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  1. Dermacrine ingredient per pump

    Can we be reveal how much of each ingredient there is per pump? Thank you
  2. Repp sport

    Are they a ligit compagny? Anybody try some of their product?
  3. Unanswered Shilajit resin

    Anybody have some experience with Shilajit resin?

    How much of each ingredient is there per serving or pump? and how long a bottle can last? thank you
  5. USA OL re1ng Pandora mist (Canada)

    Hello I am looking to sell or trade my OL rei1ng preworkout. 1 scopp missing, I did use it yesterday and it gave me major stim dick. Not going to use it. I am in Canada, so I will only deal with Canadian since shipping cost will void any benefit of selling it or trading it. Thank you
  6. strong supplement shop

    Any deal coming for the black friday
  7. Strong supplement

    Good job guy!! I am in Canada and it took 6 days to get my product at my door ! Fast shipping ! Looking forward to order some more from you.
  8. High Tech Superdrol log

    Hello, This will be my High tech superdrol Log. My Age force Igf 1 log came to an abrupt stop, so I started this planned log 1 week earlier. I will be also using OL Gherad1ne MK-677 at 10 mg per night. This will be about it in the supplement section other than pre workout. Got 3 full bottles...
  9. Thread lock?

    Can an Admin person tell me why my Age force IGF 1 patch thread was locked on the log section? Thank you Alvin1
  10. USA looking for Hi Tech Superdrol

    As the title say I am looking to buy a bottle of high tech superdrol. Thank you
  11. Age force IGF 1 pacth

    Hello this will be my Age Force IGF-1 log. I have received 3 months’ worth of product, and I would like to thank Age force reps for my selection. About me: I have been training for the las 20 years, just turned 40 on Saturday. I have taken before picture to showcase any progression; I will...
  12. MK 677

    I did a bit of research and found that mk677 belong to merks, is the trial is still happening and are we will be going to be able to buy it, or will it stay available. It is a truly great product
  13. I force intimidate srt

    I can found some for really cheap in canada, worth a shoot?any feedback?
  14. iron legion sub forum

    It seems that the iron legion sub forum has disappear, they are no longer board sponsor or the pull a quick one ?
  15. ultimate T

    Any use with some feedback for ultimate T?
  16. Question for my wife

    My wife is using a uid coil for birth control, if she would use DIM, will it have an effect on the efficacy of her birth control? Thank you
  17. Letrone

    Is there any blood work by members on letrone, i have seem post from members who say the will do blood test but never saw one
  18. Estrogen an open wound (BLR rebirth)

    I got an accident a few week back at the end of a Nova X cycle where my libido was off. Anyway I have the top piece of the finger (middle) missing, and the wound does not seem to heal quite well. I am using rebirth, old licogenix and the original anabeta elite as PCT. Can it affect the speed of...
  19. Oral Dermacrine

    Do you have any plan on releasing an oral version of dermacrine like Primordial have done in the past? Love how dermacrine make me feel in and out the gym but the skin application during summer time, wiht the short sleeves and no water will not allow me to use it.
  20. HGH booster patch

    Does your HGH booster Stiller have the mk 677 in there?