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  1. White Flood

    Has white Flood been reformulated recently or has the flavoring system changed, I just received my order from nutraplanet and this is like my third or fourth tub of the stuff and I used to enjoy the flavor but this time it is so bitter it is hard to even get down :think:
  2. White Flood

    The White Flood for $24.95 says that it has 50 servings, I just got my order today and the container says there is only 25 servings...
  3. RPM Review

    After using RPM for two workouts I think I have a pretty good idea about it's effectiveness, I did 4 caps yesterday pre-wo and 5 today pre-wo. First the good, very good energy, solid strength on all lifts, and good endurance to get me through the workouts. Also I noticed it put me in a good...
  4. ALRI Evolution Stack

    ALRI Evolution Stack (nude pics of hot girls) Any chance we will see a bundle price for all four products of the ALRI Evo stack once Pro-Anabol is available?????
  5. Sirplus

    Whats the deal with this product, how come its not on USPlabs direct? Will it be available at NP???
  6. Problem w/Diesel Test

    Just received my holiday order, it was a pretty big one, I want to say thanks for the fast shipping and free shaker, it is always a pleasure to deal with NP... I just noticed that on the bottle of DT 2010 that I received, it says that there are only 40 servings per container, on the DT 2010...
  7. PowerFULL Saponins Compared to Tribulus Saponins

    What are the diffenrences, if any?
  8. Stacking Diesel Test

    Chuck, I know you don't reccomend stacking DT with an AI, but what about other herbals? I assume you would reccomend Trib Test and/or Raw Test, but do you reccomend stacking DT with anything else, what about DT+Fenotest or DT+Powerfull?

    Thermolife CDONDICI TEKNO3 Log Height: 5'9 Weight: 195lbs Bench: 290 Deadlift: 385 Sex: M Age: 20 Training Experience: About seven years weigth training, I've played sports since I was five, I play hockey so I am most serious about weigth training in the off season, and get as many...
  10. NOW products (Ashwagandha+Curcumin)

    I thought you guys carried Now Ashwagandha? Also any Idea when you'll be getting more curcumin?
  11. Biotest PowerDrive

    How does it tatse?
  12. Citrulline Malate Powder

    Hey stryder what are the measurments for the cit malate powder??? BTW thanks for the free t-shirt. :clean:
  13. Biotest Power Drive

    Stryder, will you be getting anymore in soon?
  14. PL/OL routine

    Ok, I just put this together a few mins ago, looking for a new routine, I currently train fullbody every other day, focus on bench, rows, deads, squats, C&J, Snatch, Im just looking to shake things up a bit. 19 yrs old 5'9 184lb bench 265 C&J 185 Dead 365 This is influenced by westside, with...
  15. Awesome, NHL section

    Anyone watching the flyers get their ass beat by montreal?
  16. Olympic/Weigthlifting

    J/W if anyone here practices the olympic lifts? Which is your favorite? What are your favorite variations to practice? What are your workouts like (exercise,reps, sets,%1rm used)? I just started OLing I have good form on my snatch, and can put up some nice weight for a begginer, but my C&J...
  17. Fenotest question

    Does fenotest have to be taken with meals?
  18. Deisel Test

    Is it worth the price? Or would I be better off picking up some activate?

    Will cissus be back in stock anytime soon?
  20. Holiday Sale?

    Will NP be having any sales for the holiday season?