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  1. Dma378

    DMA Researches Premier Oils on Self

    My test subject is me, a human. I know this has never been done before, so I hope this experiment goes well. Also haven’t logged or even cycled in quite some time, so excited to get back at it and logging always holds me accountable. So welcome to all who join that aid in that process. I...
  2. Dma378

    Trest & S23

    Anybody tried this combo yet? Was running some TD Trest and Superdrol but dropped the SD because of what may have been an allergic reaction (extreme itching). Have some S23 on the way to replace it. Just curious on anyone’s experience/results with the 2. Plan is: TRT 200mg/week TD Trest...
  3. Dma378

    Boosting Free Test on TRT

    Does anyone on TRT supplement with otc supplements to boost Free Test? Been a couple months since my last bloodwork, where TT was in the 800's but Free T was 3.9 (low). I have since gone back to self-administering because of cost ($120/mo vs. $30/mo). I also like the freedom to keep myself...
  4. Dma378

    Sparta Nutrition Olympia Weekend Savings

    This Olympia Weekend, Save BIG! 30% off all products and stacks Use Code: OLYMPIA30
  5. Dma378

    Please Welcome the New Sparta Nutrition Reps!!

    With all the exciting stuff coming down the Sparta Nutrition pipeline in the coming weeks, we new we would need some help in spreading the good news and helping you guys get the best deals and results with the best products!! So it's my pleasure to introduce a couple of AM veterans as part of...
  6. Dma378

    F the BS...NPP/EQ/Dbol Cycle Log

    What's up guys. Well my ability to stare at this gear in my stash box for another 3-4 weeks, as originally planned, has failed. This will be my first experience with all 3 of the compounds listed in the title. I have a pretty good history with drier oils and orals..Masteron, Tren, Tbol...
  7. Dma378

    GW Question

    So I am currently following the 5 on, 2 off protocol for my MK 677 dosing. Basically mon-fri with weekends off. Just started taking GW 501516 this morning, 20mg PWO and was wondering if there was any merit to dosing it the same way. Would basically be used PWO only, 5 days a week. Would this...
  8. Dma378

    Kraken PWO Profile Contest

    What's in it? Wouldn't you like to know? And I sure would love to tell you, but I'll only tell you as you figure it out on your own!! But not just for fun, for a free tub!! Here's how it's going to go. There will be 2 winners. The first part will be to guess the ingredients themselves. There...
  9. Dma378

    CJC 1295 DAC / MK 677 13 weeks & more!!

    What's up guys. Have to say I'm pretty stoked to get this going. Had already planned on the CJC run, but the recent thread regarding MK and it's pairing with CJC made this combo a no-brainer. Even if it broke the bank a little. Also running 250mg/week Test E. The 13 weeks is how much CJC I...
  10. Dma378

    USA SNS Tribulus

    Unopened. Cover shipping it's yours.
  11. Dma378

    INVICTUS!!!! an Iron Legion sponsored log

    Hello AM, IronLegion has been generous enough to offer me the opportunity to log a bottle of Invictus - Topical b-AET cortisol control. For those that may not know what this product is about, here is a brief summary that I got from their own product information thread: Invictus...
  12. Dma378

    Sparta Nutrition Glorious 4th of July Sale!!

    It's time to celebrate our Independence, with what else? Gains and Savings!!! From now through July 5th use code: JULY4 at for 20% off all products and stacks!! *does not apply to Epicurus, Epimax, Andromax or Hercules *That's because those are....BOGO...
  13. Dma378

    Cortisol control, long-term

    So we know it's not a good idea to crush your cortisol levels. But is it ok to use a cortisol reducing supplement long-term? Or even to rotate from one to another in turn adding up to an extended length of time? Here is my plan if the answer to the question is it is ok: So I am coming off of a...
  14. Dma378

    USA FS Eviscerate Smolder

    Rather just sell it than wait for a trade. Unopened, but will also throw in a partial of regular Eviscerate if wanted. Probably 40% full $30 shipped
  15. Dma378

    USA FT Eviscerate Smolder

    Have an unopened Evomuse Eviscerate Smolder for trade. Looking for: Evomuse Abliderate Advanced or Absolutely Abliderated Would consider other products of similar nature, does not have to be TD
  16. Dma378

    Sparta Nutrition Memorial Day Sale

    From now until May 31st all products and stacks are 25% off with code MDW25 at the Sparta Nutrition website. Sparta Nutrition – Seize Your Glory That really makes those stacks a killer deal!! Seize Your Glory Gentlemen!!
  17. Dma378

    Recommend me a Moderate Stim PWO

    Seems like most PWOs I look at are either stim-free pump based or all-out stim bombs. Looking for something in between, with a good pump/strength/focus/stim profile. OL Conqu3r UL and ATP Perform are nice, but I'm looking for something I haven't tried and more than 20 servings. Hopefully this...
  18. Dma378

    Eviscerate Dosage Timing

    So I have a bottle of Eviscerate en route and would like a little advice on the best time to apply it based on my routine. My morning routine goes: Wake at 3:00am and get my stim on (coffee and pwo) Gym at 4:00am (fasted) Shower at 5:45am Post-Workout meal/carbs at 6:30am (once I get to...
  19. Dma378

    Hup A tolerance??

    For a while preworkouts with Hup A, typically 100mcg, had a very pronounced effect on me. 1.5 servings of those PWOs having a noticeably greater effect from it. But I never took these ones so regularly as to get used to it. I recently acquired some SNS Hup A and started taking 1-2 caps with...
  20. Dma378

    USA DermaTrest / Oral Trest (partials) F/S

    Looking to sell. PM for details