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  1. RecompMan

    Arnold classic roll call

    Hey guys There's a chance I may be at the Arnold Who else will be there?
  2. RecompMan

    Hey guys! I'm back!!!!

    Hey guys, Went MIA for quite some time. I'm back on the forums, and here to see how everyone's doing Old friends: what the **** has been up?! New friends.... Nice to meet you! I'm the old owner of a company called Enhanced Body Formulations; I brought to you the infamous Recompadrol ...
  3. RecompMan

    Poison ivy/oak/sumac

    Ok Week 3 of this **** starts tomorrow Been on prednisone , clobetasol, and another steroid cream Benadryl and Claritin pills Calamine lotion and lotions similar Benadryl lotion Tried kenalog spray I've used the homeopathic tecnu wash too Oh and I always wear long sleeves bc of tats or...
  4. RecompMan

    Recompadrol is OOOS

    Officially out of stock guys
  5. RecompMan

    Saying Goodbye from EBF inc

    Well guys, Our time here on AM coming to an end, and EBF is closing. I would like to say a thank you to all members and staff on here as you guys have became my family. The support you have showed me from the time I started production of Recompadrol all the way through Adipose Annihilation...
  6. RecompMan

    EBF to be closing

    Here's some information Stock up on your favorite GDa while still available
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    35% off!!!

    This will be ran indefinitely Stock up may not see it again for a while
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    35% off !!!

    You heard it right
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    Flash sale 20% off

    Only on
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    FLASH Sale 20% off

    Only on
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    New years sale!

    Stay lean this new year with REcompadrol and metabolic powder
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    25% off recompadrol and MP

    Goes live today on Get it guys not much stock left Free shipping over $75
  13. RecompMan

    Legs like Tom Platz

    Ready go... I want legs like that Obviously I don't squat 450 20+ times but a guy can dream
  14. RecompMan

    Mortal Kombat X april 2015

    Nuff said!!!
  15. RecompMan

    Recompadrol Coupon

    restock15 on our website for 15% off your order!
  16. RecompMan

    Algieri pacqiau

    Watching the under cards I got algieri Who's watching?
  17. RecompMan

    Recompadrol AAv2 restock

    Hey everyone Product will be there tomorrow both recompadrol and aav2 Aav2 is a liquidation sale. It will be doscontinued after all stock is gone. Grab it, stock it, use it. Add to any fat burner capsaicin void to compliment your summer cut
  18. RecompMan

    EBF and FOLLIDRONE log

    Alright. Got my stuff from brundel. Dosing is 1 cap follidrone and 1 cap tongkat/boron per day for 30 days Unfortunately first dose was after the gym and after my first meal (2900 cals) I log all food diligently. Cals are 3400-3500 per day but rarely higher then 3500. That's the ceiling...
  19. RecompMan

    UR spray with UR capsules

    So, I want to start this. I'm not as informed on UR spray. Best spot/time for application Due to its affects on atrogin1 I want to focus it around my workout My UR caps are 100mg/ cap UR spray, honestly I have no idea I have 240 caps of UR and 2 Bottles UR spray Have you guys seen it...
  20. RecompMan

    EBF + Nerve restore

    So, As many followed some of my back recovery thread you know the deal Here's what's happening as a recap for you guys 2013: herniated l5-s1 central and left sided 2 week till no pain 2014 exactly year later; Radiologist says : extrusion both sides Specialist 1: protrusion Specialist 2 ...