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  1. jtmass

    My First Competition Prep!!

    All to AM family, I have been away from this forum for a couple years now. Though, I sometimes check what's going on, with all what I was going through my personal life and career, I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to come back. I am currently going through a rough divorce, which was...
  2. jtmass

    Unanswered Questioning my "to-be" coach's knowledge

    I am starting to prepare for a competition (my first) in March. Been training for almost 4yrs now and I have build a decent base. So, I spoke to a coach who was recommended by a friend. He obviously said, I need to take gear to add more muscle. But, what got to me was, he said, we will add about...
  3. jtmass

    Unanswered Bodybuilding Gyms in Japan

    I am not sure if we have any AM brother here from Japan. But, looks like I will be here for a while and I’d like to get back to lifting. Whatever gyms I checked are all junk. Are there any good gyms in and around Tokyo?
  4. jtmass

    DoggCrapp training feedback

    Need some constructive feedback from people who have been on DoggCrapp. I have been lifting for more than 3yrs now and been almost 100% consistent with training. Just getting off my Upper Lower strength training protocol and I wanted to try DoggCrapp This is just a sample for Week 1 I have...
  5. jtmass

    Is this a good Test booster?

    This is from an Indian brand. I have used a couple of single ingredients and they are 3rd party lab tested. So, question is, would you all consider this to be a good test booster? I have never used one and though it looks pretty good to me, someone with better experience can chime in?
  6. jtmass

    Predator and Inferno BOGO + 27.77% discount

    Predator lovers!! Where you at? BloodManor you guys should post this here. So much love for Predator and CnP in general, people may want to try it or stock up your supps. I got a couple bottles of Predator. Start stocking up. Discount Code: Premature27
  7. jtmass

    Chaos and Pain Hypnos BOGO

    For those who are interested in the formula. Go get it!!
  8. jtmass

    JTMASS: Journey to the best shape of my life

    Background Been lifting for about 3yrs now. Got into lifting because I wanted to get in shape after marriage and years of bad eating, drinking and smoking. Now, gym is one of the most important part of my life. Love it more everyday. I am a single dad for the next 8-9 months at least since my...
  9. jtmass

    OL Elim1nate: Solo experience

    Anyone used Elim1nate solo and what was your experience? Need some feedback before pushing the button.
  10. jtmass

    Throbbing head ache during training

    Well, there was always a monthly flu and now I have a terrible headache while lifting. Was going heavy on Squats and Leg Press and then it felt like something just ran through my head. It’s been 2 days since my last workout. Went today and started lifting light, still I have the headaches. It...
  11. jtmass

    New Muscle Builder: CinDura

    Muscletech has exclusive right to this ingredient. What do you all think?
  12. jtmass

    Follidrone just did it's Magic

    I have always been a skeptic of natty anabolics because most of them as just companies trying to rip us off. But, BLR just did an awesome job with Follidrone. I have seen raving reviews about this and thought people really didn't know what this supplement was doing. So, I started my 3 month...
  13. jtmass

    Recommendations for a good Powerlifting shoes (main use Squats)

    Can a few people using powerlifting shoes give some suggestions. I am thinking about getting on a 13 Week Powerlifting program. Wanted to get as much edge as I can to improve my numbers.
  14. jtmass

    Need Help! Normal Test levels but high Estradiol

    For the last 4-5months I have had my doubts about having high E2 (because of my chest fat and belly fat) and it turns out, I was right. Got my blood work done yesterday. Test levels are normal but with high E2. How can I reduce it? I have easy access to any Pharma drug. But, I’d like to stay...
  15. jtmass

    Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine Chelate: how good is it?

    linking a study here Why are companies still selling standalone Glutamine and not MGG? Only a couple companies have this sold part of their glutamine blend.
  16. jtmass

    Rant your heart out

    At the risk of potential blow up or closure, I am going to start this thread anyway.. Let's see if people are willing to contribute. Ground Rules: 1) Only rants (memes are always allowed) 2) Don't advice (you can concur or disagree) 3) Don't be judgemental or disrespect fellow AM brother
  17. jtmass

    USA FS/FT: Dust X DMHA formula

    One opened Dust X Pineapple Mango Flavour. Just one scoop used. I can send it to UK or US. $25 shipped or willing to trade.
  18. jtmass

    Preworkout with DMAA and MK-2866. Your thoughts

    Accidently stumbled on savagelinelabs, a supplement company. Their Preworkout has 5mg of Osta in a full serving. Why do we have a SARM in Pre-workout? Looks like there are a couple more companies doing this. My guess is, it's definitely going to shut you down after a few days of use. What do...
  19. jtmass

    USA PCT Stuff for sale

    Got a bunch of stuff for someone. But, looks like he bailed out. PM me for more info
  20. jtmass

    New Stimulant better than DMAA?

    Check this article from Price Plow