9.99! Check out this great stim-free preworkout for only 10 bucks!