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  1. kjkitzman

    Plenty of Food...

    Share the knowledge of FOOD! You can also find me on Instagram @ kelseyjfit for daily foodie pics Wanted to start a thread for people to post picture along with recipe for quick, easy, balanced meals, low carb, low fat, etc. the more variety the better! I will also be posting new products...
  2. kjkitzman

    Vector Log - FEMALE

    I am a little late to the show. I started Vector this past week thanks to brundel I am a Female 5’7’’ 28 years old. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have been currently trying to build...
  3. kjkitzman


    Has anyone done it? Any advice? I am looking to start in a week or two and want to be able to maintain my lean body with minimal body fat gain but also grow muscle. Do you advise getting a coach for this? Anywhere that I can read to try to do this by myself and coach myself though it, or with...
  4. kjkitzman

    Deload/Week off

    I haven't had a week of from training since last December. Does anyone recommend deloading or just taking a week off? I train 5-6 days a week and never missed a workout.
  5. kjkitzman

    Best Cardio Machines

    I love to do HIIT but when I do it on my treadmill it is very hard on my knees and my low back (I have chronic sciatic pain). What would be the best cardio machine (cheaper) to add to my home gym? I heard spin bikes, stationary bikes, upright bikes are good for cardio machines. Or any other...
  6. kjkitzman

    Follidrone 2.0 Log - FEMALE

    I will be starting FD2 Saturday, April 15th – got two bottles. I am a Female 5’7’’ 27 years old. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cut: January 23 – March 18 (8 weeks) Calories: 1650kcal...
  7. kjkitzman

    After the diet

    I went on a strict diet for 7-8 weeks and lost 5-6lbs. I was at 1650kcal/day and now I am eating from 2,100-3,000 calories a day(still tracking but not tracking every gram) and even with eating that much I don't have the feeling of being full. I feel like I could keep eating and have to stop...
  8. kjkitzman

    Calorie Deficit OR Low Carb

    I am currently cutting and find it easier to stay under my numbers when I eat 40% carbs 40% protein and 20% fats but will this hinder fat loss with not doing any low carb days? I found carb cycling a little stressful. One day a week I have a rest day and cut my carbs in half that day but...
  9. kjkitzman

    Training routine for cutting - Female

    I am 27 years old - 5'7'' - 135 lbs - around 23% body fat. Looking to get to 18% body fat by March 18th. I need help with a workout routine. I have diet in check. I will be training for 50min-60min at 4am in the morning fasted. I am currently off all training due to breast augmentation and...
  10. kjkitzman

    Heart Rate Monitor & Calorie Intake

    Per IIFYM calculator my TDEE is 1952 and BMR is 1418. I always wear my heart rate monitor during my training or cardio. Should I be eating 1500 calories each day even if I burn more on a certain day for exercise and vice versa eat less on days off? I am currently try to cut body fat. STATS...
  11. kjkitzman

    Fat Loss - 2 non-stimulant together?

    Would anyone recommend taking PEScience Shift + CLK Cellucor? Currently taking Norcodrene + Shift which I like but years ago I took CLK and noticed appetite suppressant like crazy and was thinking of adding CLK 3 capsules in the evening to help appetite!?
  12. kjkitzman

    Relora before bed?

    Thinking of purchasing Relora to help with stress and a sleep aid. Thoughts? IF so, how much mg and do it before bed? I wake up a few times at night and crave food LIKE CRAZY(and sometimes binge eat) but trying to stay under my calorie deficit is not happening when I do this! Currently taking...
  13. kjkitzman

    Calorie intake and exercise calories

    I have been in a calorie deficit for the past 6 months with some vacation days, weddings, family events, was sick for a week that I went over on calories. I have been working out 5-6 days a week HIIT and weight training and I will burn from 350 -800 calories per day. I am a female, 26 years old...