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  1. Jayhawkk

    Opinions of M1T?

    M1t is scheduled so you might as well go with injectable but if you have to go oral I'd go dbol over m1t. However, if you take it make sure you're healthy because that **** Damn near killed me 10 years ago but it was out of my own stupidy in combination of the potency of the product
  2. Jayhawkk

    Back in the states for good an who is still around?

    Is B5150 still around?
  3. Jayhawkk

    Long time coming....I'm 35 now.

    Haha, I remember when they opened this section and 35 was so far off and now I'm pushing 40
  4. Jayhawkk

    Back in the states for good an who is still around?

    Definitely will man
  5. Jayhawkk

    Back in the states for good an who is still around?

    3 years in Iraq and finally home and after a year of losing everything I earned I decided to hit the gym hard and come back here to see if I can help myself with progress but also wanted to see if anyone I knew was still around. This place is completely different than I was used to. Anyways...
  6. Jayhawkk

    Need to lose weight...Help please

    Log all of your calories to include the stuff you think don't add up like mayo. If you're sedentary and eat like crap and are moderately to extremely obese then making small adjustments to diet and training are probably best to avoid going in too hard and risking injury. If you're just a little...
  7. Jayhawkk


    Thanks John, it's a been a long time.
  8. Jayhawkk

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back :) Feel like a real old man around here lol
  9. Jayhawkk


    I have a tan on my head and forearms lol. I was able to put about a thousand miles on the new Ducati before rolling out again and i won't be back home until September when I plan on getting married on the 15th. It's been a busy year!
  10. Jayhawkk


    I see a lot of new faces but there seems to be a few old one's still running around.
  11. Jayhawkk


    How is everyone who still remembers me and what are all the new hot topics in supplements? Finally found a nice place in Iraq to do nothing but lift and eat and by god, I'm taking advantage of it!!!
  12. Jayhawkk

    So, some things have changed...

    The selection is outstanding! I think I may have been out here too long lol
  13. Jayhawkk

    So, some things have changed...

    Good to be back!
  14. Jayhawkk

    So, some things have changed...

    Yeah, I'm back now :) Finally got into a nice pattern working out here in Iraq.
  15. Jayhawkk

    So, some things have changed...

    Thanks fellas!
  16. Jayhawkk

    So, some things have changed...

    I go away for a litle bit and the next thing you know, this site looks al cool and stuff!
  17. Jayhawkk

    In SEVERE need of help

    All I can say is that you should speak to doctors about this. If you're already in a messed up situation and take the advice from someone without any real knowledge, you could be risking your life. Seek professional help before implimenting ANYTHING you find online.
  18. Jayhawkk

    How well dose being a bouncer pay?

    Plus, everyone knows that it's the Cooler and not the Bouncer that gets the fat paycheck... Roadhouse!
  19. Jayhawkk

    Any jobs in fitness that dont require too much education?

    I'm trying to figure out if he's ****ing with us... You don't go from making huge spelling errors to correcting someone's grammar unless you're playing the village idiot.
  20. Jayhawkk

    Who Said It?" Get out the pencil and paper

    Probably should fact checkthose... Not that it makes them any less funny.