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  1. Low dose 11 keto....

    Just ran it at 300mg a day for 6 weeks and I was very pleased, maybe a little bit of lethargy towards the end but libido still high. Did not feel like anything close to sarms or andros in terms of suppression. Imo I'd try to run it higher. No hairloss.
  2. XI-KT

    I am running 11kt right now at 300mg/day. I will say you NEED to still keep a strict diet if you're trying to lose weight, its not magic but it definitely helps. It is only a little suppressive, nothing compared to sarms (which is all I have to compare to). I'm gonna run a pct of raloxifene...
  3. tongkat ali origin

    Not sure its origin, but nootropic depot has the strongest tongkat ali, I recommend it.
  4. How to lower T?

    stay up all night
  5. Anyone interested in Symplocos Racemosa/Lodhra?

    Never felt any negative side effects that would suggest sarms. But compound 20 was so good, one of my favorite supps. Along with the original anabeta, another one people have suggested was adulterated.
  6. Iron Legion XI-KT

    You're right, I was trying to recomp a bit, If I can get some more I definitely try it on a strict cut.
  7. Iron Legion XI-KT

    I did about 6 weeks of iconic 11 and noticed decent results, nothing drastic but leaned out very slightly while eating the same.
  8. Anyone interested in Symplocos Racemosa/Lodhra?

    I would try it, I liked the original compound 20 quite a bit. Would it be a single ingredient or would you combine it with something else that could be synergistic?
  9. What’s everyone’s go to preworkout these days?

    Purus labs condense. Cheap but effective
  10. Blood pressure supps

    Thats an antiquated point of view. Especially for someone who works out. OP- I'd honestly skip the supps and get yourself on a BP med, they'll probably start you on an ACE or ARB and that might be all you need. With insurance it will probably be cheaper than the supps and more effective, and...
  11. Supplements for brain and critical thinking

    Piracetam. Not really a supplement, but a drug. It improves memory and recall greatly. I am someone who takes adderall daily and piracetam is much more of a cognitive enhancer, with no side effects ime. I think piracetam would be what you're looking for, feels like it "speeds" up my brain and...
  12. What's the new best cutting hormonal product

    I like 11 keto a lot, works better than 7 keto.
  13. Tell SNS What You Would Like to See From Us (2020 Edition)

    SNS killing it as always. Looking forward to the anacyclus and anabolic xt. Any plans for a replacement for tta-500?
  14. Smoking Weed = Back Pain

    I feel like smoking makes you have more body awareness, can always "feel" my joints more while high. Sounds like a psychosomatic thing.
  15. Oral BPC-157 for achilles inflamation

    1 year sounds like a tendinopathy, which the only way to fix is progressive loading. I doubt the nsaids are helping you at all. I think the BPC could be helpful, but its not a miracle worker, in my experience it only really helps with pain and inflammation, which in your case would probably be...
  16. 11-kt stacked with rad?

    Decided to postpone the rad for another time. Been on 11kt + cardarine for a week, loving how this stuff feels.
  17. 11-kt stacked with rad?

    Rad does that to me for the first couple weeks then I feel terrible. Maybe I'll have to try it with a base.
  18. 11-kt stacked with rad?

    Androgenic enough to fight off lethargy on rad or would you stack something like dermacrine?
  19. 11-kt stacked with rad?

    I'm looking to try 11-kt and am thinking about stacking it with rad. Anyone try this before? looking at 6 weeks max. Hows 11-kt on the joints + suppression? Thanks.

    I used to have this problem and it has always been caused by doing too much too soon. Besides getting new shoes I’d stop running til the pain subsides. Maybe start walking if you can tolerate it. Once you’re able to run maybe try running on grass. Just run a loop around a park and ease into it.