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  1. Segansational


    Well, just dropped a big SNS/CEL order for Black Friday at DPS. Best prices I've seen on these and everything I wanted in stock!
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    Maybe Cyber Monday?
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    Stim preworkout product suggestions

    Well, I'm stocked on high stim pre's for a while now. Have probably enough to last me for at least half a year. What I have on hand: Convict Stim - they just had a BOGO sale for Black Friday El Chapo Defiant Unleashed Zeus YOLO Darkside
  4. Segansational

    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Pre-Thanksgiving workout. Leg day. Trying to grow these chicken legs into turkey legs! Pre: 1 scoop ZEUS Intra: 1 scoop each of Amino Infusion, Tango, MOAB, Canteen, Cluster Bomb EZ bar SLDLs warm up x10, 3x10 BB Front squats 3x10 Calf raises 3x20 BB squats, increasing weight on each set...
  5. Segansational

    My First Competition Prep!!

    Wow, looking great man! Those shoulders are really popping! Nice 3D roundness going on.
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    Smont fall/winter training log

    You look pretty lean, I'm going to guess in the 10-11% BF range based on vascularity. But someone with a better eye for it can chime in.
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    Blokk Logging IML Gear Cream

    I just bought a bag. Supposedly 300 mg of caffeine in a cup, naturally. Not as sure about that, but taste is really nice and a good afternoon boost for me. I've also had their Valhalla blend as well, which supposedly has a bit less caffeine.
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Well, guess the Black Friday thread got shut down. Anyways, Iron Legion BOGO 70% off just came through and picked up two Virtus.
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    Mesomorph v3

    Damn bro, you got bamboozled.
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    ecause of the upcoming holiday I'm hitting the weights 3 days in a row, then taking Thurs/Fri off. Today is day 2. Pre: 1 scoop El Chapo Intra: 1 scoop each Amino Infusion, MOAB, Tango, Canteen, Cluster Bomb Resistance band neutral grips 3x12 BB rows 3x10 Deadlifts, increasing weights 3x10 EZ...
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    Blokk Logging IML Gear Cream

    Mmm, coffee.
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    Rising Above the Pandemic! 1st Cycle!

    Link us up in here.
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Pre: 1 scoop ZEUS Intra: 1 scoop each Amino Infusion, MOAB, TANGO, Canteen, Cluster Bomb Rotator cuff ex x11 Bench press warm up x 12, x10,7,5 Incline BP 3x10 DB incline flys 3x10 Close grip BP x10, decreased weight x10,10 Seated DB shoulder press x10,10 49:10, 229 cals
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    The epic food porn thread

    Stocked up on some cookies, bars, and cookie doughs for the holidays!
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    Stim preworkout product suggestions

    Just picked this one up, El Chapo. I know some don't like yohimbine, but they have other similar ones without.
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Leg Day. Afternoon session. Pre: 2 scoops YOLO Darkside BB squats: warm up x12, increasing weights x10,8,6 SLDLs 3x10 BB Front Squats 3x10 Alt BB lunges 3x10 45:56, 403 cals
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Schedule has been a little off lately due to home life, but got in a back WO and 2 cardio sessions. Going to try for harder/heavier weights in this next phase. Blended up a tub of Neurosurge 2.0 from like 10+ years ago maybe longer, to use pre-cardio. Just looking for something not overly...
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    The New Product Release Thread

    Will be grabbing this one!
  19. Segansational

    Stim preworkout product suggestions

    Got it super quick. Good experience. New vendor to me, but I'd say it's GTG.
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    After a 3 day hiatus, went for a run yesterday. 1.78 miles, 10:10 min/mi, plus ab work after. Back into it this week. May continue with my push/pull/legs routine as I've seemingly been making good progress with it. Plus the extra cals/carbs now should help numbers a bit. Pre: 1.5 scoops YOLO...