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  1. boldenone base testing

    Roughly 75mg/ml.
  2. boldenone base testing

    Had a blend of test prop/tren ace/bold prop and 0.2ml made me feel a little rough, bumped it to 0.4ml and felt absolutely horrible...that would have been a dose of 40mg bold prop. Maybe the base wont have the same flu issues as the prop. I knew the above blend was going to be rough so thats...
  3. michael phelps: how is this possible?

    Im fully aware that the atkins diet is not optimal for his application, she said it like people on the atkins cant even do a workout. Anywho...
  4. boldenone base testing

    Good luck, guessing that is going to hurt like hell and probably have a fever such as bold prop does. I would go transdermal personally for bold base, jminis has a log around here from a few years back using trans boldenone.
  5. michael phelps: how is this possible?

    That nutritionist that was quoted in the article is an idiot, did anyone catch this statement: "The carbs is what the body uses for energy. You have to give the body glucose to fuel it. That’s why people on the Atkins diet (an all-protein diet) can’t work-out.” There are a TON of BB'ers that...
  6. Beelze training log

    The PR machine continues its onslaught. Kick ass workouts as always Beelze! Have you set any PR's in the Beelze-mobile?
  7. Glen's Mass FX log

    Hey Glen, long time no talk! The log looks good, I too am running MassFX during my pct, coming off a 7 monther lol...feeling pretty darn good actually, this stuff is actually making pct enjoyable!
  8. Pinning IGF during workout

    One other thing, I am not willing to switch around the order of exercises so chest is last :)
  9. Pinning IGF during workout

    Say you were wanting to pin your chest as soon as you were done working it, but the way your workout is set up chest is the first bodypart trained, and it will be another ~40 minutes or so before the workout is over. If you injected the IGF in your chest as soon as you were done with it, and...
  10. Higher AP dosage with high carb meals

    I was just wondering if there would be an added benefit when eating a meal that is say 100g of carbs or more, say even up to 150g, would taking 2 caps of AP produce better effects than just 1, or would it be a waste of AP?
  11. quick glenihan shot

    Look really good Glen, cant even tell you didnt lift much all the past few months. Should get some really good gains now that you are hitting it hard again.
  12. Secrets of NASM - a Quest for Certification

    Bodywizard- I dont blame you at all for the girls! Damn, I wouldnt be getting anything done if I had one around like the one you are talking about lol. I would just recommend taking the test as soon as possible after finishing the studying so everything is fresh. Jminis- I agree that the...
  13. 4Ad sublingual/nasal

    Alrighty, thanks CRUNCH. I take it you made it from the finaplex pellets? How did you go about making it and what do you dose it at per day?
  14. 4Ad sublingual/nasal

    Hey CRUNCHDoes the 4ad sublingual give any "kick" that would be beneficial before a workout?
  15. Secrets of NASM - a Quest for Certification

    Hell yeah I passed that hooker!! The final test had alot of the same questions that the online quiz had, and if they were not the same they were very similar in the content they covered. I am so relieved to get this over with, I bought the kit back in march, had until like July 3rd to finish...
  16. 4Ad sublingual/nasal

  17. Secrets of NASM - a Quest for Certification

    For anyone that has completed the NASM certification, how similar was the online practice quiz to the actual test? I am preparing to take the final examination tomorrow at noon, hopefully all goes well!
  18. keep on coughing what is the problem

    LMAO- 1ad man, you are a f'n MORON!
  19. Vyo-Tech 17-HD

    That is true Shocker, sorry I wasnt being very clear as I was kinda rambling on, but I could tell a difference between when I took 17HD and when I did not take it preworkout. My energy levels definitely increased and my attitude became very aggressive. I really have no clue what this stuff is...
  20. Tren cough

    I have done a cycle of both tren ace and tren enan. I got the cough on both cycles, and to be honest, on probably around 25-35% of all my tren shots I would get the tren cough...not fun, adds a little excitement to the day though.... Beeze- about the water and oil mixing, I think I have heard...