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  1. BigSWOLE25

    Favorite kitchen sink test boosters?

    My go to is mtest and I'm giving optimize t another run currently and liking it so far. I am curious about diesel test. Lots of reviews reporting they had strength and aggression increases. Anyone else try it?
  2. BigSWOLE25

    Apex-Alchemy Site-Wide Mix and Match BOGO FREE Sale!!!

    Ordered ursa and epichaos 8 bottles total. Fast shipping.
  3. BigSWOLE25

    Looking for thoughts on best thermogenic available? (Stim/non stim)

    Can't go wrong with ursa major 3- 4mls per day. Can stack with eca or a caffeine based thermo for max results. Or run eca with a cortisol blocker like invictus, reduce xt, or neuro aet. Just some options.
  4. BigSWOLE25

    Our dear thebigt passed away :(

    So sad to hear. It feels like I lost a friend. Such a good guy and always took the time to help and answer questions. Praying for his family.
  5. BigSWOLE25

    Apex-Alchemy's March Madness Site-Wide Mix and Match BOGO FREE Sale, With New Glass Bottles!!!

    I appreciate the fast shipping. Ready to slap the ursa on and lean out.
  6. BigSWOLE25

    X gels

    Well my understanding is to be dosed at 50 days straight or 50 workouts. Your choice. But yes you can run it 2 bottles straight.
  7. BigSWOLE25

    X gels

    Did you take it every day or only on workout days?
  8. BigSWOLE25


    I'll throw my name in. Goals are recomp/fat loss.
  9. BigSWOLE25

    X gels

  10. BigSWOLE25

    Steve (sns8778)

  11. BigSWOLE25

    Two Natty Anabolics

    Ursa major and vector for me. Ursa works magic at 3-4ml. Sustain alpha might be a new favorite here soon. At 5 pumps Ithe natural boost has been great.
  12. BigSWOLE25

    FuroSap vs TestoFen vs TestoSurge vs other fenugreek extracts?

    I liked the products with testosurge. Optimize t was good as well.
  13. BigSWOLE25

    Best Iconic Formulation product to use with Sustain Alpha for cutting?

    I would suggest thermo-amp or neuro aet as well. I'm using a7 and ultra epi at the same time. I like the results but it's a lot of lotion to put on in the morning at 5 pumps each and trying to get it to dry if you're rush. I have used neuro aet and it can definitely help with stubborn areas as...
  14. BigSWOLE25

    My first ever log, getting Ultra Hard with the help of Iconic Formulations

    I'm 5 weeks in on alpha 7 and ultra epi. It definitely shines week 4.
  15. BigSWOLE25

    Is creatine worth it?

    I think I saw a study using creatine for alzheimers awhile back. Stuff is safe and the 3-5 grams a day is good.
  16. BigSWOLE25


    500mgs per 4 capsules. On use 2 capsules at a time usually. Usually 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner.
  17. BigSWOLE25


    2 caps twice a day helped me in my recomp. My favorite was slinmax but they changed the formula so I made the switch to glycophase. I tried straight berberine at 500mgs twice a day and my stomach could not tolerate. To each their own. I'll do 3 caps a meal of glycophase on heavy cheat...
  18. BigSWOLE25

    Your cortisol control choice?

    Invictus is my go to. I believe nero aet is the same dose just with clary sage added. I have used reduce xt in the past with good results also. I'm just a responder to to baet. I used a product called "retain" years ago by anabolic xtreme which had it in there also. Stuff had me as dry as...
  19. BigSWOLE25

    Iconic Formulations and Apex Favorites?

    The "workout" after the gym workout was strong like wood so you are definitely right about that haha. I was on opt t by sns and neuro before the start. Libido on that was good also.