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  1. bwdill

    The OFFICIAL Black Lion Research Giveaway Thread - FREE STUFF!!!

    This will be super easy!!!! All you gotta do is join the Lion Anabolic Research Group and let us know your AM Forum tag once you've been accepted to the group. That will get you (1) entry; invite a friend to the group and get an additional (2) entries for every (1) person that you get to join...
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    💼FREE GYM BAG 💼 You asked, and asked and asked and we listened! Today when you spend $40 or more you will receive a FREE Redcon1 gym bag! The coolest part about the gym bag is that you can fit all of your Redcon1 arsenal in it! 👉🏼DEAL ENDS AT MIDNIGHT👈🏼 *total must be $40 or more after the...
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    🚨FREE HOODIE🚨 Today, when you spend $40+ you’ll get the EXCLUSIVE FREEDOM HOODIE absolutely FREE! 👉🏼ENDS MIDNIGHT👈🏼 *must be $40 after the discount and before shipping to be able to receive the hoodie* ADDITIONAL 20% OFF with code "T20BRIANDIL"
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    [emoji599]DEAL TIME![emoji599] Its deal time and we are giving YOU the chance to SPIN THE WHEEL! Look for the icon to spin the wheel, enter your email and see what savings you'll get! [emoji96]PERFECT time to pick up one of the new Breakfast B.A.R. Variety packs. [emoji96]If you spend over...
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    This weekend when you spend $50 you’ll receive a FREE Hydronator. Spend$75 and receive a FREE Hydronator AND Hoodie! Take an additional 20% OFF when you use the code HYDRO20 at checkout! Send me your order number or screenshot of order # to be entered in a free giveaway!!!! *While supplies last.
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    The OFFICIAL RedCon1 Sample Thread

    Who wants some RC1 samples?!?!? I'm gonna be giving out samples of Total War, Grunt, Big Noise, Ration, MRE name it! This will be super easy!!!! All you gotta do is join the RedCon1 Ready Up Crew and let me know your AM Forum tag once you've been accepted to the group...
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    RedCon1 B2G1 FREE ALL WEEKEND!!!!

    [emoji599]DEAL ALERT[emoji599] THIS WEEKEND we are running a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE deal! So for every 2 supplements you buy you can get a 3rd FREE of equal or lesser value! So head over to and CASH IN with the code "GET1". Deal ends on Sunday at 11:59:59pm EST! **Make your purchase and...
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    RedCon1 Lift Your Label Promo - Enter for a Free RC1 Gift Card!!!

    With all of the amazing deals (today is BOGO FREE ALL ITEMS) going on, I wanted to give back to you as a thank you for your support. I will be doing a $20 Gift Card Giveaway just for posting a picture of your receipt or your order number (has to be recent) in this thread. That's all you have...
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    WE WON BATTLE OF THE BRANDS! Thank you for helping us win Vitamin Shoppe's Battle of the Brand! We're celebrating with Buy 1 Get 1 FREE all day long! That's right, when you add two items to your cart and use the code CHAMPBOGO, you'll get the second item (equal or lesser value) FREE! Shop...
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    That's right folks, for today only you can receive FREE SHIPPING!!! [emoji599]FREE SHIPPING TODAY ONLY[emoji599] [emoji96]Option 1[emoji96] Screenshot me a picture of your cart, and I will the order through our Frontline guys. [emoji96]Option 2[emoji96] Use the chat feature on the website and...
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    REDCON1 MRE BARS are the best tasting protein bars available, rated by the thousands of customers that were left wanting more. CLICK HERE TO SHOP MRE BARS (AVAILABLE IN 7 FLAVORS!!!!!): MRE BARS *BE SURE TO USE CODE "T20BRIANDIL" FOR THE ADDITIONAL 20% OFF YOUR ORDER.
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    [emoji95]DEAL ALERT[emoji95] THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!!!!! DEAL + ADDITIONAL 20% OFF - Spend $50 and get a Black on Black Hoodie! - Spend $75 and get a Black on Black Hoodie + Sandals! - Spend $100 and get a Black on Black Hoodie + Sandals + RC1 Towel! - Spend $150 and get a Black on Black...
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    RedCon1 20% OFF ALL ORDERS!!!!

    Go check out the newly released MRE Lite flavors (Snickerdoodle and Strawberry Shortcake), some of the new B.A.R. bars, or the delicious MRE Bars. USE CODE "T20BRIANDIL" FOR 20% OFF ALL ORDERS CLICK HERE FOR B.A.R. BARS: BREAKFAST AT THE READY BARS CLICK HERE FOR MRE BARS: MRE BARS CLICK...
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    Bwdill Reviews IFN SOWLEMATE - Sour Lemon Candy

    First off - a big thanks to VaughnTrue and ManimalPatB for this opportunity! Initial Review to come tomorrow..... Workout Routine: Full Body 3x per week to help stimulate some new growth. I have done many splits, along with 5/3/1 and other well known strength programs but I just recently...
  15. bwdill

    Protein Recipes with BWDILL - Getting Creative with MST New Zealand Whey Wild Berry

    First off, I would like to give a big thanks to MySTeek for picking me for this opportunity. Initial Review based on the following.... Taste Mixability Profile Cost This log will be a running log where I will be posting all of the different recipes that I try out with MST New Zealand Whey -...
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    Bwdill is Looking for Some SERIOUS Size with BPS BRAWN

    First off a HUGE Thanks to BPS and lukehayd for giving me this opportunity to log BRAWN. What is BRAWN? "Brawn is a natural muscle builder containing 5a-hydroxy laxogenin at 100mg per capsule. Research has demonstrated that 5a-hydroxy laxogenin increases protein synthesis by over 200%...
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    Bwdill Is Looking for Laser Focus with BPS COMPEL

    First and foremost, big thanks to lukehayd and BPS for this opportunity. INTIAL THOUGHTS: There are a few reason that I applied for this specific product. One of which being that my schedule/life is chaotic and requires a lot of brain stress. haha I am a hsuband, father of a 2yr boy ,4yr old...
  18. bwdill

    Bwdill's Final Review of Controlled Labs ProMore Frosted Cinnamon Bun

    First and foremost a big thanks to Sean1332 and the CL Team!!! INITIAL THOUGHTS: Upon opening the tub, the product smells a lot like the other cinnamon roll / cinnabun products (very similar to Dymatize Cinnabun). Buttery frosting at it's best! TASTE: 10/10 This stuff is amazing. a LONG time...
  19. bwdill

    Bwdill is Restoring His Joints with Scivation Flexatril

    Wednesday Workout Pre-Workout 1scoop GAT Nitraflex Blue Razz 1scoop GAT PMP Stim-Free Blue Razz 1scoop GAT Muscle Martini Mixed Berry Candy *I started sipping on some JetMASS as I was setting up the weight and warming up for my first set. Sipped throughout my workout. Deadlift Day 3/3/3...