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  1. Bigmatt57

    Your Tren-E experience

    {Disclaimer: I am not running Tren anytime in the near future, currently enjoying my first pin cycle of Test.} Have some questions about Tren-E. Many people say for a first time Tren user to run Ace because it’s a shorter ester and therefore if you have bad side effects you can stop it and the...
  2. Bigmatt57

    First Test-E cycle.

    Started my first ever Test-E cycle two weeks ago. Today starts week 3. First time ever pinning. 400mg of Test-E weekly Monday and Thursday. Along with the test, I was given half a bottle of DHB (1-Testosterone). It’s 200mg/ML, so I’m just taking 200mg per week of the DHB for only 5 weeks. It was...
  3. Bigmatt57

    Rad-140 and YK-11 cycle

    On day 6 of a YK-11 and Rad-140 cycle. Taking 30mg of Rad-140 and 10mg of YK-11. Thinking 6-8 weeks depends how I’m feeling. Currently on a slow cut, around 500 calorie deflict. But holly crap this stuff is strong. Pumps have been insane. I’ve ran almost every PH/DS oral. Like DMZ, M-Sten, m1a...
  4. Bigmatt57

    What does Clen feel like.

    Currently on a cut, a 700 calorie deficit. Looking to add a solid fat Burner into the equation. What better than clen. Not sure what dosage I will be taking but prob the least but still effective amount. What do you feel like taking clen? My resting heart rate is around 60-70 and I’m fine if...
  5. Bigmatt57

    Can’t sleep on DMZ!

    I’ve been taking DMZ (hardcore sports nutrition) at 32mg daily. I’ve been on for 14 days now. I’ve taken DMZ about a dozen times. And this is my third time taking this brand of DMZ. I take the first cap right before I leave for work at around 9am then the second cap at about 11pm. I will feel...
  6. Bigmatt57

    400mg/ML Test-E

    Is 400mg/ML test even possible? Have buddies who ran this from the same supplier. And they say it’s legit. What are your thoughts?
  7. Bigmatt57

    Chest gets sore too fast

    For the past 4-5 weeks everytime I hit chest, within 1-2 sets of barbell bench or DB bench my chest already feels incredibly sore. To the Point where it’s hard to continue the workout. Think back to the best chest day you’ve ever had and how sore your chest was the next morning. Well that’s how...
  8. Bigmatt57

    First Pin Cycle

    Going to be running my first ever Test/Deca Cycle. I have over dozen cycles under my belt. Have ran DMZ,M1A,Msten,epistane in the past. I’m 24 weight around 170 at 5’7 11% BF according to my scale. My cycle is going to look like this. Week 1-10 TEST E 500mg Week 1-10 DECA 300 or 400 Week 1-4...
  9. Bigmatt57

    DMZ/Superdrol question

    If Dymethazine is basically two Superdrol molecules bonded at the center by two nitrogen atoms, then theoretically DMZ is essentially superdrol but half the dose. So 40mg of DMZ would basically be 20mg of SuperDrol? Is this accurate? On paper this makes sense but just doesn’t seem true.
  10. Bigmatt57

    On-Cycle Gyno Flareup protocol

    Currently running DMZ, on day 24 I’m only at 32mg right now. I plan on adding another cap (16mg) to take it up to 48mg. But this morning I woke up with a little painful lump under both nipples. Not at all visible just feel-able. Which is weird considering I ran DMZ a countless number of times...
  11. Bigmatt57

    Anyone running orals during Covid-19?

    I’ve been thinking about running a six week DMZ cycle, gyms in my area are open but covid is still hitting preety hard here. There has been some studies that show Covid-19 damages the liver. And obviously DMZ does as well. Last thing I wanna do is be mid cycle and catch covid. Don’t think I...
  12. Bigmatt57

    Hardcore Sports Nutrition Xtreme DMZ?

    Have a couple bottles of this from a few months ago, never got around to running it. Has anyone used this brand before? 90 Caps at 16mg per cap.
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  14. Bigmatt57

    Best Stim-Free Fat Burner

    I know there are already so many threads asking this, but most of them are outdated and a lot of the products aren’t even for sale anymore. Looking for some new fresh suggestions. Currently cutting right now and on DMZ/M1A BP is already high enough so don’t want any Stims. Got any suggestions?
  15. Bigmatt57

    Keeping size post surgery

    Getting surgery on my torn labrum in a couple weeks, question is what steps could I take to maintain as much mass as possible while not being able to workout for 3 months. Any supps or sarms I could take to help me.
  16. Bigmatt57

    Extending oral cycle.

    Currently beginning week 6 of DMZ/M1A cycle at 20mg each daily +12 pumps of andorhard a day. Supports are Cycle Assist 12 caps a day. (Normal dosage is 8 caps a day) and I’m taking garlic caps and 500mg Tudca. You think it would be ok if I extend this cycle to 8 weeks?
  17. Bigmatt57

    Best OTC medicine for oral nausea

    Currently 4 weeks in on a DMZ/M1A cycle, both 20mg. Around this time on a heavy oral cycle I typically get bad nausea. Supports are all in check, Cell Cycle assist 1.5x the standard dose +500mg Tudca. I always take Pepto Bismol for oral related nausea which works ok. Does anyone have any...
  18. Bigmatt57

    How to move forward with this injury

    About a month and a half ago while doing incline dumbbell press, I hurt my shoulder. It was making a loud popping noise and hurt. It still hurt the next day but a few days later the pain greatly subsided. I took about 2 weeks off of lifting. It’s now been about a month and a half since the...
  19. Bigmatt57

    Possible Rotator Cuff tear?

    Yesterday Morning I woke up with a slight pain in my right shoulder. Nothing crazy whatsoever. But something you would notice. Didn't really think anything of it just thought I had slept on it wrong. The pain then went away and I continued on with my day, then night came around and it was time...
  20. Bigmatt57

    Unanswered Mk677, Is it worth it?

    MK 677 really intrigues me, but I haven't really read many positive things on it. It seems like something that would be nice to run while bridging in between cycles. Has anyone had any positive results with MK 677, All I'm really reading is they get a hunger increase and some lucid dreams lol