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  1. Segansational


    Looking for a couple of SNS and CEL support supps. Inhibit E, Inhibit P, Cycle Support. Maybe Stanoplex. Would prefer Iconic Ultra Epi or another TD, but will consider caps. Have many Apex TDs (Epichaos, AET, Arimihex), various pre's, etc. PM me with trade options.
  2. Segansational

    Looking for input, which would you rather?

    Looking to run a more advanced oral cycle coming off of about an 8-12 week cut, so looking for solid, lean, but noticeable gains. Basically down to two different short cycle (4-6 week max) options: Option 1: DMZ/M-sten (Geozine/Pyrosten), thinking 30/15 as both are 15 mg caps (option to bump to...
  3. Segansational

    USA ISO: Natty boosters

    Have a few TDs to trade, looking for some natty test boosters. PM me with what you've got. WTT: Apex Alchemy Epichaos, AET-50, Arimihex (all sealed)
  4. Segansational

    USA C&P and Sparta Pre-WOs

    Up for grabs, Chaos & Pain: Cannibal Ferox Carny Candy, Pineapple (starting to clump, alpha-y and orchilean) Sparta: Kraken Bombsicle - Rainbow Candy, Sour Gummy Bear (non-DMAA)
  5. Segansational

    USA Buy my stash

    MOD EDIT: Review the rules.
  6. Segansational

    USA Wtb Natty Boosters

    Looking for deals on CEL M-Test or OL Sup3r PCT, or similar natty test boosters. Have some random items I could trade, pre's, fat burners, etc if preferred.
  7. Segansational

    Post-quarantine gains

    OK folks, need some ideas and input. Been building up a stash for a rainy day and it seems like now's a good a time as any to start using up some inventory. Current situation if you've been following me: Just had my 2nd kid, been quarantined since about mid-March, and have been working with a...
  8. Segansational

    USA WTS: Fat burner and protein bars

    Have sealed OG Olympus Labs IGNIT3 and several boxes of protein bars I'm looking to sell. Better deal if you take all of the bars. Probably about 2.5 boxes worth of Redcon1 MRE bars, carrot cake and oatmeal choc chip. About a half box of Dymatize Birthday Cake bars. PM with interest or trades.
  9. Segansational

    35% off coupon

    35% currently with Bacchus release. What else to purchase? Thinking of picking up some Ferox. Make some other suggestions for me. Too bad Permaswole is OOS.
  10. Segansational

    SmartPowders / Nutraplanet

    Last I recall, Smart Powders was owned by Nutraplanet, so maybe a rep can help out here... Placed an order at Smart Powders and received my shipment with an incorrect item. Emailed a response to the sales / invoice email I received a week ago. Also called and it went to voicemail so i left a...
  11. Segansational

    USA WTS / WTT OL Ignit3, Dermastr3ngth

    Like the title says. Willing to trade for other OL/OL UK or similar. PM for any details.
  12. Segansational

    USA Clearing out my stash... AMP v1, Neurosurge v2, Anadraulic State GT

    Have to clear out my stash to make room quickly. Lots of oldies but goodies like those listed above. Mostly expired, but will let them go for a song. PM for complete list.
  13. Segansational

    USA FS OL Dermastrength, Ignite, Ep1c Unleashed

    Have the following for sale: 2 bottle of DS 1 bottle Ignite 1 bottle Ep1c Unleashed caps 1 bottle TUDCA 2 bottles HYDRO3 DM if interested. Updated with additional items!
  14. Segansational

    Nutriverse July 4th sale

    So, the nutriverse July 4th sale is definitely on point. Will be picking up some olympus_labs, IronLegion, and Chaos & Pain products this time around. But, I've got to ask - any chance of getting Cannibal Ferox Amped up on the site in time for the sale? Saw that only the OG Cannibal Ferox is...
  15. Segansational

    A Reward For Our Loyal AM Members

    As the holiday season is fast approaching, I thought I would spread a little holiday cheer for those of you who have supported us and made our company great over this past year. It is because of you, our loyal demigod base here at AM, that we are able to continually push the boundries and...
  16. Segansational

    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Well, this is my first AM log/workout journal. I've done a few in the past on other forums here and there. I do find that writing things down helps keep you accountable and engaged, so here we go. Specifically, I've been in a bit of a slump lately and could use the extra motivation. Usually...
  17. Segansational


    OLYMPUS LABS wants you to celebrate the only way we know how! BIG. That's right, to celebrate July 4th we've worked with our partners to help bring you the best deals of the season! Just in time for those summer gains. :cool: 25 - 50% off the entire Olympus Labs line up...
  18. Segansational

    Ep1c Unleashed Intro Sale at Nutraplanet!

    Ep1c Unleashed has finally arrived! For a limited time, Nutraplanet is running a special introductory price of only $42.99 on both versions of Ep1c Unleashed, oral and transdermal. But don't wait too long, as this is a limited stock run and pricing could go up at any time! You can pick them...
  19. Segansational

    Olympus Labs EP1C UNLEASHED! Next Generation Epicatechin!

    Olympus Labs has once again brought innovation to the forefront with our upcoming release of Ep1c Unleashed! --- If you haven't already heard the breaking news on, you can check out the press release here: Stack3d Supplement News We're releasing both an oral and transdermal...
  20. Segansational

    Meet The Olympus Labs Team!

    The Olympus Labs team has been growing lately, so we thought we'd take the time to introduce ourselves properly to the AM community.We're all on this journey together, climbing the mountain, so let's give each other the support to make it to the top and join the realm of the demigods on Mount...