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  1. JoHNnyNuTZ

    IronMagLabs Super DMZ 2.0 And a little less fat

    First off I would like to thank Blackstone Labs HeavyIron for giving me the opportunity to try this product Product Details Dymethazine Featuring unheard of anabolic and myotropic effects, Dimethazine was compared to Methyltestosterone, Oxymethalone...
  2. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Natural-EFX and a few less pounds(sponsered)

    Hey everyone. Bolanrox and Farenheight Nutrition have been kind enough to let me log this product in hopes of dropping a few pounds. Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Vitamin B6 1 mg 2 mg Proprietary Blend: 651.55 mg 1303.10 mg Hoodia Gordonii ** ** Acetyl L-Carnitine **...
  3. JoHNnyNuTZ


    Hey Everyone, couldnt wait to leak this info, so had to wrestle a few bears to get the ok. Well Here it is, I am officially a Purus Labs rep. So feel free to ask me anything about the products. Ive tried all of them except D-Pol, so bear with me. Im real excited and once again couldnt wait...
  4. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Finally Going to make Arms a priority

    Hey everyone. Just felt like posting this up and seeing what people have to say. So I never really Made Arms an important part of my workout. I usually have only added in a couple of sets at the end of other body parts. And only have an ARM (when other body parts are shot, and wanna workout at...
  5. JoHNnyNuTZ

    AgeForce DHEA + Pregnenolone sponsored log

    Hello everybody. most of you know me. I was chosen to log these pretty sweet DHEA + Pregnenolone patches. I KNOW, i said my last log was my last but this is a bit different. I will just be updating how I feel, Look, etc. Not workouts and food macros. Pretty simple enough. I will be applying my...
  6. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Boxing and lifting. Help me out

    Ok real quick. Im joining a different gym. Its primarily a boxing facility, but they have weights. My question is what would be the best way to integrate lifting in with a boxing regimen. My buddy used to box so he's going to train me. I trained him with the lifting so know Im trying to get the...
  7. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Recourse and Me. bringing the boys back!!

    I would like to thank Southland Performance Products for the opportunity to log this stuff. Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Recourse Complex...
  8. JoHNnyNuTZ

    This time of year is stressful to alot. So.....

    Thought Id start a funny pic thread...why not. I love to laugh. And laughter is the so called best medicine. Lets have at it people. show me some funny pics.
  9. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Liquid Masterdrol: Anyone with experience or suggestions

    Hey all. I just recently got my hands on some of this. I didnt buy it, was an add-on in a trade. I actually didnt even know I was getting it. Anywho, did a little research, and cant find too many "clear" answers. Is this 1-ad? If anyone has any experience or knows what it is let a brother...
  10. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Any good mood enhancers???

    Ive been looking into something like mood enhancers. Works been getting pretty crazy lately and when I get home I'm mentally and physically drained. I do my thing when Its gym, but other than that, Im pretty shot. One reason Im asking is that Im sober. So long gone are the days I would pick some...
  11. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Protein and BCAA's. Your Opinions

    So Ive been doing a bunch of research and its not very clear the Real reason to take these supps. I mean I DO. But after a bunch of studying on my behalf. Its seems we may just be feeding into the supp industry. This is not a thread to bash any company or the industry for that matter. I just...
  12. JoHNnyNuTZ

    GOT MY FAT GRIPZ!!!!!!!

    Thats all,just real excited!!!!!:lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao: But this damn storm is keeping me from the gym!!!!:28::dead:
  13. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Fat Gripz. ANyone use them?

    Hey all. Just ordered some of these puppies. Thought they may help week areas while im dieting down. Anyone have REAL experience with these?
  14. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Benefits of Fish Oil

    Hey everyone. I was going over some things and noticed Alot of people Supplement with fish oil. Got me thinking why you wouldnt want to. Here is a quick list of benefits. 1. Less Pain and Inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly EPA, have a very positive effect on your inflammatory...
  15. JoHNnyNuTZ

    What exercise to wear a lifting belt?

    Hey all, Just went out an purchased my very first lifting belt. YA FOR ME!!! Originally I bought it so i can go heavy as hell on deadlifts and not say, dont want to hurt my back, so im not trying. But my question is, what are other exercises to use the belt. Probrably squat, but not sure of any...
  16. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Workout for upper inside of legs

    Hey all. Just started flagg football this past week end and do I ache.:eek5:.LOL Anyways. Im really sore in the inside of my upper leg(groin into hammies) What can I do to strengthen these puppies up. Im playing O line so, think i forgot to work those muscle,s. Besides that just my upper chest...
  17. JoHNnyNuTZ

    J-NuTZ Mini Review of HGHPro

    OK. Just took my first dose about 5 minutes ago. Im going to be looking to see if 1) this helps me sleep better2) If it helps with nighttime recovery If anything happens That I notice, Ill be sure to let ya'll know!!! HGHPro is AI Sports (Anabolic Innovations) HGHpro (120 caps): Discount...
  18. JoHNnyNuTZ

    J-Nutz needs some recycling!!!!

    OK Folks. Heres another J-NuTZ approved log. Looking to improve Libido and get things back to "normal" So please...PLEASE...dont hesitate to post half naked girls up in this right here!!!! I got antsy and decided to take my first dose tonight. Couldnt wait until morning. I took 3 caps. Im doing...
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    Well I said id keep my word. Everyone go!! SO you can laugh at me. Whatever...JERKS!!!!
  20. JoHNnyNuTZ

    Help me help my girl!!! Ladies chime in. Woman and exercise

    My girl decided she wants to go to the gym with me starting this week. She wants me to set her up with a routine. I can only think of like a full body type routine with light weights, but this is not my strong area.