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  1. CEDeoudes59

    6-oxo/6-oxo Extreme(4-Androstene-3,6,17-trione) History/Confusion

    Hey guys, sorry I'm way out of the loop but I'm doing an article on 6-oxo and don't want to have ANY misinformation out there. Is "4-Androstene-3,6,17-trione," is STILL Legal? (and just 6-oxo either pulled by Ergopharm or banned?) 4-Androstene-3,6,17-trione (4-AT; also marketed as 6-OXO or...
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    How To Get All the NFL Games, If you don't have DirectTV?

    Hey can someone help me with this? I have CableOne and we can't seem to get a DirectTV satellite in this apartment. Is there anything other than Sunday ticket from DirectTV that can get all the games (live)? I know DirectTV is streaming games live via Playstation 3, but I have an Xbox Is...
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    Legit AB Belts? Are there any?

    Hey guys, I just wanted some quick recommendations if you've used an AB belt and can recommend it from your personal experience. I'm curious about them and actually think that I might get one moreso for ideal posture. (lots of BB'ers wear belts the entire day) im well aware that low body fat...
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    Roger Goddell likes to hug draftees

    VIDEO: Roger Goodell Hugs It Out With Everyone - From Our Editors - ^^ i wonder what he's whispering to them my office. 20 minutes.
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    NBA Fans (i'd like your opinion on this): Lebron is BY FAR the Best Player in the NBA

    hey guys, I'd like you to read my friends article/discussion on 'Who is the Best Player' in the NBA that my friend Joe wrote. Any comments, positive or negative, are certainly appreciated. Thank you if you take the time to read it! in this article he ranks the best NBA players at their...
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    The NCAA Basketball March “Madness”- The Most Overrated Post-Season in All Of Sports

    March Madness Has Lost Its Swag Full Discussion: The NCAA Basketball Tournament / March “Madness”- The Most Overrated Post-Season Format In All Of Sports. | Good Looking Loser The NCAA Basketball Tournament is by and large considered a great, if not the greatest, post-season format in...
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    AnabolicMinds/Good Looking Loser NCAA March Madness Tournment Challenge (ESPN) *FREE*

    What up boys- If you'd like, you can sign up for my NCAA Madness ESPN Pool. It's free. The pool is called: Good Looking (it's the name of my 2-month old personal free improvement site) ESPN - Tournament Challenge - ESPN's NCAA Men's Bracket Game - Group no password. public league...
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    Mel Kiper and Todd McShay Wrong Every Year by Joe ESQ

    Joe Esq.: Mel Kiper and Todd McShay – Wrong Every Year | Good Looking Loser ^original post, comments sections, pictures... this will look cleaner I think Thought some of you guys might like this, you'll have to raise questions/comment on the original page (above) for the author to respond...
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    Movies where the chicks seduces (kisses, undresses) the guy [need some help here]

    Hey guys, I'm doing a little research.Ffor years i've noticed a trend in Hollywood movies. The girls are the aggressor and the guy is the chick. The girl is the one to kiss the guy, undress him and essentially bang him in a lot of movies I'm just looking for some titles that come to mind...
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    Internet Blackout 1/18/2012 (Government Censorship)

    want to see if you have seen this, should be big news tomorrow From Google: From SOPA STRIKE - Largest online protest in history - January 18 - blackout your site ...ugh it's not letting me embed the video...
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    Me on a Dating Show in 2002

    What up guys, I tracked down this funny video and uploaded it to youtube Hope you get a laugh didn't have too much game back then
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    Saturated my head in Minoxidil for ~5 months, seemed to regrow lots of hair

    Hey guys, as a lot of you know, I've tried a lot of stuff through the years and blew a lot of money on crap that didn't work to try to control hair loss. The most effective thing to 'regrow' hair is a hair transplant procedure. Here are my results after my 1st one...
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    Madden 2012 - Anyone Got It? Xbox Live?

    Just got it yesterday. Looks good. Gets better each year, more realistic... less/no cheap plays
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    HALF of U.S. Population Will Be Obese by 2030 Experts Predict (why?)

    HALF of U.S. population will be obese by 2030 experts predict as the number could swell to 164 million Americans By 2030 the number of obese Americans could increase from 99million in 2008 to 164million In the U.K. expected increase of 15million to 26million About half of both men and women...
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    Best TASTING Protein Powder - not considering cost....? (Survey-Academic Research!)

    TSIA, title says it all Just wanted to see what you guys truly like these days. Only consider Taste. :) 1) Name of Product/Who Makes It 2) Do you use a blender? Or Just Stir/Shake it? Thank you in advance AM bros! I appreciate it!
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    Going to review N2 Shampoo on my little website :)

    Hey guys, I have a small information website going (see sig) where I review different hair loss 'remedies' and make a few suggestions. I have nearly a decade of combating androgen-related alopecia. I'll be reviewing N2 Shampoo, going to give it at least 3 weeks. Looking forward to it, thank...
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    Hair Loss 'remedy' that I'd like to show you (pictures of me)

    Hey guys, I posted this in the hair loss prevention thread but not everyone might catch that post that is buried in page 81 :) Hair loss is a bitch.. Without sounding like an infomercial I wanted to show you guys how effective this relatively unknown product called "Toppik" that I've used for...
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    Nizoral Out of Stock Everywhere... 2 Better Anti-Hair Loss Shampoos that I've tried

    Hey guys, I got a PM on here and another private bodybuilding board for anti hair loss shampoo advice – because there seems to be a country-wide shortage on Nizoral shampoo. So I wanted to pass it along to you, maybe it will help some guys out. Many of you guys may be familiar with Nizoral...
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    Raw Veganism... unhealthy?

    Hey guys, two of my housemates are raw vegans 'for health reasons' they are always getting sick it seems... are the health reasons for this way of life actually legit? (ie, more energy because the body is not wasting energy digesting food or no processed food). What I see are trace amounts of...
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    Breaking in/Roughing up a New Leather Jacket

    yo guys, just got a Leather Jacket, anyone got any good methods for breaking it in... other than "wear it" feel free to chime in if ya know!