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  1. andrew732

    few stuff for sale

    1 sealed enhanced 1 sealed new dexaprine xr 1 sealed d-serine 1 sealed appnut free test 1 sealed appnut uncut
  2. andrew732

    I.Q question

    Do you know anyone with an I.Q. over 150?
  3. andrew732

    d-serine and huperzine-a

    Would dosing Huperzine-a at the same time with d-serine be pointless?
  4. andrew732

    More Goodies for sale

    I got 3 sealed DCP, 1 sealed Erase, 2 German creatines.
  5. andrew732

    Have 2 bottles of Transaderm for sale and more

    I will sell for cheap, just want to make some money. I also have some old RPN goodies. Along other stuff. Feel free to pm me.
  6. andrew732

    Alphamine TASTES SO GOOD!!!

    Had to try it, so I poured 4.5 oz of water in a measuring cup, threw in 1 scoop of alphamine. WOW, talk about tasting like juice, literally if I had a blinder on, I would have thought I was not drinking a supplement powder infused with water. Updates later on how I thought of it's performance...
  7. andrew732

    Doin it up with USP LAB'S Jack3d Micro!

    So it came in today before my second training session. So I put it to use after my training session at the gym. Taste: Not over the top but like a real sweet crystal light type of taste. Mixed 2 scoops real smoothly. Energy/performance: Like with all products with nitrates it actually makes me...
  8. andrew732


    I see you have a new topical formestane product coming out at another retailer. Any ETA on this bad boy? As I more than sure some are already curious about it.
  9. andrew732

    Andrew732's daily/weekly updates on Velvet cake flavor I-Force Protean

    I just tried my first sample after training, and WOW, this stuff tastes EXACTLY like red velvet cake, I **** you not. I was shocked and thought to myself am I really drinking a protein shake or this is a blended piece of velvet cake. Stuff is def my favorite flavor as of now of ALL proteins I...
  10. andrew732

    some more supps for sale

    I got HCGenerate and some RPN goodies. Looking sell at cheap prices. Soon will have hopefully the actual 150 need to build gift certificate as well.
  11. andrew732

    **** gift certificate for 150 value fs

    I want to sell a **** 150 dollar gift certificate for 100 bucks. Will negociate. Code sent via pm to the buyer.
  12. andrew732

    curious from those who have tried both proteins XF vw Protein

    Who wins taste wise between Iforce Protean or XF Whey, chocolate flavor more so than any other flavor?
  13. andrew732

    Since you guys are around, I gots a request

    I want VatAttack back at the planet, I only have 1 tub left and yes I don't mind the hardening, as I just bite it from the clump and enjoy every benefit it has to offer. Thanks
  14. andrew732

    VidaTest 12 week Review

    I dosed it at 3 caps a day. With an occasional 4 caps a day, 1 in between a session. The one thing I really like about it was the mental clarity it gave me, I was able to relax a little more in public and deal with stress more efficiently no doubt. Stuff gave me a POOP LOAD OF ENERGY, everytime...
  15. andrew732

    SuperSize For Sale

    I was not impressed with it at all but others seem to like quite much. I am thinking 25 bucks brand new sealed. I have another one with only scoops used
  16. andrew732

    MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!

    I am CRAVING Craze to the point that I would LOVE to see it being made in pill form without the creatine/TMG for the focus factor alone. I am sure people would also like to use it as a studying aid.
  17. andrew732

    This topic has been really making me ponder as of late

    Is phenibut really addictive even if someone were to use 250mg 3 times a week? Is the boost in Gaba and dopamine really that significant?
  18. andrew732

    Do have any idea what these ingredients are?

    N-Coumaroyldopamine ? N-caffeoyldopamine? Seeing ldopamine kinda freaks me out, almost as one is taking straight dopamine attached to another molecule. What is your take on this stuff?
  19. andrew732

    Testosterone and Vitamin K2

    Menaquinone-4 enhances testosterone produc... [Lipids Health Dis. 2011] - PubMed - NCBI What is your take on that abstract from a study I came upon? How much MK-4 do you recommend daily for testosterone preserving on a non bbing purpose but rather hormonal optimization purpose.
  20. andrew732

    quick Endosurge question

    How much mucana is in each serving? In one site it shows 183mgs, in another it shows about 550mgs. Which is correct LOL