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  1. Dexaprine Sponsored Log

    So I'm starting a log for Dexaprine. Here's some info: Supplement Facts: About me: I'm 21, and mostly relaxing this summer. I workout 3 times a week with a 5x5 routine. First Obseravations: Nice caplet and presentation. Like the green. First/Second Trial: WOW these are strong. I took...
  2. summer cut? lean bulk?? either way SNS has your solution!!!

    Why is TTA under scrutiny? Looks like there are no harmful effects from what I've read. Abstract This study describes the clinical, hematological, and biochemical safety of...
  3. Diet that lots of vegetables ?

    I am by no means an expert, however fruit is not generally great on a diet as they contain too much simple carbs. Check out the slow carb diet. A fairly short overview of the diet.
  4. I need more Dexaprine testers!

    YES! I'm starting a cut/diet right now and would like to try dexaprine to help me out. Here's a past log: I have another somewhere around here as well.
  5. summer cut? lean bulk?? either way SNS has your solution!!!

    Howdy, I'd love to log this. I'm going to be doing a good cut this summer as well as going on a slow carb diet. I've used a variety of different fat burning products before with not all that much success. However, I haven't used a TTA product before. Here is a previous log...
  6. ***Who Wants A Free Tub of Lit Up?***

    Hey, I'd love to log this. I was going to buy it at some point anyway. I've tried AN products in the past and think they are generally quality supplements. 1.) Justin from TX Age: 22 Height: 5'11'' Weight: 195 2.) Products I've used: SuperPump MAX Slin-Sane Shock Therapy RPM Xtend HyperTrop-X...
  7. Who wants to run high dose Titanium + Erase for free? :-)

    Howdy, I'd love to do this log. I've run the following T-boosters/AIs before -Activate -Activate Xtreme -Mass FX -BAM -6-Bromo -Stoked -DTH (could not evaluate) -DAA (just started) I think Activate and Mass FX provide a pretty good basis of comparison for the effectiveness of this stack. I...
  8. Hair Loss Prevention

    So for my problems with spironolactone, I read a post of one guy who started spironolactone for two weeks with hormone tests before and after and had his T levels halved. Thats all I need to stay away from it. This treatment looks like one of the best...
  9. AI/SERM schedule for Epistane

    How should I use AIs/SERMs while on a cycle of epistane? From what I hear SERMs are preferable directly after the cycle, but what is good during the cycle? Why are SERMs recommended over something like Letro on cycle if there is a gyno breakout? Currently I'm planning to start a high dosage...
  10. Hair Loss Prevention

    Is there any place to get just azelaic acid? I was planning to get spironolactone for an upcoming epistane cycle, but it seems the spironolactone can get into your system from scalp application and lower your test levels. I'm also not really looking for something I need to use forever after the...
  11. RPN Havoc cycle

    btw, where did you pick up the havoc?
  12. First Cycle

    I was planning to do a Havoc cycle since havoc was first released, but I wasn't old enough at the time. Now I'm turning 22, and I think Its probably as good a time as any to do one. First, I'm currently thinking about havoc/epistane, or 11-OXO. Any opinions on which would be a better first...
  13. Check my cutting stack

    Is this comprehensive? X-Lean 6-Bromo ADAM Protein Maybe some Methyl-b12 occasionally. How should I dose the 6-Bromo? ( I have the performance design brand. 25mg pills) Thanks, J
  14. CreaPure

    Creapure is my cheap creatine of choice, but it appears that NP doesn't have it anymore. Ultimate Nutrition used to use it, but now their creatine is standard. Would it be possible for NP to get some? If I remember correctly Optimum Nutrition uses creapure.
  15. Epistane/e-stane Availability

    I was wondering what was going on with the availability of Epistane based products. It seems like they're out of stock everywhere, and are no longer being produced. From what I understand they are still legal to produce after Jan 4, so why are products containing it being discontinued?
  16. Penetrate/Form

    okay, so i want to know what solvent I should try to use for the solution. Ive tried several times, and it still doesn't work. The two options are isopropanol and ether. I don't think isopropanol will work, but will ether? Would it be possible for you at np to sell some benzyl alcohol as thats...
  17. Penetrate/Form

    third try. it just keeps getting grainier.
  18. Neoborn's Formestane / EForm FAQ...

    I already have penetrate 2 and form, so i'd hate to waste that. yup followed the directions on NP, heated it almost to boiling for 10 minutes. I was looking at the ingredients for penetrate 2 tho, whats the solvent in it? there doesn't seem to be BA or DMSO, so what do they use?
  19. Neoborn's Formestane / EForm FAQ...

    while it makes sense that minoxidil can help for absorption, I was wondering more about the dissolving of form in the solution. Even if the absorption is increased, if the form is undissolved, it won't be absorbed.
  20. Penetrate/Form

    yeah i had it in almost boiling water for 10 minutes while stirring it. edit. the color changed to a more yellow color from the milky one and it was less viscous, but even then i was able to see some form particles on the top layer from the outside of the glass.