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  1. ryanp81

    In the Mail ....

    Well everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  2. ryanp81

    MST on IG

    *I'm not speaking for MST* A lot of the AM members who have been here for a while and who know me, know my loyalty and love for Millennium are obvious. So if anyone is on IG show some support.
  3. ryanp81

    Pharmagaba and whey/casein

    How is this a half ass study?
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    What is something new you would like to see from Millennium Sport Technologies?

    I know a lot of folks incorporate TMG for it's SAMe backup and from what I remember if you're having issues with COMT it's just gonna make matters worse. I can handle low doses of L-MTHF but too much makes me absolutely restless, pissed off and manic. Adding NR to the mix made me apathetic and...
  5. ryanp81

    What is something new you would like to see from Millennium Sport Technologies?

    I think NR could cause such detrimental effects to anyone who has methylation issues, especially when in combination with other B's. NR made me feel absolutely awful at 250mgs. I personally think Ubiquinol absolutely spanks NR in terms of providing cellular energy and brain/cerebral stuff.
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    What is something new you would like to see from Millennium Sport Technologies?

    It's pretty safe to say that Millennium Sport has and will continue to corner and own the adaptogen side of things, e.g. Cre02, almost 11+years going strong without any reformulation and it's still the best Creatine on the market. I'd like the see MST bring out another EFA because Clomega was...
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    R.I.P. USP Labs

    Absolutely, I remember when USPlabs had only a handful of products like cAMPHIBOLIC and Cissus-RX in the red and blue labels.
  8. ryanp81

    R.I.P. USP Labs

    Read it, don't care about you posting reports in order to save face for a company that has legitimately altered and mislabled products in order to make profit, cut corners and ultimately kill people. Glad to see USP labs go under once and for all....should've happened a long time ago.
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    R.I.P. USP Labs

    So do you condone USP labs miscreant conduct?
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    The MOST effctive natural anabolic for cutting

    And the conclusive studies/published research on Laxogenin is still something like ZERO GTFO of here with anything that is a Brassinosteroid.
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    The MOST effctive natural anabolic for cutting

    I was gonna say a new york strip but that'll work. Been having a great outcome running Humanfort while rolling (BJJ) I'm not exactly caloric deficient but I'm getting leaner it feels.
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    Looking for a stimulant preworkout fitting my needs

    Skywalk from Myoblox, one scoop has about 200mgs of caffeine with Eria and bunch of other great mood and focus boosting ingredients.
  13. ryanp81

    Supps for energy?

    Unfortunately that might not be the case here anymore. I really miss the old days of AM.
  14. ryanp81

    Supps for energy?

    Highly doubt MK-677/ Ibutamoren is gonna help at ALL
  15. ryanp81

    Supps for energy?

    Seems the case is just piling more **** on him to take might not be the case, looking at his exogenous protocol he could be revving up his system wihout providing any support for his Thyroid. There's a bunch of stuff he could incorporate to give him "energy" such as Ubiquinol and the...
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    Supps for energy?

    How's your daily intake of H20? And just out of curiosity but have you ever gotten thyroid panel done? Are you experiencing just fatigue due to something like stress or is at times unbearable? The Reason why I'm asking is you got a pretty potent adaptogen in your post that you are taking as well...
  17. ryanp81

    First time MST ZMK user, and Outbreak Nutrition Rise log.

    I would either use ZMK or Rise but not both, the issue is the higher than normal dose of Zinc between the two (the RDA is about 8mg and the NIH considers 40 mgs a day to be the upper limit for adults)
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    Do You Take A Multi And Which One?

    WTF ever dude lmao.
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    High quality 100% New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey Protein for $23.32!

    Agreed. I'm using athletes recovery again (got one in Vanilla and one in Cinnamon Roll) because it's so easy on my stomach in regards to digestion and zero bloat/discomfort. Generally WPC and even some WPI's jack up my stomach.