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  1. Old Witch

    Unanswered Adulterated beet juice powder contains sildenafil or tadalafil

    So, I’ll have to apologize to probably five guys for my defense of beet juice powder. Turns out the stuff I’ve been using is full of stuff that shouldn’t be in it. Hence the amazing pumps. That is all.
  2. Old Witch

    M1T LOG

    You read it right, bitches! It’s been four weeks since my 3 week kickstart with M1A. Now it’s time to turn up the dial to swole. The brand of M1T I have comes in a pack of 100 7.5mg caps. I bought two. It is sold OTC in the UK as a dietary supplement. Will start on Tuesday Jun 11 Currently...
  3. Old Witch

    Unanswered Mk677 + strong bulking oral = horrible edema

    So, this is just a caveat, that if you’re on a dianabol, Anadrol, superdrol, M1T, m1A, or any other strong bulking oral which inhibits 11bHsD enzyme: starting mk677 will cause extreme bloat until the steroid is ceased and clears the system (about a week.)
  4. Old Witch

    Unanswered Anabolic Steroids VS Corticosteroids for spinal stenosis

    I understand that cortisone is anti inflammatory, but couldn’t therapy for spinal stenosis be found through AAS as well? Strengthening the muscles on the neck to pull the spinal column open? No?
  5. Old Witch

    Unanswered MK677 Edema

    Is there anything you do to get rid of this while it’s there or do you usually just wait til it goes? My feet are chubby today.
  6. Old Witch

    Unanswered Overhead EZ bar Press

    Anybody doing these? It’s like a hex press, but with a barbell. Grab the narrowest overhand grips, assume the position, and press. I think I’m in love.
  7. Old Witch

    Unanswered Molecular Biology. What do the different attachments of a steroid do?

    This will be an ongoing inquisition as to the effects of the variety of attachments which are a part of or can be made to a steroid molecule. Particularly the commonly known ones. Any input is welcome. Cited sources are best. Anyone with a degree in the subject, feel free to offer up a long...
  8. Old Witch

    Unanswered New trivial nomenclature for 1-T. (We should have one)

    Most people still don’t understand the 1-T concept. DHB, dihydroboldenone, is delta-1 DHT, called 1-T. But dihydroboldenone doesn’t have a catchy sound like dianabol or primobolan... They marketed an oral ester of 1-T as Mesabolone, but again, technically a different thing. So for this...
  9. Old Witch

    Trest Video (Greg Doucette)

    Good info here. He seems to hit it on the head. I like this guy.
  10. Old Witch

    Cabergoline vs Pramipexole

    It seems like all the places with caber are going away or not carrying it anymore. With that in mind I might actually have to use prami. Yuck. I thought it might be a good idea for a thread where anyone who has used both could compare the two as far as overall effectiveness and side effects...
  11. Old Witch

    Witch’s Log

    This is going to be an ongoing log documenting just about every cycle I will do from here on out. Height: 6’3” Weight: 210 Arm: 17” Waist: 34” Today’s pic. I’m not good at taking pics, and my wife thinks I’m insane. 5 days into current cycle. Got an infection on 2nd shot, 1st...
  12. Old Witch

    Infection Log

    So I just got this cool infection in my hip from pinning, and I’ll be on some antibiotics in the morning, this is going to log the progress of the infection, whether it worsens or not, how fast it clears up and with what treatment.
  13. Old Witch

    Do I Have Gyno?

    Just kidding. I did the second shot and hit the VG this time. No hurry. I felt it more, so I guess I was closer to a nerve, and I think I went into a little patch of scar tissue. Oh well. It didn’t hit the nerve or anything. That’s like electricity. Now watch, it gets infected. Just my...
  14. Old Witch

    Botched injection. (First IM in a decade)

    Well... ****. I hit the tensor fascia lata while aiming for VG and boy... I can’t walk today. So don’t do that.
  15. Old Witch

    T2 vs T2 (3,3 diiodo vs 3,5 diiodo)

    Bet some of you didn’t know there were two. Anyone tried both, which one is closer in effect to T3? More heat, energy, leaning...
  16. Old Witch

    If I started a supplement company...

    What would you want? What would you expect? Spiked PWO? Super high dosed andros? Natty anabolic stacks not based on plant steroids? Grey market products..? Novel ingredients? I’m just trying to get a grasp on the idea in general. I have funds to do it, if I did. I’m not currently...
  17. Old Witch

    Roid rage without the roids

    So, I’m an angry guy. And AAS just make it worse. But then I can control it better, too. Because I know I’m on drugs. Right now my wife is three hours late, and I’m having a hard time avoiding the fantasy of punching her in the face. And I’m off cycle completely. This sucks. I won’t, but...
  18. Old Witch

    The DEA wants to schedule 4-Andro, DMZ, MSten, and M1A Lol, 4 andro? Really? Because they named 4AD which is already scheduled and called it 4 Andro. Silly cops.
  19. Old Witch

    USA WTB Unopened Unused DS and Ancillaries

    Got something you bought two or more of that you tried and hated, won’t be needing, sitting on a shelf or in a closet? I’ll gladly take the unopened ones off your hands if the price and product are right.
  20. Old Witch

    PRE M-1-A Research Log

    I have received a bottle of PRE M-1-A (17a Methyl 1-Androstenediol) which I will use to conduct some “in vitro research” on assorted male cellular tissues, or possibly (if I am allowed by PRE) administer to my lab rat in case study. Testing method has not been finalized, it is as of yet...