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  1. LDL cholesterol lowering supplements

    Hello everyone, I am interested in what cholesterol reducing supplements have worked for you. 2 weeks ago I got bloods and my total cholesterol came back at 396. This week I went in for a physical and everything checked out except my cholesterol was 355, and liver enzymes are at the top of the...
  2. Strange Cholesterol Labs

    Hey guys I just got back some labs I ran due to a suspected UTI, and my LDL cholesterol is the highest I've ever seen. My highest total cholesterol score before this was 170 with a HDL of 43. Anyways here are the values from the Lipid Panel taken yesterday: Total cholesterol: 396 ref range...
  3. Answered IGF DES anyone?

    Anyone have experience with IGF DES? Thinking of trying it but there isn't a whole lot of info out there.
  4. Answered GH/Peptides: at what dose is Prami/Caber a necessity?

    Next week I will be starting: 25+ mg pd MK-677 4 mg pw cjc dac I will also most likely be adding a shot or two of ghrp-2 with mod grf per day. I am just curious if anyone anticipates me needing any Prami/Caber running these peps. Inhibit P has worked for me in the past, but how long can you...
  5. Answered Transdermal application (Androhard)

    I'm having trouble with properly timing my Androhard doses. Hoping someone with transdermal experience has some advice. The label says to take it preworkout and at night, but to not shower for 8 hours after application. I have to shower after lifting or I smell terrible and get acne. Is a...
  6. Reverse Dieting (first time, should I increase calories?)

    Hello everyone, doing my first reverse diet after a short cut, and it is going well but I could use some advice on whether I need to increase calories right now, and how I should transition into a lean bulk over the next month. Here is my weight/calories consumed/cardio performed over my cut...
  7. Anyone get sided from Toremifene?

    Started PCT with Toremifene yesterday at 90 mg after 45 days of RAD-140 at 10-12 mg. My first time using Toremifene. Had minor nausea and a bad headache yesterday, very irritable today. Anyone experience similar sides from Toremifene?
  8. Hexarelin and MK-677 synergy

    I read in the mk-677 "No BS straight scoop" thread yesterday that mk-677 and hexarelin are synergistic. Does anyone know when to dose them so the GH peaks overlap? Also if taking hexarelin preworkout, will preworkout or intra-workout carbs/bcaas blunt the GH release? Thank you for any...
  9. Cytochrome P450 elimination of RAD-140 and MK-667

    Does anyone know what liver enzymes are responsible for the elimination of RAD-140 and MK-667? Would a cyp3a4 inducer reduce their effectiveness?
  10. RAD-140 question

    Starting a cycle of RAD-140 tomorrow, and I have what might be a stupid question for you guys. If RAD-140 powder isn't water or fat soluble, can it be absorbed on an empty stomach? Or would it need to be made into solution with DMSO? Thanks in advance for any answers.
  11. RAD-140 cycle help

    Hey guys, been lurking for awhile and want your advice on a RAD-140 cycle I have coming up. I recently finished my first sarms cycle: mk-677 25 mg/day GW-501516 20 mg/day S-4 50 mg/day I loved it and intended to run it for 12 weeks but hit some heavy suppression at week 6 (fatigue and...