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  1. USA WTS: Preworkouts, MK, DMAA, PH - take a look!

    Hello! I have a bunch of stuff. Take a look. I only ship within the continental US. Also shipping is $7 per item. Can make exceptions for larger groups. Accepting venmo for payment. Agressive Labz MK Elite (2 full sealed bottles) - $50 each Agressive Labz MK Elite (1 opened 55/60 caps left) -...
  2. 4-dhea transdermal as a test base?

    If one were to use 4-dhea as a test base, what sort of dosage would be solid to run to combat lethargy? I know that typically 330mg+ for the oral. Thanks all!
  3. Ignore

    Ignore sorry
  4. USA Looking to buy PHs

    Hi all. I'm looking to buy prohormones. I'm open to whatever you have. Feel free to send me a message or post on here
  5. USA Looking for DMAA, DMHA, and Amp Citrate Pres

    Looking for older pres with either DMAA, Amp Citrate, and even DMHA. I'm not looking for anything of the BS stuff that's on the market nowadays. Willing to pay a premium.
  6. USA Looking for OG mesomorph

    I'm looking for OG mesomorph or true DMAA pres. None of the stuff on the market now. Also open to amp citrate pres. I have venmo.
  7. USA Preworkouts

    I'd really like to get rid of as many of these as possible. Add $5 for shipping to the price or if you get 2 I'll waive the shipping cost. I'll only ship within the US Glaxon Specimen Alien Pop - $30 Blackstone Hype Reloaded Watermelon - $30 Bowmar Nutrition Strawberry Shake protein 16 serving...
  8. Unanswered Anything out there similar to the original Myoblox Skywalk? (DHMA)

    Anyone know if anything is similar to OG Skywalk ? I loved the energy and never crashed. Since they removed the DHMA, I've heard it just isn't the same. Or does anyone know where to get the old formula? Can't find anything on eBay
  9. Unanswered M1A vs MSten to kickstart a Test E cycle

    Hey guys, I'm looking to do a 4 week oral to kick start my test cycle. What are your thoughts of Msten vs M1A? Anyone have experiences with either?
  10. USA Looking for all PH/DS. Please DM me

    Looking for all prohormones and DS. I have PayPal, venmo and Google pay. Please message me
  11. USA Looking for VL Prohormones

    Hi guys - Looking for Vicious Labs Prohormones. Message me what youve got. I have PayPal, Venmo and Google Pay.
  12. USA WTB: Prohormones/DS

    Looking to buy Prohormones & DS. Feel free to PM. Can pay with venmo.
  13. Bold 200 Iforce

    I used to love Bold back in the day. Does anyone make any clones of this stuff? I could have sworn I saw something on predator awhile ago but I couldn't find anything. I'm aware it's been banned.
  14. MPA Isopoofs Protein Cereal

    I recently purchased MPA Isopoofs cereal. It's a nice switch up from the boring oatmeal and eggs I've been eating. Does anyone know of any other food tasting high protein cereals?
  15. DMZ question

    I'm running DMZ for 6 weeks at 45mg along with dermacrine. I also am taking OL Kingsguard with OL tudca as well. I also clomid for PCT. It's one of my employees last days on Friday. We are going to a craft brewery and while I never drink on cycle, I didn't want to be a stick in the mud. Do you...
  16. Stimfree preworkout with nitrates

    I'm looking for some suggestions for stim free preworkouts with nitrates. I feel like I get a much better pump as opposed to citrulline or agmatine etc.
  17. DMZ and Dermatrest Question

    I plan on running a DMZ/Dermatrest cycle. I plan on running as follows: Wk 1 - 30 mg of DMZ Wk 2 - 30 mg of DMZ Wk 3 - 30 mg of DMZ Wk 4 - 45 mg of DMZ Wk 5 - 45 mg of DMZ Wk 6 - 45 mg of DMZ Support: Kingsguard Tudca Pct: Clomid I don't plan on running this until probably end of September...