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  1. Abe Lincoln

    Journey to the East (training log)

    It has been sometime AM, but I'm back with a more unique mindsent and goals than before. Will be in Thailand to train for a month, a training vacation if you'd call it something. Plan on making this log mainly for prepping but might still update while over. Over there I will be training...
  2. Abe Lincoln

    Is cardarine (gw) a controlled substance?

    Was planning on flying to Thailand and wasn't sure if I would have trouble if I took it? I looked online and it seems fine, have a few bottles of Olympus labs cardarine
  3. Abe Lincoln

    10lbs weightdrop to leg ratio

    Odd way to phrase, but what would 10lbs of fatdrop do to legs size? Drop an inch?
  4. Abe Lincoln

    What's your endurance stack?

    Non-stim based and stim-based, though stim based endurance seems like it would fail in long run.
  5. Abe Lincoln

    Bodyfat effect on athletic performance?

    Curious on your opinions on this topic. I'd believe being in 6-8% range would be best, especially in sports where there are weight groups. Example: Fighting sports, would you rather have 150lb fighter at 6%bf go against another 150lb fighter at 15%bf, if skill and technique are at same value.
  6. Abe Lincoln

    High frequency + higher percentage + lower day volume

    Kind of curious on this, has anyone attempted something like 3x1x90% on a lift every day?
  7. Abe Lincoln

    Deadlifts physique vs Squat physique

    I'm curious if anyone has ever thought about how each of these change physique overall compared to each other. I feel deads tighten (make physique look better) overall in abs, back, arms, hams, back. Squats make my quads/legs bigger/tighter, but does nothing else for anywhere else. Calves are...
  8. Abe Lincoln

    Methylated tren experience

    Never wrote anything about my cycle, so wanted to drop in and say I didn't end up dying from it. I have never ran IM tren or the ph tren, so can't say much to compare, but there was leaning out effects fairly fast after getting it in the system. Strength on all lifts rapidly went up, on a daily...
  9. Abe Lincoln

    Test VS Trest

    I have used test in the past, but never Trest. Opinions? It seems good on paper, but sadly it is hard to find these days or I'd give it a shot.
  10. Abe Lincoln

    Any new crazy supplements out?

    Any big game changing supplements drop in this past year or so? Been out of commission for a bit of it.
  11. Abe Lincoln

    Neck training

    Curious if anyone does train their neck? I'd like to get mine thicker but not sure on the exercises as they seem crazy like neck curls.
  12. Abe Lincoln

    the wind is cold..

    This will be my log. Not going to put much detail into this, but wanted to keep people here updated a bit of what Abe is up to. Have yet to get everything together but I will be bulking this cycle.
  13. Abe Lincoln

    Gains and Recovery with MST

  14. Abe Lincoln

    Legaility of clen?

    Is this a gray area or what? I noticed it is on RC sites so I'm guessing it is gray area. Allowed to have it only for research purpose and not for human consumption?
  15. Abe Lincoln

    Getting sponsored for police academy?

    Hello all, I've decided that I'm going to become a law enforcement officer after much thought. Currently I'm enrolled in college going towards my phD in economics, but before I went to college I was training for SEAL. I decided against that, as I'm a family type of man and being that far from...
  16. Abe Lincoln

    What is the cheapest protein?

    As wondering on this, I can get milk protein for 8.36USD each pound. So is there a food that beats this? The milk protein has 15 servings and each serving is 24g of protein.
  17. Abe Lincoln

    Humulin R in mail?

    I understand insulin has issues with heat, so is buying it online and getting shipped to you a horrible idea? As it would crystallize and lose potency? And another thing I have heard insulin is only good for 30 days after opening the bottle, so if you cycle it you will have to throw a good...
  18. Abe Lincoln

    NitroNOX Pro Preworkout Week Log

    Big thanks for letting me try this out guys and all the free goodies that come along with it. I wanted to give a general log for a week use of product before making a final review, so here is the log. Will put the final review here next Friday.
  19. Abe Lincoln

    Lincoln's ready to grow with 3-MHD

    3-MHD by Synerbolics is a Super Anabolic Formula that will give you Increased Dry Mass Gains, Insane Vascularity, Explosive Strength with Zero Estrogen Conversion. 3-MHD by Synerbolics is a Super Anabolic Formula. You will experience huge lean body mass gains, excellent strength gains, and...
  20. Abe Lincoln

    WTS supps

    (2) Creacore 80 servings - 35 shipped (1) SNS agmatine powder - 25 shipped Buy all for 50 shipped PayPal only