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  1. USA WTB og Alphamine

    Looking for a tub or two of the og alphamine. Any flavor.
  2. Xtend Perform Black Cherry

    First big thanks to TheSolution for the awesome promo and hookup. Sunday I hit some legs. I am taking 2 scoops on workout days and siping through my entire workout. Off days 1 scoop am and 1 later in day. Did some squats, leg extensions, standing leg curls and calves. Overall had a great...
  3. Hemavo2 pumping deuceswild72 up

    Finally I got to use iFN Hemavo2 after being out of town and crazy busy the pat 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay. Away we go! First a huge shout out and thank you to ManimalPatB and iForce for hooking me up with a tub of the new Hemavo2. I have used the OG in the past (Lemon Drop of course) and...
  4. USA WTB: PES Shift and Alphamine

    I'd figure I'd ask my AM homies before buying online. I am looking for 2 bottles of Shift and 2 jugs of Alphamine. Not sure if anyone has any extras laying around. I plan on buying in the next few days. Thanks all.
  5. CL White Pipes Log

    First big shout out and thanks to Sean1332 and CL for hooking me up with a jug of White Pipes. I have been reading about this and wanting to try and now have that chance. 30 years young and have gotten into powerlifting. I have been on a PL program for a while but made a switch about two weeks...
  6. NutraPlanet Order

    Anyone know why NP is so slow with processing my order? I put one in on Tuesday and it's still showing Pending. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Pre WO

    With the baby coming any day I am cleaning out a couple things. need space and can use some money for diapers/formula. 2 - CL white flood reborn fruit punch. Both are sealed $28 each. 1 - Lecheek Speed X3 smooth apple. It is opened and missing about 4 scoops. For some reason this doesn't...
  8. CL Orange Triad & Greens powder

    First a big thanks to RenegadeRows and the CL team for choosing me to log this product. I was super stoked when I heard this came out. Start Date: 12/3/13 Dosing: I will be dosing twice a day. First dose at lunch time 12:30pm and second dose at dinner time 7:30pm. Initial reaction...
  9. Fish Oil

    Do you use them and if so which brand? Also are they necessary? Just curios what everyone's take in them are.
  10. Whole wheat pasta

    Just curious whats everyone's take on eating whole wheat pasta to hit your carb macros? I love brown rice but love pasta as well. Thanks
  11. AX Supersize

    Big thanks to Flightposite for hooking me up with a sample of Supersize. I thought the taste was pretty good. Def a change from the everyday punch/grape etc. Had a cremey orangey taste. Kind of hard to describe but it was def tasty. This was one scoop and I took it about 30 minutes PWO...
  12. USPlabs inner circle

    Got an email and tried the code but not working. Anyone else having an issue? Says code is not valid
  13. Snack advice for wife

    Hey everyone. I have a quick question. My wife is a teacher and she was wondering what would be a good healthy snack for her on the go? I have her eating 5-6 meals a day. She has her breakfast lunch and then a snack for when she gets out. She's been eating fruit but I said I think you need...
  14. Top Pre WO

    Hey everyone. Sorry if this is a repeat. I couldn't find when I searched. Just curious what your top 2-3 pre workouts are? What gives you those insane pumps where you can't even scratch your head? It seems I get used to my stuff after 2 weeks so I was thinking about running 2 different...
  15. Alphamine/Erase Pro 8 Week Cycle

    Hey fellas. First I need to apologize that I haven’t been doing daily updates. New position at work and it has been crazy. Ill prob just end up doing weekly updates and anything that I feel l need to post in between I will. Please feel free to ask questions or comment and I will get back to...
  16. Halovar

    Please delete. Just found rules now. My apologies.
  17. Hawks tix

    Not sure if I can post this here or not. If not please remove. Don't want to be that guy. I have 2 tix for tomorrow's hawks game at the UC. If you live locally in the chi area and are interested pm me. I'm headed to Vegas and can't attend. They are standing room tix. Asking $225 obo for the...