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  1. CopyCat

    CopyCat Reviews Speed Xtreme, OxyECA, & Intra Test Xtreme

    Products Reviewed... Lecheek Nutrition's Speed Xtreme, OxyECA, & Intra Test Xtreme All were sample packets, so my reviews are based of a single dosing. Speed Xtreme: I believe I heard that this version of Speed Xtreme is different from the ones that Lecheek Nutrition gave out when they...
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    50% Off DecaSARM

    Use the code below at checkout on the AMS website to get half off on DecaSARM!! DecaSARM50
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    PMS Black Blood & Black Urine?

    Saw this write up below in an issue of Flex or maybe Muscular Development, can't remember. Is this from the same company that put out that horrifically awesome new supp Black Liver? Trying to find more info. "Black Blood and Black Urine Anabolic sports drinks fortified with BCAAs and Vodka...
  4. CopyCat

    Why is this word censored?

    R I V A L If typed normal it looks like this... *****. Or of you were to ad an ar to the front to make another word it comes out ar*****. For the life of me I can't figure out why? Am I missing something?
  5. CopyCat

    Best Substitute for Tate Press?

    Tate press is hard for me to do because the tendons around me elbow pop back and forth over it and it's quite discomforting. More so, I feel when it happens I have just a slight moment where my grip decreases and I worry that if I try and go up higher in weight tht could be an issue. Any...
  6. CopyCat

    Delete msg via app?

    Is there a way to delete your messages using the iPhone app? Am I just missing it? If not, it would be an awesome edition. I always forget to get on my comp and delete them and the next thing I know my inbox is full. Thanks for all the hard work on the site and apps btw.
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    TestoPro Got Me Pregnant

    Ok, Ok, it didn't get me pregnant per se. The Mrs. and I decided to expand our family and if anyone knows when you are trying to get pregnant it can be some hard damn work. I mean, I love getting some, but with an ovulation schedule and basically being told to get to it on demand day after day...
  8. CopyCat

    CopyCat Tests Taurus Nutrition's New Liquid "Stim"

    Taurus Nutrition's New Liquid Stim First I would like to give a big thanks to everyone at Taurus for letting give this stuff a whirl Now on to the good stuff... My goal: Is to use this when ever I need some energy. Simple as that. I'll probably be changing up the times to cover first...
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    100 Day Pull-up/Push Up Challenge!!! Join Me Starting Friday Dec 16th!!!

    Beginning Friday, December 16th, Pull-Up/Push Up Challenge participants are doing one Pull-up & one Push-up on day one and adding one each day until we get to 100 pull-ups on the 100th day! That’s a total of 5050 pull-ups! *Note Unless You Want To Go All The Way Through, I Suggest You Start...
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    OK, The Reason Why I Like RD's Over UTT

    Simply throwing this out there for any one who is curious. Bottom line? RD's are just more hassle free and easier to use. Instead of holding the liquid in your mouth under your tongue wondering when long enough is enough all awhile liquid is building in your mouth as saliva is adding up. You...
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    236th Marine Corps Birthday Message

    Indomitable Spirit: The 236th Marine Corps Birthday Message The Commandant of the Marine Corps and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps present the 236th Marine Corps birthday message On November 10, 1775, the Marine Corps was created by a resolution of Congress... Happy Birthday Devils; Past...
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    You're Gonna Hate Me w/ all these Teasers... Body Mortar + Electrolytes

    Body Mortar Just Got Better Now With Electrolytes Good lord my prayers have been answered!! Will post official information, profile, ETA, and all that good stuff when available. Stay Tuned Follow us on Facebook Advanced Muscle Science | Facebook
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    AMS Is Evolving

    The Evolution of AMS Advanced Muscle Science strives to lead from the front With that great things are to come
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    Rapid Dissolve Tablets Getting Better

    Thought I would share a sneak peak teaser into some AMS news... Our RD tabs are going to get even better. Of course bioavailability and effectiveness is our top concern and that is exactly what we will deliver. That's it for now, but stay tuned. More info to come.
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    BOGO Sale on AMS 1-Alpha Capsules

    BOGO Sale Advanced Muscle Science 1-Alpha Capsules Use Code: 1alphabogo SUPER NATURAL – HORMONAL SUPPORT Lean Mass, you know the build up of dense muscle fibers that cause explosive vascularity and striations beyond compare is what separates the boys from men. The dedicated vs the...
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    1-Alpha Capsules

    New From Advanced Muscle Science 1-Alpha Capsules SUPER NATURAL – HORMONAL SUPPORT Lean Mass, you know the build up of dense muscle fibers that cause explosive vascularity and striations beyond compare is what separates the boys from men. The dedicated vs the weekend warrior, the...
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    Watch 2011 Crossfit Games Live

    Here is the link to watch the live streams. For those interested. | CrossFit Games . And here is the link to watch the premier show on Espn3 Watch Live Streaming Fitness Online - ESPN3
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    What it that globe next to my "notifications?"

    The small green globe that is just to the left of my "notifications" drop down menu has a red #2 over it. However, when I click on it, it begins to drop a menu down, but just sits there and runs, and never completes. I have tried following it in Safari and Chrome, but get the same results. What...
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    Taser Taser Taser: My Pain = Your Enjoyment

    After a quick jaunt to the other side of the world for some, interoperability training. I bring you back a video of me getting tased with some eleventy billion volts :)
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    Orange Pump Fixx is in!

    Orange Pump Fixx is in and available at the AMS store for $29.95 Beware stimulant and pump junkies – AMS’ new preworkout powder delivers round house after round house of skin crawling, vasodilated pumps and intense, prolonged swollen muscle mass! Pump Fixx (orange) Advanced Muscle Science