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  1. Blood Pressure

    What do u guys take as a preventative For BP Before u start?
  2. control appetite

    What do u guys recommend to suppress appetite?
  3. USA Olympus Uk

    Sup3R Elite sealed Sup3R-1 Anybody in Canada interested in these?
  4. resistance bands

    what brand do u guys use? i was looking at bodylastics but they are sold out
  5. USA SUP3R-4 - SUP3R-1 canada

    SUP3R-4 Elite and SUP3R-1 I have 1 sealed SUP3R-4 ELITE 90 caps 1sealed. SUP3R-1 60CT 1 open SUP3R-1 57/60 3 caps missing Im in Canada Prefer to ship in country Open to trades or paypal
  6. Unanswered 11OXO

    I have not been around here much the last cpl of yrs is 11OXO still around for sale?

    What do you guys recommend?
  8. Ostarine powder scoop dosage?

    I got some ostarine powder With no scooper Im seeing on google That a 1/8 teaspoon is 10mg Does that sound right?
  9. creatine with Citrulline

    Im looking into trying Creatine, I took a few scoops maybe 15-20 yrs ago and just never bothered to continue. I am looking for a product that has both creatine and Citrulline in it...if that exists thanks
  10. No more PayPal

    What's up with that?
  11. Olympus labs 4 Andro

    Can anyone check their bottle and let Me know what colour the caps are. I know strange question
  12. Test booster with no L-Dopa

    Any suggestions for a test booster without Dopa It makes me drowsy. Seems like all the ones recommended have it
  13. 1 4 Andro Lethargy

    Day 15 today For the past 3 days I have been knocked out I got the 4 Andro just to fight off the Lethargy I have a bottle of Dermacrine, Would that help? Drop the 4? Or do both?
  14. Ephedrine buzzed out

    every so often i try taking this stuff and it always makes me feel buzzed out,jittery, shaky etc this is with just one 8mg tab with a cup of coffee. took 1 this morning went to gym and just felt terrible. I took another 8mg about an hour ago and i am still feeling the same. i cannot imagine...
  15. USA Canada Kaizen E

    I got a bunch of 8mg 50 cap bottles that i cannot take. My body cannot get used to this stuff. anybody in canada want to trade?...not sure if shipping to usa would be worth it though maybe even illegal
  16. 1 ANDRO 6 OR 8 WEEKS?

    I am setting up a cycle that i will start around mid april. This will be my first time trying 1 Andro. I have 2 bottles 120 caps total. How long do u guys run this? Lethargy is a huge concern for me. I have 1 bottle of Dermacrine. Im thinking of getting another bottle of 1 Andro and add a bottle...

    I will be starting SUP3R-1 around mid june and i would like to avoid the fatigue that might come with it, What do u guys take to combat this? I just wanted to run this solo and not add another like SUP3R-4
  18. Performax Labs Oxy Max XT issues

    I have been on this for 4 days now and for the last 3 days i have had a very dry throat and constantly thirsty Im doing 1 cap morning 1 at lunch. Has anyone else experienced this with OxyMax or any other similar supp thanks
  19. Performax Labs AlphaMax drowsy

    Im on day 11 and for the last 3 days i have been quite Lethargic...anybody else have this effect with Alphamax
  20. Epistane and high BP

    I had to end my Epi only cycle 30mg at 28 days because BP HIT 151/99 I preloaded cycle assist for 2 weeks prior and still on it now, Its been 5 days since i ended cycle and BP is still at those numbers. How long typically does BP go back to normal range?