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  1. KingLeonidas9

    Returning to my roots with the newest Halodrol and Sizeon from Gaspari.

    Going to try to make this intro short as I just 2 scoops of a pre and I'm focking wired! My first ever ph I ever took was also from Gaspari back in summer of 2003, I gained a lot of weight and muscle that summer and in my senior year I got a got laid because of it lol. Since then I've used the...
  2. KingLeonidas9

    USA WTT ClearMuscle, Pre Workouts

    WANT: Ronnie's Testogen or USP Labs Test Powder OL Ghar1ne 5% Real Food NutraBio Super Carb HAVE: 6 Clear Muscle VaporX5 Neurocore
  3. KingLeonidas9

    Them pumps on Gaspari plasmajet

    Short on going log on my thoughts about plasma jet for every body part. Got a box thanks to Doug on their weekly giveaway. And used it for the first time yesterday for biceps. I use the gym at the condo i live at. Not a lot to work with but its enough to get creative and get a good workout...
  4. KingLeonidas9

    USA FS: Pre workouts and BCAA

    Got some family medical problems and need to sell some things. Have: 1MR Vortex Ritual Anarchy Universal Beef Amino Want: Paypal
  5. KingLeonidas9

    USA WTT Endurat3+, Intra MD or 5% Real Food

    Want those above.. Have: post protocol dark matter Ritual 1MR
  6. KingLeonidas9

    USA WTT Tr1umph

    WANT: 5% Real Food Intra MD Endur3+ Have: compound 20 new version post protocol dark matter animal pak 44 packs
  7. KingLeonidas9

    Feel the Energy, Feel the focus, Get ready to pump up, It's gym time, MESOMOOOOOORPH!

    So I post my first thoughts last week when I used this for the first time on a cardio day. Used to half a scoop, and my cardio I usually 45 minutes. I run 1.5 miles or 15 minutes, 15 minutes of HIIT on elliptical and 15 minutes walking on an incline treadmill. That session last week was insane...
  8. KingLeonidas9

    what happened to the other OL supplements?

    Excuse my stupidity but I been away for a while and haven't been able to keep up. But I remember OL having some pro hormones and SARMS for sale on the website. I know prohormones went away after the ban but what happened to the SARMS?
  9. KingLeonidas9

    USA WTT Ep1c, DermaSTRENGTH, Pre-Kaged, Conqu3r

    Looking for the 4 above and also look for app nut osteosport or formutech flexible Have: PRIME Compound 20 Powerfull xfactor og and others, please PM if interested.
  10. KingLeonidas9

    WTT Burn 24, PreKaged, ClearMuscle, Phospha and PlasmaMuscle

    I'm looking to trade the items mentioned on the title. Just trade, i got no money to buy. PM me if anything. SELLING: PRIME Compound 20 C4 Jack3d Micro WANT: Burn 24 PreKaged Phospha Muscle Plasma Muscle Paypal
  11. KingLeonidas9

    Trying to become the ULTIMATE monster with USP Labs Ultimate T!

    First of all big thank you to Casey and USP Labs for allowing me to try this out and shipping it out all the way out here in the middle east for me, not many companies ship to FPO addresses. But USP Labs was nice enough to do so and also send me a bottle of Modern BCAA+ and a super nice shirt...
  12. KingLeonidas9


    So i got a bottle of stimul8 that i'm planning on using but since its a blended I wanted to know how much caffeine in 1 scoop?
  13. KingLeonidas9

    Want Alphamine or Detonate have Xfactor Advanced

    Have 1 sealed bottle of Xfactor adv and 1 opened Xfactor adv bottle with 45. Looking for Alphamine OG Detonate Paypal Amazon gift card
  14. KingLeonidas9

    Bigger, faster, stronger and SMARTER with Chaos & Pain!

    I was one of the 3 lucky bastards that got chosen to log for Chaos and Pain last month but because of an injury(currently deployed) I was out for a while without being able to walk or even let alone touch my foot. I had to go everywhere on crutches and the medics told me no gym... So i was out...
  15. KingLeonidas9

    Want To Trade a few things.

    Looking for: Follidrone EP1C Magnitropin Amentomax Have: Condense Prime Jack3d OG Oxy Elite Pro blue rasp PM me for more details.
  16. KingLeonidas9

    Damn i'm hooked and want some more CONTRABAND!

    Before I start my review I want to say that I HATE fruit punch and I have a HIGH tolerance for stims. Ok here we go.. For those of you that never heard of Contraband by Iron Forged Nutrition.. The pump blend looks awesome! Even though I do not know the exact amount of each ingredient(I HATE...
  17. KingLeonidas9

    Selling or Trades Pre workouts, Fat burner & test booster.

    Have sealed: Muscle Marinade Jack3d Original Oxy Elite Pro both powder and caps Prime Want: Magnitropin Follidrone ABE Paypal PM for prices or offers.
  18. KingLeonidas9

    Selling original jack3d and muscle marinade

    I need quick money and i'm willing to let these 2 go cheaper than anyone else is selling for. They are sealed and not expired. $50 for jack3d. exp 3/15 $60 for muscle marinade. only charging 10 buck more cuz its bigger and heavier to ship. exp 8/14 I got paypal and i will ship them tomorrow...
  19. KingLeonidas9

    Want To Trade a few things.

    Looking for: Glycofuse or Karbolyn Size On Formutech Flexible Have: xtend pink lemonade, muscle rush, massularia, pre surge, amino energy, no xplode 2.0, cell mass 2.0, post protocol, novem, alpha protocol, inciner 8, BPI SAA, pure amino, BPI A-HD, BPI build, isa-test.
  20. KingLeonidas9


    HUGE thank you goes out to VaughnTrue and Iforce for sending me this HUGE tub of their new flavor of protean! Was using this 10lb chocolate protein for the past 2 months and quite frankly i'm sick to my stomach of it already! Couldn't take it anymore and here came Vaughn offering Brown Sugar...