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  1. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    Rumor is that he sent the residents of Bidenville to Florida. Nobody knows! How can he let in a herd of 15k people untested and clearly not practicing social distance, while I have to be vaccinated to contribute to the economy? Now he's going after small business. The fucking backbone of our...
  2. who uses pro hormones

    I think I remember Derek saying Nolvadex acts like a ph. You never know how much it will convert per individual
  3. Anything non-nattys wish they tried, plateaued, cycled or implemented before hopping on Gear or TRT?

    I would have educated myself much more on diet and self investment, ie doing **** I don't want to do. I leaned on the drugs for years
  4. Should I use less test on my last week so I can start PCT sooner?

    I realized that now with your post. I need to let it all clear for what a month.. Then do bloods, then again two weeks after my first trt dose correct?
  5. Adding deca to trt not telling doc

    My old doc prescribed me deca. I came here and researched asked a couple questions and concluded the bloat and chance of my penis not functioning correctly wasn't worth whatever deca on top of my trt could offer. And I move like the tin man from wizard of Oz. Good luck
  6. Should I use less test on my last week so I can start PCT sooner?

    I have a much better understanding now thanks. Been doing it wrong. I normally blast at 400 then stop 14-16 days before bloods. I normally post like a 400-500. Even when I'm cruising at trt (200) I have to watch when bloods are because I know that has to have me above normal. I think next...
  7. Curious about everyone’s TRT Protocol ?

    I believe I still have good strong test production. Been cruising blasting since late thirties. Been under a doc for 5years? 45 years old.
  8. Vaccinate your kids?

    Sad day when friends put that **** in front of your relationship with them kisaj, but I'm sure it will work out. Well my boys best friend just got it. Last time he was with him they rode up to the gym before school 4days ago. No symptoms yet. I asked him what he wants to do and he said he's...
  9. Curious about everyone’s TRT Protocol ?

    Woops just read that. I use 18 to pull. 21 when I was young and dumber. If there is such a thing lol
  10. Curious about everyone’s TRT Protocol ?

    200 cyp a week. Trying to move towards 150 as I believe 200 puts me just over. 21 to draw 23 to inject Funny when I was 20 years old my first cycle I drew and pinned with the same 21! Just coming off a blast at 400 Test was 349 two weeks after last injection
  11. Vaccinate your kids?

    Getting covid + I meant to Say
  12. Vaccinate your kids?

    This is helping me out. Your opinions mean a lot. Most of my other buddies that have a boy playing ball all are getting the first shot. So the second shot will be done by fall season. That isn't even recognized as a season in high school. Now I'm back to no shot and just ride this...
  13. Vaccinate your kids?

    Thank you. I'm leaning towards getting the vaccine with my son. My wife on the other hand believes it is very possible he never picks up covid or like others have said he is a very healthy young athlete training every day etc. He will be fine. How can you carry 20-25 kids on a team and expect...
  14. Vaccinate your kids?

    My son plays baseball and the word is you better be vaccinated to play. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, just afraid of possibly long terms that are unknown. We have a friend that is a er nurse and she said there are just as many vaccinated in the hospital as non. She is not vaccinated and has...
  15. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

    Holy **** the chic in Derek's recent video step on me
  16. 1st mini tren cycle progress log

    Holy **** bro looking strong af
  17. Can I get Gyno after 2 years on TRT?

    Guys, trying to learn something here so please be patient with me lol. What is causing the gyno with his trt? Preexisting? Even then, what is feeding it?
  18. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

    I follow Pete rubish as well. Freaking great desserts..
  19. Bodybuilding and steroids on YouTube

    Yes siiir.