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  1. djbombsquad

    Rip John

    Today we learn John medows passed away !! Rip
  2. djbombsquad

    Helix medical

    Has any one used them before. I just got there sublinguals
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    Iq test

    So I created this revolutionary new IQ test that is not only extremely accurate but also very efficient because it can be completed in just a few seconds, it only consists of one simple question; did you take the covid vaccine? 🤣 *(Non-FDA approved, authorized for emergency use only for a...
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    I just started to do surveys on line and though I would share for any one interested in some side cash . I’m buying supps with the Money I make !
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    Muscle and fitness contest

    I entered the muscle and fitness contest. They spelled my name wrong but let’s hope I win. Let the voting begging !!
  6. djbombsquad

    The bio hacker mk677 log

    Just got me some sub q mk677. Will be ordering some pins since I don’t have any .
  7. djbombsquad

    Work /business

    Who’s job /business got effected by covid 19 and all the looting ? I know I did.
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    Corona virus

    Whos job /business got effected by the virus ? Go
  9. djbombsquad

    Car stolen

    This past Friday my car was stolen . Monday the kids took it on a high speed chase and my car made it in the news All my gym stuff stolen , supps stolen , muscle stimulator gone. Shoes gone .
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    Let’s just say you don’t be disappointed when it comes out !!
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    Holiday gift

    A good friend of mind just ordered me modern bcaa from modern sports. I forgot they re branded . Let’s hope it tastes the same as the og modern bcaa plus . Soon as it comes in the mail I will post up a mini review
  12. djbombsquad

    Answered Narrow labs s4 and rad-140 log

    Good evening . I just got done working and will be getting pictures up.dinner btw. Wagyu bruskit.
  13. djbombsquad

    Answered Aminos

    Does any one know where and who makes this ?
  14. djbombsquad

    Answered New iconic formulations log

    Just got my bottles and cream in . Will be doing a 30 day log of the trifecta. More to come tomorrow!! I will be taking only 3 supplements and only these 3 during the 30 days. No pre,no fish oil etc . Food and 3 supplements. I consume on average 4-5k in a given day . 65% fat 25% protein and...
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    Matt porter

    Rip Matt. Love your products !
  16. djbombsquad

    Answered Egg and preworkout

    If I put one raw egg in my preworkout breakfast shake as my breakfast there shouldn’t be a absorption issue correct ?
  17. djbombsquad

    Unanswered Protein

    If you have vilisitol and enzymes with casein will that make it a faster acting protein and defeat the purpose it
  18. djbombsquad

    Answered phenibut vs picamolin vs gaba

    Can the first two be a good alternative pwo vs gaba for gh production ? I know gaba has been shown to increase lean muscle mass by 817% when combined with protein and can increase gh by 500% . Would we get similar effects from Picamilon pwo with a protein shake ?
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    Is it true casein can cause cancer? I consume it at night and I just watched Jerry ward talk about it .
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    Do you think this is could be a good source of pct ? Also could it be for fat loss ?