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  1. Does DHEA belong in a pct??

    I’m arguing with my brother at the moment about whether DHEA belongs in a PCT from a 1-Andro cycle. I’m saying no . What is all of your guys options please
  2. USA WTS

    please delete My apologies
  3. USA EvoMuse GutHealth

    I have a new unopened bottle of gut health by evomuse I’m looking to get rid of for $30 and I will pay shipping . unfortunately all I have available is PayPal let me know. Also open to offers and trades. 🙂
  4. Cycle support

    I’m interested in what folks are using today for cycle support my current go to has been discontinued. Thank you all for your advice
  5. USA Want to buy Inhibit P by SNS

    As the title states I’m looking to buy a bottle or two of Inhibit P by SNS. If anyone may have some available?. Thank you
  6. Any holiday deals?

    Hello strong supplement shop. First off I wanna say I love your guises store and I love shopping there. My question is are there any deals going on for the holiday because I am looking to pick up some SNS products and I figured I’d look at my favorite store first. Thank you
  7. Advice for Adding An Injectable for (1st time) to my Test blast/cruise.

    (Shooting for a RE-COMP) Im currently cruising at 150mg Test E e/w for now ... and was interested in some ideas on what I could add in . Whether it be kicker or finisher ..... FYI I have never added anything to my TRT doses or to any Test cycle before but have ran some orals in the past...
  8. Has anyone ran this particular brand?

    So, I don’t know the brand of this product it has no name on it. Does this look legit? I’m sure it’s almost impossible to tell just by two photographs but any help would be appreciated
  9. Feedback and Help Reading Bloods Please

    I was hoping that somebody could help me read my bloods.I’m really not quite sure what I’m looking at as far as good and bad goes. If you guys could help point out anything specific they should be drawn to my attention I’d really appreciate it. I have not ran any cycles in over a year and I’ve...
  10. Thoughts on running GW-1516 along with MK-2866.

    Has anyone here ran these two compounds together at the same time? Is there any issues with running these two compounds at the same time? Thank you for your replies
  11. Recommendations on GW 1615 through board sponsor?

    Curious on peoples opinion about GW 1516 through any of the board sponsors? Looking to do some research.
  12. Arnold and heart surgery

    I just wanted to post this out there to wish Arnold Schwarzenegger a clean and quick recovery from his heart surgery that he had this Thursday. The man is a legend!
  13. “Thoughts on weather A person can still gain quality mass at 50years old?”

    All right guys so I’ve been out of the game for a while, got old in between sessions and have been off TRT for several years now. Considering starting a new regiment of home TRT also. I’m curious as to how much mass I can actually put on while being at the age of 50 years old. I’ve done...