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  1. swollen87

    Once i shoved a pole vault - check out my 1test log

    Whats up AM... its been a while - first of all id like to thank vaughntrue and the guys a Hi-tech pharmaceuticals for giving me an opportunity to run a newer prohormone that converts to 1-test a little backround, 28 years old 205lbs approx 15% bf .. I do electric for a living but also have a...
  2. swollen87

    USP LABS HOOKED IT UP.... gotta give props when its due

    so, in the ongoing battle with usplabs and the fda on 1,3 dimethylamylamine, USP labs asked for someone to post up an article in a thread, first person to do so would win TWO products of choice... i naturally went as fast as possible and posted it up, and won the products... although it took...
  3. swollen87

    Trenavar vs finaplix vs pro-dienolone

    its almost time for my next cycle... im a powerlifter, having done multiple cycles of sd, and dmz, im looking to find my next available strength based ph/steroid im looking into different ways to run "tren" aside from injecting it one option is trenavar ... which claims to convert to...
  4. swollen87

    if you could take any banned PH/DS what would it be?

    well... title explains it all.. SWIM may or may not have access to basically ANY ph/ps ever created what would YOU take
  5. swollen87

    ZIR RED! more mobility issues

    im come to realize, when it comes to exercise science, and physiology etc... you are probably the most knowlegable and helpful guy on AM. Let me first say thank you for so freely helping myself and others. now to the hard **** i have a few problems.... first, that squat... upon working on...
  6. swollen87

    ankle dorsiflexion ROM... big problems

    so hit both a brick wall, and/or a breakthrough today .... it seems my ROM on my right ankle is beyond shot... i havent measured in degrees, but i have a significant amount of scar tissue built up from a previous injury.... specifically i have limited dorsiflexion and its putting a hamper on...
  7. swollen87

    long term phenibut use-

    Let me start off by saying i have been an insomniac for a long time, as lng as i can remember... i currenty dont have health insurance, so a sleep study is out of the question for now.... Generally, i can go days without sleeping, usually 1 or 2... then either pass out for 10+hours or cat nap...
  8. swollen87

    Legal questions about drug testing

    heres the scenario..... a friend of mine is on probation, and has been using someones urine who is also on probation to pass drug tests.... the guy who was dirty got caught, and is now in jail..... what could happen to the friend who is currently not in jail if he were "snitched on" for...
  9. swollen87

    GH release- GABOB, GHB, GABA, LDOPA

    so, we all know ghb increases gh.... i like this.... but g isnt legal... Is GABOB (buxamin) legal? any products containing GABOB around/available? i know it used to be in x dreams.... but i cant find this ingredient anywhere... i would like to experiment with it combined with ldopa and...
  10. swollen87

    SWOLLEN GETS SWOLL w/ 5aOHP, Endosurge, Vidatest, and ANABETA

    SPONSORED LOG first of all i apologize to all of you for taking so damn long to start this log, i have had some life stuff going on..... sh*t happens... also been waiting a few weeks for my clomid just in case i need it... here is how its going down.... cycle starting tomorrow 5aOHP -...
  11. swollen87

    why no more bulk 1,3dmaa??

    what are the chances of bringing this back? you know i need my favorite stim in bulk powder!!!!!!! please? got any laying around ? plz pm me
  12. swollen87

    need help, phenibut got me

    theres 1000s of threads like this... so before you flame me for not searching, plz know that i did... ive been using phenibut 1-2 times a week for a couple of months mainly on the weekend just to relax... i have never ran into any serious tolerance issues or withdrawls from it , but i have...
  13. swollen87


    Every time I go to log in, it says I'm typing the wrong password/username and I'm NOT... I wait 15 minutes to sign in and it does it again? What's up with that?
  14. swollen87

    looking for opinions on this "stack"

    about 2 months since my last cycle... not sure if im going to cycle again anytime soon.... so i figure ill tinker around with some natty (somewhat) stuff was thinking of running 12.5 mg aromasin eod 2 weeks on 1 week off ( i have it laying around....) purpose would be to lower estrogen but...
  15. swollen87

    superdrol powder

    is it illegal for my pet rat to purchase and import superdrol powder from china? since all the supps r goin away (allegedly), i figure i might as well stock up on bulk powders
  16. swollen87


    i understand the title is a bit of a scare, i just dont know if this whole thing is real.... either way, i think everyone should read this/sign the petition... it would be crazy for the fda to actually do this, but they have shown...
  17. swollen87

    testp/e & cycle ideas?

    planning my next cycle... a few ideas running around my head.... let me know what you think... test e 500mg/week 1-14 test p 100mg EOD weeks 1-4 & 13-16 this is what im asking about.... my idea is to use the shorter ester the first 4-6 weeks and then drop it when the test E kicks in.... and...
  18. swollen87

    New Pics, critique please Note: i am not a bodybuilder

    so i was approached at my gym by the head trainer, they wanted to do a writeup / interview for the gyms website/magazine. heres the pics they took, let me know what you think i know im making some funny faces, please try to keep flaming to a minimum... the focking camera guy had me...
  19. swollen87

    Triptorelin 1 day pct

    anyone have experience with this ? one shot pct and your done? please discuss, im looking into it.... Single dose of triptorelin gets bodybuilder’s hormones going again Italian endocrinologists managed to restore the natural testosterone production of a bodybuilder whose sex...
  20. swollen87

    Swollen87's training log

    Just got my computer back up and running so i am starting a new log, mainly for myself, but also to open myself up to others opinions about what i could be doing different been training really hard lately, just finished pct, training natty for a while i already know that my biggest downfall...