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    If stored relatively cool and dry, most likely yes. I'm not an Sns rep though (but I was one like 15 years ago, srs) SNS8778 if you see this, hope all is good!!
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    Thermolife at it again!

    2000s were GOLD , companies wanting to sue everyone who posted on, Bruce Kneller v PA, Gasparis magic pump pill (forget its name), emax supposedly being extracted from elephant piss... it was awesome on the forums. Mind and Muscle forums with all the brains (I wonder were they all are...
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    Best PH of all Time

    Is there anything that is still legal, that is decent? or is it all gone now...I don't get on forums much at all anymore, but you can hopefully see by my join date I'm an old timer dating back to everything being talked about in here...Hell, I remember getting a bottlle of M1,4AD sent to me by...
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    Curcumin Stability in Olive Oil?

    I'm now considering adding this to liquid lecithin, seems that would be more potent in terms of bioavailability. It seems the injectable stuff is only available through 'sources', but if its stable enough to shoot IM, my lecithin goo should be fine
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    Curcumin Stability in Olive Oil?

    I did not know this...looks like I have something to Google at work today :)
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    Curcumin Stability in Olive Oil?

    Inflammatory stuff, general well being...that stuff, no specific end goal. I am leaning towards it being stable enough to do this, but I'm not 100% sure the olive oil will not go funky...a lot of ideas revolve around tumeric, not extracted curcumin.
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    Curcumin Stability in Olive Oil?

    I have a decent amount of Curcumin, dosing it orally is a pain, and what I want to do is mix it in a measured amount of olive oil (perhaps with black pepper) for easy dosing. I want to do this one and just pour out tablespoons, and not do this daily on spoons worth at a the question...
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    Yep, it was widely ridiculed. I do recall something about GTE containing nicotine OE something, hence it would help you cut...sorta.. Or I'm old and I totally have that wrong lol
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    DOJ to announce actions against dietary supplements makers

    But I thought they were growing all their herbs on that patch of farmland in India that they bought...
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    If you could use any ph from any day in time

    I'd chop off a toe for a case of S1+
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    Kai out of 2015 Mr O......

    My thoughts...the Arnold is now the preeminent men's bodybuilding championship. Edit , I hope kai posts some pics on Olympia Friday of him hitting all the mandatory poses, and then a video of a posing routine Saturday...times are changing, YouTube fitness celebs make more cash, Kai doesn't...
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    Evomuse and Finaflex are not in alphabetical order :)

    OK, close enough :)
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    Should I still use PHs that are 2 or 3 years expired?

    I just cracked open a bottle of EST Pheravol, I don't even know how old it is..EST PHERAVOL!! lol, when was the last time that was mentioned. Drugs don't really expire, they very very slowly lose potency.
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    Evomuse and Finaflex are not in alphabetical order :)

    And it bugs me...
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    Everyday Testosterone Support

    A decent multi, proper fat intake, and enough sleep. Its basically about not being deficient in anything, more so than taking extra of something IMO
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    Armistine and DAA?

    I agree, On nights when possible, I take mine right as its getting dark outside to best mimic when we'd naturally produce it.
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    Why isn't acetic acid more popular?

    I was gonna joke that some company should slap an ethyl ester on it to make it sound sexy...but that would kill the user :) It also has an interesting synonym, "Glacial" (glacial acetic acid), that kinda sounds cool. Or you could just drown everything you eat in balsamic vinegar (I just like...
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    Another reason to buy from reliable sources! Bad Supps!

    Had I actually paid any attention to who it was that posted that before my thumbs went into action I'd have let it you slide since I know you know that
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    Another reason to buy from reliable sources! Bad Supps!

    Target isn't buying raws, they do need to crack heads at their contract manufacturing provider though.
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    Phenibut Experience.... Lets talk about it!

    I'd say 3 or 4 days per month, but we are all unique little snowflakes... The afterglow from my first use of phenibut was SO good, I was in an incredible mood, I remember it vividly and that was probably 10 years ago ..I never had that effect happen ever again, which is common unfortunately...